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The ONLY Helpdesk Software - That Understands Your Operations

Keeps Your Team Happy, Not Just Your Customers.
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Turn Customer Service Into a New Marketing Pipeline

You will not receive the full ROI from your customer support spend unless you’re using it as a marketing channel. Helplama Helpdesk is the only helpdesk that aims to do just that. It identifies happy customers and tries to automate the collection of Google reviews, Trustpilot reviews, and user-generated videos that you can use for your social media content. Every customer touchpoint matters and customer service can be a major one!

Automatically Message Happy Customers For:

google Google Reviews
google Trust pilot Reviews
google Unboxing videos
google Product Reviews
google Social media shoutouts

Recruit Experienced Agents In One-Click

Your team will get access to our e-commerce marketplace where you will be able to hire experienced and tested customer service professionals. You will be able to test them on your process without much trouble and you will be able to hire them.

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Automate Agent Training

The ONLY helpdesk that allows you to automate the training for new agents. Helplama’s easy-to-use training module will train and test your team members based on YOUR previous chats/tickets. Our software will score them on their responses, allowing you to track their performance.

Step 1

Learns when your lead agents deliver send out responses. Creates Simulations.

Step 2

Then, Guides Trainee Agents on Simulated tickets ( No Responses are sent out )

Step 3

Gives Step-By-Step Guidance To Trainees On Tools Such as Shopify

Step 4

Creates Accuracy Reports So That You Can Easily Choose The Best Agents

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onboard img
onboard img
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Scans Orders Everyday Automatically! Tracks Delayed Orders For Proactive Customer Support!

The only helpdesk software out there that automatically detects delays and issues with your customers' orders and helps you proactively resolve the situation and wow your customers!

Automate Returns With Integrated Returns Center

Still handling returns manually? Helplama Helpdesk is the only helpdesk that comes with an in-built portal to automate returns and exchanges. It allows your customers to automatically choose the items they wish to return or exchange, and based on your policies, it allows them to place an exchange order.


Automated self-service return experience

Allow your customers to self-create return or exchange requests, and increase customer satisfaction and team productivity.


Download return labels in 1-click

With Helplama helpdesk, not only your team but your customers can also ‘DOWNLOAD’ return labels in one click.

returnOrder_img returnOrder_img

View Entire Customer Journey In a Single View, NOT Tickets

Tired of having to jump between tickets and different pages? Helplama Helpdesk allows you to view ALL! the messages and important events in a customer's history inside a single! view! You'll be able to see when an order was placed, returned or when a return was requested.

.......And Everything Else Your Current Helpdesk! Offers!!

Native Social Media Integration

Indeed, social media has become the new frontier of customer service. That’s why we ensure integration with the most popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We also ensure your customers receive a seamlessly integrated support experience.

Native Shopify/Magento/ Woo-commerce Integration

Helplama helpdesk offers one-click integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce

Live chat

Add a customized live chat widget to your website with Helplama helpdesk software, and stop customers from abandoning your website.

Slack Integration

Slack is one of the messaging platforms we offer integration with, making it easier and more productive for your team to communicate with other team members and departments.

And you will fall in love with our instant customer service!

Whether you're facing issues setting up an integration or simply want to have a chat, you can reach out to our amazing support team and we will resolve everything for you ASAP!

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