Tettra Knowledge base

Imagine having a knowledge base that’s not just a dusty repository, but a living, breathing brain trust at your fingertips. Tettra is that genius, your secret weapon for team collaboration and knowledge sharing. Collaborative is the word here – multiple minds can easily contribute and edit articles, keeping information fresh and relevant. It’s intuitive, designed for non-techies to effortlessly organize and search for vital data.

Tettra’s integration prowess makes it seamless, linking up with your favorite tools like Slack and Google Docs. With analytics, you’ll uncover which nuggets of knowledge are sparking the most innovation. In a world drowning in data, Tettra makes sure your team stays afloat, thriving on a sea of shared wisdom.

Tettra pricing starts from $8.33/user/month

Alternatives to Tettra Knowledge Base

ProProfs Knowledge base

From $79/month

Knowledge base

From $5/user/month

Freshdesk knowledge base

Freshdesk Knowledge base

From $15/month

Knowledge base

From $12/month

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