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The ONLY live chat software with a data-driven AI chatbot that understands your workflows, taking customer web chat experience to the next level.
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Our Features

Automate E-commerce Workflows

Provide your customers with an exceptional self-help experience by automating workflows using Helplama's AI chatbot. From checking order status to creating returns/exchanges, your customers can do it all through our live chat widget.

John Doe New

Sales, ACME inc.

5+ Years of experience in Gent's Fashion


Rosalin New

Sales, ACME inc.

5+ Years of experience in Ladie's Fashion


Recruit Experienced Agents In One-Click

Need humans to back your live chat support?
Your team will get access to our e-commerce marketplace where you will be able to hire experienced and tested customer service professionals. Moreover, you will be able to test them based on YOUR past customer interactions and hire them.

Measure performance and reports in real-time!

Helplama Helpdesk's real-time dashboard will show you up-to-the-minute reports on the chat metrics including volume, response time, tags, and customer feedback as well. So you can measure and maintain the performance in real-time.

A Seamless Omni-channel communication

Not only web chat, but Helplama Helpdesk can also be seamlessly integrated with many popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Collaboration apps like Slack can also be integrated for seamless collaboration across your team.


Here's what our clients say about Helplama Helpdesk:

Thank you, guys.
You offered a great service and quick setup, what would have taken me days is done in seconds.


Product Manager

This was the first time I used Helplama Helpdesk Software and I found it really easy to use and valuable.



Helplama is the best help desk software I've used. It has all the features I need to provide great customer support, and it's very easy to use. I love the fact that I can see all my customer's contact information in one place, and that I can easily create and send custom reports to my team.

Russell Lee

Ecommerce Store Owner

Helplama is an excellent help desk software that is perfect for all customer support needs. The software is easy to use and helps to keep track of all customer interactions. The support team is very helpful and quick to respond to any questions or concerns.

Solance Engineers Inc.

Marketing Manager


Is the live chat window customizable?

The chat window is fully customizable. Possible modifications include:
  • Changing the color scheme,
  • Choosing a pre-made chat widget theme,
  • Uploading your own logo,
  • Positioning the chat widget,
  • Changing the language of the chat widget.
There are three plans available:
  • Standard ($99/month includes 3 users)
  • Pro ($199 per month includes 3 users)
  • Enterprise ($ 399/ month includes 3 users)
For more details about the features that we offer, please visit our pricing page.

Unfortunately, the agent's email address cannot be changed. If an agent needs to change the login email, the owner or administrator will need to add a new agent account in the Agents section. Then the account set up for the old email can be deleted.

If you are the owner and want to change your login email, first create a new agent with the new email and then pass the ownership to the new account before deleting the old one.

Helplama Helpdesk allows you to connect your email accounts on a single shared inbox to help your support team respond to customers. Email integration on Helplama Helpdesk works with the help of forwarding.

Typically, yes, live chat involves a real person on the other end. It's a 1:1 communication channel with someone at the company. Businesses may use a chatbot before connecting customers with real agents, but if the service is advertised as a live chat, you should be able to speak with a human.