Setting Up Freshdesk Jira Integration: A Comprehensive Guide

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freshdesk jira integration

Last Updated: July 2024

Dive into the world of Freshdesk Jira integration—an absolute game-changer for seamless collaboration.

Over 65% of organizations find integrated support and project management systems crucial for efficiency.

Imagine the possibilities when your customer service and development teams sync effortlessly.

In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the steps to optimize your workflow, empowering you to harness the full potential of Freshdesk Jira integration.

Let’s revolutionize how you handle support and development, step by step.

Benefits of Freshdesk Jira Integration

i) Amplified Collaboration

    • Unified Ecosystem: Merge customer support and development seamlessly.
    • Real-Time Updates: Stay in sync with ticket status and development progress.

ii) Enhanced Efficiency

    • Streamlined Workflows: Automate processes for faster issue resolution.
    • Reduced Duplication: Avoid redundant tasks with synchronized data.

iii) Improved Customer Experience

    • Faster Resolutions: Swiftly address customer issues with better coordination.
    • Enhanced Communication: Ensure clear and timely updates to customers.

iv) Data-Driven Insights

    • Holistic Reporting: Gain comprehensive analytics across support and development.
    • Informed Decision-Making: Make strategic choices based on integrated data.

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Six Easy Steps to Freshdesk Jira Integration

In this section, you’ll discover a straightforward roadmap—simple steps to effortlessly integrate Freshdesk with Jira, revolutionizing your workflow synergy.

Step 1: Access Admin Page

Open Freshdesk and head to the Admin section within Freshdesk.

Step 2: Access Apps

Click on “Apps” under Support Operations.

Step 3: Install JIRA Integration

Choose “Get More Apps,” select JIRA, and hit “Install” to access the App Configuration page.

Step 4: Input JIRA Details

Enter your JIRA domain, admin username, and API token. On-premise users might need to download ngrok to make the JIRA domain public.

freshdesk jira integration

Step 5: Customize Synchronization

Configure sync preferences, like updating ticket status between Freshdesk and JIRA.

Important Note: Be aware that custom statuses in Freshdesk might not directly link to corresponding statuses in JIRA.

Step 6: Enable Integration

Once configurations are set, click “Enable” to activate the integration.

enable - freshdesk jira integration

By following these steps in order, you’ll seamlessly establish Freshdesk Jira Integration.

Alternatively, you can also combine Freshdesk and Jira applications using the ZigiOps platform without using any codes. Follow the given video instructions below to do so.

Harnessing the Power of Freshdesk Jira Integration

Unify your customer service and product teams with Freshdesk Jira Integration. This merge accelerates issue resolution and bug fixes, enhancing customer support effectiveness. Utilize the integration for seamless collaboration and faster issue resolution.

1. Connecting Tickets with the Issues

In Freshdesk, when a customer reports a bug or requests a feature, you can connect their ticket to a corresponding issue in Jira. You have the choice to create a new issue or link it to an existing one.

If you create a new issue, the support team starts updating Jira columns. When linking to an existing issue, you use the Subject or Issue ID.

This link creates a tag in your Freshdesk ticket, making it easier for agents to see linked customer tickets in Jira. You can display up to ten Freshdesk ticket fields in the software development tool, but note that it’s unavailable for on-prem JIRA accounts.

2. Sync the Properties

Aligning with your team’s workflow, you can customize how Status, Comments, and Priorities sync between Freshdesk and Jira. Adjust these properties according to your specific needs and processes.

freshdesk jira integration

3. Syncing Priorities

With Freshdesk Jira Integration, you can align low, medium, high, and urgent priorities in Freshdesk with Jira’s statuses. This mapping allows you to prioritize product issues based on their impact on customers.

sync priorities - freshdesk jira integration

4. Status Synchronization

Link custom statuses in Freshdesk with issue statuses in Jira. Thus, ensuring the consistency between the platforms’ status indicators.

freshdesk jira integration

5. Notifying Freshdesk Agents and Customers

Agents receive private notes when a Jira issue updates. Customers get updates through forwarded emails or public notes. When a product bug is resolved in Jira, customers receive email notifications.

6. Incorporating Comments in Jira

When agents add private notes or update ticket status, they can also include comments on Jira issues. Therefore, facilitates supporters in informing engineers about customer issues.

Though powerful, Freshdesk Jira Integration may present some limitations in customization and occasional sync issues. Read ahead to know more.

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Drawbacks of Freshdesk Jira Integration

I. Complex Configuration Process

Setting up the integration might be intricate, especially for users unfamiliar with both platforms. Configuring sync preferences and mapping properties requires careful attention to ensure seamless operation.

II. Limited Customization Options

The integration might lack extensive customization for specific workflows. Users might find limitations in tailoring the sync process or mapping fields, impacting the adaptability to unique team setups.

III. Potential Sync Errors

Occasional sync errors or discrepancies between Freshdesk and Jira could arise. Inconsistent data updates or mismatches in ticket statuses might occur, requiring manual intervention to resolve.

IV. Compatibility Constraints

Certain functionalities or features available in one platform may not seamlessly translate to the other. This discrepancy might affect the user experience or the completeness of synchronized data.

To compensate for these complexities, we would suggest you learn about another interesting tool that makes your life much simpler. Keep reading.

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