6 Best Stonly Alternatives & Competitors You Need To Know!

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Last Updated: May 2024

Welcome to the customer onboarding process, where you’ll explore the world of ‘Stonly alternatives’ and how they can transform your experience.

8 out of 10 users say they deleted an app because they didn’t understand how to use it. Customer onboarding is clearly an important stage in a user’s lifecycle. With rising customer expectations, your customer onboarding process must be effective in welcoming and educating new customers. Thankfully, there are several tools to help you make this a smooth customer experience.

In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the best Stonly alternatives, examining key features, pricing, benefits, and more. Some of the tools listed below can also assist in streamlining the employee onboarding process. You can introduce, train, and track each team member’s progress throughout the process, combining all of these tasks into a single unified system.

Best Stonly Alternatives

Here are some of the best Stonly alternatives for building an effective customer support system:

  1. Saufter.io
  2. Appcues
  3. Pendo.io
  4. Userpilot
  5. Walkme
  6. Whatfix
  7. User Guiding
  8. Intercom
  9. User Lane
  10. ProProfs
  11. Zoho Desk
  12. Confluence
  13. Tettra
  14. Guru
  15. Groove

1. Saufter.io

Saufter is a purpose-built onboarding tool/ customer service helpdesk that creates onboarding experiences that engage employees and provides them with the training they need to get started quickly.

Saufter’s user-friendly training module will walk your team through the onboarding process, as well as train and test team members based on previous chats/tickets.

Furthermore, Saufter’s analytics feature allows you to track the performance of your team members in real-time. 



  • The interactive training session with simulated tickets does an excellent job of digitizing the onboarding process while maintaining the human element.
  • The platform will also assign a score to each of your team members based on their performance.
  • To provide feedback at scale, the Saufter helpdesk includes analytics, reporting, and coaching functionalities.


  • Users discovered some workflow issues, which have since been resolved.
  • There aren’t many visual customization options available.

2. Appcues (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 286 reviews)

Appcues software
Image source- https://www.g2.com/products/appcues/reviews

Appcues is one of the stonly alternatives that focuses on communicating with your customers about new features, updates, or issues with your product/platform in an efficient manner.

This platform enables non-technical teams to create personalized and customized product walkthroughs for new users. Appcues also helps your team in tracking and analyzing product usage, providing insights to help improve adoption.


  • It’s incredibly easy to use since the interface is very straightforward.
  • With Appcues, you can easily connect with your users without relying on engineering changes.
  • You get to measure NPS through Appcues and this allows you to improve the quality of products.


  • The tool has been reported to be a little buggy at times by users.
  • Appcues doesn’t have a live chat feature to connect with their support team.
  • Some users might find it difficult to set up this platform.

3. Pendo.io (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 1316 reviews)

Pendo software
Image source- https://www.g2.com/products/pendo-io-pendo/reviews

Pendo, like the other stonly alternatives mentioned above, allows you to track user behavior and other analytics effectively. It is a product experience platform that helps you understand how often customers use different features of your app through valuable user feedback and NPS scores.  Pendo includes a variety of features that allow you to create in-app messages, guides, and walkthroughs without any coding.


  • Simple to install, and the Pendo support page is extremely helpful and straightforward.
  • You can bookmark important app features to quickly access usage statistics.
  • Pendo has a wide range of customization options that are available directly out of the box.


  • More customization options for the dashboard widgets are required.
  • When creating guides, some users complained that the user interface was slow. 
  • Could be more specific in terms of how each section is defined.

4. Userpilot (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 224 reviews)

Userpilot software
Image source- https://www.g2.com/products/userpilot/reviews

Userpilot is a real-time onboarding software that allows you to create tooltips, tours, and tutorials, as well as track customer behavior. Userpilot distinguishes itself from the competition by providing a vast array of onboarding tools that can be accessed without the need for coding. The platform also lets you customize onboarding flows based on the user. This improves the personalization and relevancy of your onboarding process.


