Frequently Asked Questions

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What channels do you integrate with ?

We offer native integration for email, live chat, phone, SMS, Instagram comments & DMs, and Facebook comments & DMs. If you need to integrate any other channels like Twitter, simply let us know and we will suggest an integration to you.

What platforms do you offer proactive customer support for ?

Currently, our automatic scanning only works for ecommerce brands powered by Shopify, Magento and Woocommerce.

How long would it take to train an agent using the agent training automation ?

Helplama Helpdesk builds simulations when your trained agents deliver support. So, how much of the process your new agents get trained on will depend on how long you have been using the Helplama Helpdesk and the quality of simulations. In our experience, it takes 2 weeks for the agent being trained on the simulator for them to get an understanding of 50% or more of the process.
The simulator will also train the new agents on using Shopify’s portal.

How does hiring through your portal work ?

We have thousands of people from around the world that you can recruit on our portal. Many of them already have past ecommerce experience. In most cases, companies like to test them out on the simulator and score them before recruiting them.

Other than User Review collection and Influencer Identification, do you offer any other help with marketing?

We are introducing a feature where we will be able to introduce you to Influencers in our network. But, it is not available for everyone right now.

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