Stonly Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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Last Updated: June 2024

If you are thinking of employing Stonly for your business, then you should learn about its pricing plans. Mostly because it involves your money. 

Also, picking the right pricing plan will help you improve your business. On the other hand, choosing the wrong plan can lead to losses. Therefore, to help you select the right Stonly pricing plan, we are going to talk about the following details in this article.


What is Stonly Software?

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Stonly lets you create easy-to-follow self-service guides and explanations. Also, generate interactive articles and tutorials. It claims to adapt to every person and lead them on the path of issue resolution, onboarding, adoption, and ultimately success.

In the end, Stonly is a knowledge management software through which you can create, manage, and share your internal and external knowledge bases. Since it centralizes all your information in one place your employees and customers can access it whenever they need it.

Now that you have an idea of what Stonly does, let us give you an overview of its pricing.

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Overview of Stonly Pricing

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Officially, Stonly offers 2 pricing options. They are named Small Business and Enterprise. Small Business is a fixed plan whereas Enterprise is a customizable plan. Furthermore, you can pay for these plans either monthly or annually

Plus, it provides a free trial of 14 days for the Small Business plan so you can test out its features. Once the trial period ends, if you chose not to proceed with any of the paid plans, you are automatically downgraded to a Basic plan.

Note: In case you surpass your subscribed plan limits for two months, you will be automatically upgraded to an appropriate plan. Of course, Stonly will contact you about the pricing plan changes in advance.

That’s all! Moving forward, let’s get into the detailed view of Stonly pricing plans.

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Complete Breakdown of Stonly Pricing Plans

  1. Basic
  2. Small Business
  3. Enterprise



The Basic plan doesn’t cost you any money. Moreover, it saves all the guides you built in your trial period. Plus, comes with the following features and limitations.


Features Included

  • Guides – In Stonly, Guides are everything in your knowledge base. So, you can use them as a standalone resource or integrate them into your website using hotspots, banners, and other interactive elements. On top of that, you can embed them anywhere on your website.



  • Guides – Supports 5 published guides only.
  • Stonly ads – Displays Stonly ads. Basically, there are two types of ads.
    • Ad – It appears as a step on your guides and knowledge bases. Here you need to click on Continue to proceed to that particular guide or KB.
Stonly ad
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    • Label – This is a logo (label) displayed in every step of your guide and in the KB footer.
Stonly label & logo
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  • Guide views – 1,000/month.
  • Multiple languages – Not supported.
  • Team member – You can add only 1 team member.

Note: Guide views refer to the number of times external visitors view your guides. Here external visitors are users or customers, i.e. individuals who are not team members on your account.


Basic Plan is Good For:

Basic plan is best suitable for businesses that have fewer users or customers and only need less than 5 guides in a month.

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Small Business

When billed monthly, the Small Business plan charges $249/month, and for annual billing, it costs $199/month. By purchasing this plan, you will unlock the following features.


Features Included

  • Guides – Create unlimited guides and use them as a part of a knowledge base and insert them anywhere on your website. Also, attach files to your guides and export them as a PDF.
  • Multiple languages – Provides multilingual support. That means you can create your guides and knowledge bases in various languages.
  • Triggers – You can place triggers on your website, webpage, app, widgets, and help center. So, when a visitor interacts with them, it displays Stonly content that ranges from a one-step guide opening in a small pop-up window to an entire knowledge base. For example,
    • Help content – Embed help content in your products.
    • Guides – Launch guides automatically to deliver proactive assistance.
  • SEO customization – Modify meta descriptions and meta titles of your guides to optimize them for search engines.
  • Versioning – This lets you maintain the history of changes made to your articles, guides, and tutorials, so you can view previous versions of your content. Thus, you may see your content’s evolution over time and restore previous versions, if necessary.
  • Custom branding – Fully customize the look and layout of your knowledge bases and guides with CSS.
  • Integrations – Supports Zapier, Segment, Rubberstack, and Freshpaint integration.
  • Targeting – Segment your users based on user data and their intent. Then, target those segments as per the attributes like geography or plan type. Alternatively, target particular users based on their activities such as feature use.
  • In-guide variables – Used to personalize the content in real-time for different users or situations. To do this, create the in-guide variables associated with values and then reference them in your guide. As a result, when your guide is viewed, the variables are automatically replaced with their appropriate values making it easy to create dynamic content.
  • Analytics – Tracks your content’s overall performance. Also, gives detailed insights into a particular team member or an external user/visitor. Plus, shows details of each user’s path and where they drop off the path.



  • Stonly labels – By default, it displays “Powered by Stonly” at the bottom of every step and  “Stonly Knowledge Base” in your knowledge base.
  • Knowledge base – Allows you to build only 3 knowledge bases.
  • Auto-translation – You can manually translate guides or knowledge bases using the guide editor. However, you cannot set it to automatic translations or import translated files.
  • Team members – Supports 5 team members.
  • Guide views – Additional charges are applicable based on the number of guide views you use in a month.
Guide view per monthCharges


Small Business Plan is Good For:

As the plan name itself clearly defines, this plan is best for small businesses and startups.