  • The platform is intuitive and it’s easy to make a design that looks good.
  • Userpilot comes with a user segmentation feature that allows for customized walkthroughs.
  • You can communicate with customers inside the app. 


  • Users have reported some glitches while working on the platform. 
  • Userpilot does not have an option to apply the same settings to multiple flows at once. 
  • Some users do not regard this as a “click-and-go” solution.

5. Walkme (Overall ratings: 4.5/5⭐, 306 reviews)

Walkme software
Image source- https://www.g2.com/products/walkme/reviews

WalkMe is a cloud-based interactive user experience management platform that uses AI, analytics, and feedback to help you understand users and develop user onboarding experiences based on insights. What we liked best was the Insights feature, which allows you to analyze your end user’s usage data so you can see what’s used and where users drop out of your tours. WalkMe also makes it simple to incorporate external content such as videos, help desk articles, webpages, and so on into your custom walkthroughs.


  • Walkme allows you to create tours that are both detailed and specific.
  • The tool is adaptable, allowing your product team to consider various measures to enhance user experience.
  • The WalkMe team is constantly updating and improving its software.


  • Learning all of the functionality takes time because it is a very robust platform.
  • Some users have complained that the platform is difficult to use.
  • To fully utilize the software, coding knowledge is required. 

6. Whatfix (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 299 reviews)

Whatfix software
Image source- https://www.g2.com/products/whatfix/reviews

Whatfix is another popular Stonly alternative. We found that the product is extremely user-friendly, and the features included with Whatfix make it simple for your company to onboard, train, and communicate with your end-users. The platform includes no-code templates, making it simple to deploy your onboarding experience without the help of a developer. Their smart targeting feature enables you to perform user-level segmentation on various web pages.


  • Whatfix gives you a lot of features when it comes to managing and creating guided content for end-users.
  • Their analytics section gives you more information about how people are using your product. 
  • Their support team is always available and ready to take your call to discuss any issues.


  • Customizing your in-app experiences requires more technical knowledge because it must be done using CSS.
  • Whatfix does not support A/B testing.
  • Users require more control over the embedding of images, gifs, and videos within individual guides.

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7) User Guiding (Overall ratings: ⭐4.6/5, 167 Reviews)

User Guiding is a digital tool designed to enhance user experiences by providing interactive and contextual guidance within software applications or websites. 

It aims to streamline user onboarding, increase user engagement, and reduce friction by offering step-by-step instructions and tooltips.


  • Affordable: UserGuiding gives great value for its price, offering a complete set of user engagement tools starting at just $89/month.
  • Easy to Use: UserGuiding has a simple interface, making it user-friendly even for beginners.
  • Customizable: UserGuiding allows users to personalize engagement elements like shapes, colors, and positioning.
  • Quick Customer Support: The tool offers fast and helpful customer support.
  • All-in-One Onboarding Features: For onboarding, UserGuiding provides a complete set of features, eliminating the need to use multiple tools for different onboarding tasks.


  • Limited Analytics: UserGuiding mainly focuses on onboarding, so its analytics features might not be enough for companies needing detailed insights.
  • Not for Mobile Apps: While UserGuiding works on mobile web browsers, it doesn’t function on mobile apps. If you need a solution that works seamlessly on both web and mobile apps, UserGuiding may not be the right choice.

8) Intercom (Overall Ratings ⭐4.5/5, 2,928 Reviews)

Intercom Knowledge Base is a versatile platform designed to help businesses create and manage a centralized repository of information. 

It enables the creation of comprehensive self-service resources, including articles, FAQs, and guides, to empower users and customers with the information they need.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Intercom Knowledge Base offers an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to create, organize, and navigate through content.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with Intercom’s suite of products and other third-party tools.
  • Powerful Search Functionality: Robust search features make it simple for users to quickly find relevant information.
  • Real-Time Updates: Users can make instant updates to the knowledge base.
  • Customization Options: Match the look and feel of the knowledge base with your brand identity.


  • Pricing Structure: Intercom Knowledge Base’s pricing may be on the higher side for smaller businesses or startups.
  • Learning Curve: While user-friendly, there might still be a learning curve for new users.
  • Limited Standalone Features: Some advanced features may require integration with other Intercom products.

