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Helplama Is An E-Commerce Specialist

Helplama is the ONLY helpdesk that understands e-commerce customer service workflows completely and automates them. From integrating all customer support channels to scanning your orders for delayed delivery issues and providing proactive customer support, Helplama can help you automate and streamline many crucial e-commerce workflows.

Automate Returns

Helplama Helpdesk allows your customers to initiate returns/exchanges requests on their own anytime and anywhere.

24/7 Order Monitoring

Helplama Helpdesk monitors your orders 24×7 for delayed delivery issues, empowering you to proactively offer customer support and handle the issues before your customers get angry.

Order modification

From editing order quantities to changing other order specifications, your customers can do it all directly

Delivery issues

Helplama Helpdesk scans your orders 24/7 and notifies you immediately upon detecting any late delivery issues.

Address change

Avoid order cancellations by empowering your customers to change shipping addresses after placing an order.

Custom Automation For SaaS

If you run a Software as a service (SaaS) company, Helplama enables you to build custom automation for your customers’ repetitive support requests like login issues, reset passwords, plan upgrades, reporting bugs, and more. This allows your team to focus on more technical issues and development tasks.

Login issues

Empower your customers to resolve login issues on their own with the Helplama self-service portal

Guidance with settings

Guide customers by creating an interactive step-by-step guide to configure settings.

Plan change request

Enable your customers to request plan change without contacting your support team.

Managing bugs

Create a knowledge base with step-by-step instructions to manage and troubleshoot bugs.


We create custom automations for our clients. Feel free to request the custom automations you need.

We Cover All Your
Support Channels!


- One view for all customer tickets
- Automate follow-ups
- Trigger notifications
- Smart insights

Live Chat

- Proactive customer support
- Mobile app
- Convert chats to tickets
- Follow up on pre-purchase chats

Phone Calls

- Upload IVR recordings
- Route calls to your phone
- Convert calls to tickets

Social Media

- FB, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more
- Automate recruitment of brand partners


- Use WhatsApp for customer service
- Convert WhatsApp chats to tickets
- Offer self-service with chatbots


- Native SMS integration
- Triggers and notifications
- Automate follow-ups

Insights That Are Actually Actionable!

Helplama keeps you updated on the quality of customer service you provide to your customers, how your agents are performing, how satisfied your customers are, which self-service options your customers are using, the most common customer issues, and more. So that you can improve, take action on time, and maintain high-quality support.

Keep Track Of

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Missed Sales
Angry Customers
missed-imges (1)
Support Capacity
Refund Reasons
analytics (1)
Product Issues
Delay Trends

Say hello to "Smart Alerts!"

Powered by AI and triggers, Helplama Helpdesk sends you smart notifications that alert you about customer support issues that you would not like to happen at the first place. These alerts enable you to handle multiple issues in time and prevent them from becoming major issues.
Spike in refunds and order delays
Too many unresolved tickets
Higher than usual volumes
24/7 Dedicated Support

Integration With Your Favorite Platform!


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