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Don’t jump around to find their previous tickets.

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A Customer Centric “Customer View”.

If They Create More Than One Ticket, We Reduce The Clutter.

Automate Follow-ups With Customers!
Pre-purchase Tickets.
Or, Urgent Issues.

Reduce Your Team’s Workload And Increase Their Productivity.

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Operational insights are basically performance measurements of an organization’s operational activities.
We can help you choose the right automation and customize it to suit your needs.
Helplama Helpdesk will monitor your orders 24/7 to make sure none of them get delayed while getting fulfilled or during transit.

Set up automation for the repetitive tasks and leave it to the system

Manage Your Orders From Within The Helpdesk

Create Custom Discounts

Edit Orders

Cancel Orders Or Issue Refunds

Change Shipping Address

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We Serve All Channels

Integrate your email support with the Helplama helpdesk.
Add a customized live chat widget to your website with Helplama.
Indeed, social media has become the new frontier of customer service.
Our omnichannel call center software can handle multiple channels.
Set up automation for the repetitive tasks and leave it to the system.

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