9) Userlane (Overall Ratings ⭐4.7/5, 81 Reviews)

Userlane stands as a robust digital adoption platform, well-suited for crafting seamless employee and user onboarding experiences. Prioritizing employee training, Userlane incorporates interactive UX elements to navigate users through various web software applications.


  • User-Friendly Setup: Userlane’s interface is beginner-friendly, enabling easy setup of product engagement sequences.
  • Integration Simplicity: Userlane offers simple integration processes compared to many competitors.
  • Responsive Support: Userlane delivers quick and personalized solutions through effective customer support.


  • Limited Customization: Userlane lacks robust customization options, with elements and templates offering limited visual flexibility.
  • Analytics Shortcomings: For comprehensive analytics, Userlane may require additional integrations to maximize customer insights.
  • Integration Constraints: While compatible with popular platforms, Userlane may have limited integration options for users with specific software needs.

10) Proprofs knowledge base (Overall Ratings: ⭐4.6/5, 28 Reviews)

ProProfs Knowledge Base is a user-friendly tool designed for individuals and businesses seeking a centralized repository for company knowledge. 

This versatile knowledge base software, akin to Stonly, requires no coding expertise, ensuring easy operation for users with varied technical backgrounds.

ProProfs Knowledge Base facilitates the creation of various knowledge-sharing platforms, such as internal wikis, FAQs, handbooks, and product documentation. 


  • Ease of Use: Operating ProProfs Knowledge Base requires no coding expertise, making it accessible for users with diverse skill levels.
  • SEO Optimization: Boost your knowledge base’s visibility with the tool’s SEO capabilities, contributing to improved search engine rankings.
  • Versatility in Platform Creation: Create a range of knowledge-sharing platforms using pre-built templates, including internal wikis, FAQs, handbooks, and product documentation.


  • Absence of Mobile Application: ProProfs Knowledge Base lacks a dedicated mobile application, limiting accessibility for users on mobile devices.
  • Template Versatility: While pre-built templates are available, some users may find the need for more versatility in template options.

11) Zoho Desk (Overall Ratings: ⭐4.4/5 1602 Reviews)

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based platform designed to enhance customer support and internal productivity for businesses. With its knowledge base software, Zoho Desk simplifies the process of reducing support tickets and delivering more efficient customer service.


  • Dedicated Mobile Application: Zoho Desk provides a dedicated mobile application for on-the-go access.
  • Flexible User Roles: Set up user roles according to your organization’s hierarchy for efficient management.


  • Customer Support Improvement: The tool’s customer support functionality requires improvement.
  • Occasional Slow Loading: Users may experience occasional delays as the tool can be slow to load at times.

14) Confluence (Overall Ratings⭐4.4/5, 1,096 Reviews)

Confluence, developed by Atlassian, serves as an advanced team collaboration tool designed to streamline knowledge sharing within organizations. 

This platform plays a pivotal role in centralizing information and ensuring seamless accessibility for all team members. 

Positioned as a noteworthy alternative to Stonly, Confluence fosters internal collaboration, enhancing the efficiency of idea and knowledge exchange.


  • Centralized Information Hub: Confluence acts as a centralized repository for information.
  • Content Organization: The platform allows users to categorize content systematically.
  • Engagement Analytics: Confluence provides engagement analytics, offering insights into the effectiveness of information dissemination. 
  • Archiving Capabilities: Users can archive outdated information, ensuring that the knowledge base remains current and relevant.
  • Diverse Templates: Confluence offers a variety of templates tailored to different documentation needs.
  • Third-Party Integrations: The platform supports numerous third-party integrations.


  • Learning Curve: Navigating through Confluence may require a learning curve for new users.
  • Formatting and Styling Limitations: Users may find the formatting and styling options in Confluence to be less intuitive or comprehensive, potentially limiting customization and presentation options for content creation.

15) Tettra (Overall Ratings⭐4.6/5, 100 Reviews)

Tettra, positioned as an internal knowledge-sharing platform, excels in consolidating dispersed company resources. 