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Price is not fixed for the Enterprise plan as it is a customizable one. You need to contact the Stonly team to know the complete pricing details. Coming to features, it includes all the Small Business plan tools plus the following add-ons.


Features Included

  • Auto-translate guides – Translate the language of guides or knowledge bases automatically by using machine translations powered by Google Translate. Otherwise, simply upload translation files.
  • Advanced team rights management – Manage the permissions of your team members on an individual basis or as part of a group. Plus, control who has access to which guides and at what level. It can be with no restrictions, as a viewer, publisher, or editor.
  • White label options – Allows you to remove both Stonly labels, “Powered by Stonly” and  “Stonly Knowledge Base”.
  • Integrations – This lets you integrate with Zendesk, Front, and Freshdesk.
  • SSO compatibility – With Single sign-on (SSO), your team members can sign in to Stonly using other apps’ credentials. So, there is no need to send invitation emails or register newly.
  • Priority support – Identify your most popular and problematic topics. Then, generate multiple paths or step-by-step guides and mark them as “High Priority Guides”. Now, when your customers search for common issues, Stonly displays these high-priority guides.
  • Dedicated customer success – To help you make the most out of the Stonly software, it provides a customer success team.



  • Auto-translate guides – Supports only CSV or JSON file formats.


Enterprise Plan is Good For:

If you have more than one team and need a customizable plan that charges you for features you only use, then go for the Enterprise plan.

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Comparison of Stonly Pricing Plans At a Glance

FeaturesBasicSmall BusinessEnterprise
Knowledge bases3Unlimited
Multiple languages
SEO customization
Custom branding
In-guide variables
Advanced team rights management
White label options
SSO compatibility
Priority support
Dedicated customer success team
BillingBasicSmall BusinessEnterprise
MonthlyNA$249Contact Stonly’s team

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Key Features Missing in Stonly Software


1) Team Management

There are enough features to create a knowledge base or help center, but there are no features that help you to better manage your teams. Though you can control your team’s user permissions, there is no interface to assign tasks or track and receive alerts about the progress of a task.


2) Advanced Analytics

While Stonly does offer basic analytics on user behavior and Guide views, it currently lacks advanced analytic features such as real-time data on users visiting your website. Also, there is no predictive analytics.


3) Integrations

Compare to other knowledge management software in the market, Stonly has very limited integrations. It doesn’t integrate with top software like Slack, WooCommerce, and Magento. Plus, native social media integration is not available.


4) Multichannel Support

As you can see, Stonly only provides self-service functionality. To be specific, it has features needed to create a knowledge base or help center. There are no tools for delivering customer support services in other channels. For example, email, chat, SMS, and voice. This is a huge setback for users who want to provide real-time and omnichannel customer support.


5) Mobile Access

Regardless of screen size, Stonly is designed to be fully responsive to your device. So, you can view your guides from anywhere. However, you cannot edit your guides on a mobile device though you can do it on your desktop or laptop.


6) Product Customer Support 

For any software, it is crucial that customer support is readily available to resolve your issues and queries. Here at Stonly, they don’t provide real-time support like live chat or voice to their customers.


Stonly User Reviews

Let’s see what users think about Stonly.

I find estimating the pricing a little bit difficult, and I think the analytics and insights could be developed further” – Verified User in Computer Software

I would like more reporting to see how many articles are published and draft and see the list of those. Id like to sort those by usage to gauge customer use and potentially edit the content so it’s easier to understand” – Annalisa D.

no direct integration with Salesforce 🙁 Hoping this will happen soon!!!” – Aleah H.

Integration with Zendesk is sometimes not in real-time (Zendesk latency)” – Renaud D., QA&CS Manager

I’m waiting for an mobile apps to be able to access Stonly dashboard on my phone” – Verified User in E-Learning

The thing I dislike most is getting support from Stonly. I have reached out via email a few times, and it usually takes 1-2 days for them to get back to me, so I have to wait. It would be nice to have a customer service number to call.” – Verified User in Leisure, Travel & Tourism

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Which Pricing Plan is Best?

We hope the detailed review of the Stonly pricing plan helps you to pick a plan that best fits your business. For people who want a quick review, we have also included a Stonly pricing plans comparison table. Plus, in the hope to give a better understanding of the software, we added key features missing in Stonly along with user reviews.

In case you are thinking about switching to better software, then we suggest you try Saufter. We can confidently say that Saufter is the best and most affordable Stonly alternative as it offers knowledge management features along with other customer support services.

You can integrate with social media, eCommerce, and messaging platforms like Slack, Instagram, and Shopify. It lets you manage your agents, provides key performance metrics, and more.

So, without waiting, start your 15-day free trial here! No credit card is required!



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