This Stonly alternative stands out for its seamless integration with Slack and MS Teams, offering a unified solution where team members can effortlessly access answers to their queries.


  • Unified Resource Hub: Tettra excels in bringing together scattered company resources.
  • Integration with Slack and MS Teams: The platform’s robust integration with Slack and MS Teams enhances communication and knowledge sharing.
  • Instant Search Functionality: Tettra’s search functionality empowers customer-facing teams to enhance support experiences by quickly finding answers.
  • Clutter-Free Knowledge Base: The tool facilitates the maintenance of a clutter-free and updated knowledge base.
  • Effective Documentation Review: Tettra streamlines the documentation review process, enabling teams to collaborate efficiently in ensuring the accuracy and quality of shared content.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The platform boasts an intuitive user interface for team members with varying levels of technical expertise.


  • Lack of Collaborative Features: Tettra lacks certain collaborative features, such as coediting for drafts, which may limit real-time collaboration on shared documents.
  • Manual Data Entry: Users may find that a significant amount of information has to be entered manually, potentially adding to the workload and requiring meticulous data input.

16) Guru (Overall Ratings ⭐4.8/5, 213 Reviews)

Guru stands out as a comprehensive knowledge management solution, providing a viable alternative to Stonly. 

This versatile tool proves instrumental in streamlining various processes, including employee onboarding, remote work facilitation, and optimizing product sales enablement strategies. 

A standout feature is its seamless integration with Slack, allowing teams to share knowledge directly within their collaborative workspace.


  • Versatility in Processes: Guru facilitates essential processes such as employee onboarding, remote work support, and product sales enablement strategy.
  • Integration with Slack: The tool offers robust integration with Slack, enabling teams to share knowledge seamlessly.
  • Browser Extension for Information Capture: Guru’s browser extension allows users to capture information from any source and store it in the form of cards.
  • Real-time Knowledge Suggestions: The tool provides real-time suggestions for sharing knowledge based on ongoing conversations.
  • Information Tagging for Indexing: Guru simplifies the process of indexing with information tagging, making it easier to organize and retrieve knowledge efficiently.
  • Chrome Extension: The Google Chrome extension facilitates the creation and sharing of knowledge without losing context.



  • Occasional Sluggish Performance: Users may encounter moments of sluggish performance with the tool, potentially impacting the overall user experience.
  • Limited Advanced Formatting Options: Some users may find the tool lacking in more advanced formatting options, restricting the customization and presentation of content to a certain extent.

17) Groove (Overall Ratings: ⭐4.6/5, 276 Reviews)

Groove emerges as a formidable competitor to Stonly, offering robust features designed to diminish support tickets and enhance customer satisfaction. It consolidates all communication channels into a unified platform, streamlining business processes for team members.


  • Support Ticket Reduction: Groove proves effective in reducing support tickets, contributing to more efficient customer service.
  • Unified Communication Hub: The tool centralizes all communication, providing a cohesive platform for team members to manage and respond to inquiries.
  • Optimized Knowledge Base for All Devices: Groove ensures accessibility from any remote location by optimizing its knowledge base for various devices.
  • Customization Options: Users can tailor the look and feel of their knowledge base to maintain consistency with their brand image.
  • Mobile-Friendly Knowledge Base Templates: Groove offers customizable, mobile-friendly knowledge base templates.
  • Multi-Brand or Product Knowledge Bases: The tool supports the creation of multiple knowledge bases.


  • Frequent Bugs and Lags: Users may encounter frequent bugs and lags, potentially affecting the tool’s reliability and user experience.
  • Limited CSS Customization: Groove lacks advanced CSS customization options, limiting the extent to which users can modify the appearance and styling of their knowledge base.


Finally, effective user onboarding is all about listening to your users, gathering valuable insights, and changing what doesn’t work. Make use of the appropriate tool to make this process as easy as possible. We hope that after reading this guide, you have a better understanding of how beneficial an onboarding solution can be to your business.

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