Jira Vs Freshdesk

When it comes to customer service software, Freshdesk and Jira are the best ones out there in the market. Each offers support functions in its own way. So, picking the best one for your company could be difficult.

To clear up your confusion, we evaluated the features of Jira and Freshdesk in this article. 

By reviewing the Freshdesk Vs Jira service desk comparison, you will get an idea of their benefits that assists in choosing the finest one for your business.

Freshdesk Vs Jira Service Desk Feature Comparison

Customer Service Features (Final Winner: Jira) Rating ⭐4.5/5

Ticket Management (Winner: Both)

The basic service that every helpdesk should provide is a ticket management system. It helps in handling your incoming tickets.

  • FreshdeskTrack and manage tickets coming from multiple channels in one place. Also, create, edit, assign, and delete tickets.
  • Jira Register the services, track their changes, and bring together all the requests from other platforms. Perform basic operations like assigning, editing, and deleting requests.

Winner: Both

Omnichannel Support (Winner: Freshdesk)

Allows you to unify and manage all service-related communications from multiple channels in one platform.

  • FreshdeskEngage with your users from any of these platforms – email, chat, phone, social media, website, and WhatsApp.
  • Jira – Also offers phone, chat, email, website, and social media support.

Winner: Freshdesk

SLA Management (Winner: Both)

It lets you set, assign, and manage the service level agreement (SLA) policies.

  • FreshdeskGenerate different SLA policies for various kinds of tickets. Sorts the agent’s inbox based on SLA due time. Configure the escalation team and set in-app reminders and email notifications.
  • JiraDefine multiple SLA policies to keep track of deadlines based on categories or elapsed time. Resolve requests as per priorities, notify the right team members through automated escalations, and prevent SLA breaches.

Winner: Both

Incident/ Problem Management (Winner: Jira)

In case an unexpected problem raises, detect it and work together to resolve it quickly.

  • FreshdeskShare the tickets with other team members. For a complex issue, split it into child tickets and link them together to keep track of related tickets. Discuss with your experts to figure out the best solution.
  • JiraCentralize and filter alerts across the platforms to ensure your team responds to the problem quickly. Link support tickets to incidents. Escalate major incidents to the right team and initiate procedures to resolve the problem. 

Winner: Jira

Canned Responses (Winner: Jira)

Allows your staff to react to your clients swiftly with a predetermined response to a common question.

  • Freshdesk – Save replies to common issues and reuse them.
  • Jira – Based on repeated requests, your agents and users can create canned responses and share them with their teams.

Winner: Jira

Self-Service (Final Winner: Freshdesk) Rating ⭐5/5

Knowledge Base (Winner: Freshdesk)

Knowledge Base (Winner: Freshdesk)

By building a knowledge base you can let your customers solve common problems by themselves without contacting the support center.

  • FreshdeskUsers can access your knowledge base from multiple channels such as your website, mobile app, and even chat. You may create content in 42 languages. Customize your page to match the looks of your brand.
  • JiraSet up a knowledge base with Confluence. Here, your team can write and share helpful content like how-tos and FAQs. Multi-language support is available in Jira. Also, customize your help center and customer portal.

Winner: Freshdesk

Chatbot (Winner: Freshdesk)

It is a software application that interacts with users through automated conversations.

  • Freshdesk – Delivers instant responses to your customer queries via chatbot powered by Freddy AI.
  • Jira – You need to add integration in order to insert the chatbot services into your business.

Winner: Freshdesk

Community Forum (Winner: Freshdesk)

A community forum is an online platform where members can interact, collaborate, and share knowledge with one another about topics they are interested in.

  • Freshdesk – Launch an active forum where users can ask questions and engage in discussions about your products or services. Convert issues that require immediate attention into tickets.
  • Jira – You cannot create community forums in Jira Service Management as you can only link one Confluence space to your service desk as Knowledge Base.

Winner: Freshdesk

Feedback (Winner: Both)

Here, feedback is information about the views or opinions of users about an article published in a knowledge base (KB).

  • Freshdesk – Notifies the feedback on your knowledge base articles to the writers automatically so they can implement them.
  • Jira – Gathers user feedback that helps your staff to write more relevant and helpful articles.

Winner: Both

Automation (Final Winner: Both) Freshdesk Rating ⭐5/5 Jira Rating ⭐5/5

Ticket Routing (Winner: Both)

Automatic ticket routing system ensures that incoming tickets are directed to the employees who are capable of solving them.

  • Freshdesk – Automatically categorizes, prioritizes, and routes incoming tickets to the agents based on keywords, requester, and properties. In addition, notifies the ticket status change to both employees and users.
  • Jira – You can configure it to assign the issues to team members from the ticket queue or else you can do it manually. Also, the software automatically closes old tickets and re-opens them if the customer comments.

Winner: Both

Automated Workflows (Winner: Both)

Remove the need to do repetitive tasks by automating your processes and workflows so your team can focus on the work that matters. 

  • FreshdeskExecute maintenance activities based on the time-lapse and as soon as an event occurs implement various actions on specific tickets.
  • JiraPerforms an action within your system as per the criteria you set. For instance, you can let the software start a task by scheduling a trigger or setting it to listen to an event.

Winner: Both

Reporting & Analytics (Final Winner: Freshdesk) Rating ⭐4.5/5

Curated Reports (Winner: Both)

Generates both your team and ticket performance reports.

  • FreshdeskKnow how different agents and groups are doing through help desk metrics. Based on ticket properties, filter your reports including source, priority, and type using SLA management software.
  • Jira – Optimize your team’s work by monitoring their performance with new reports in your dashboard. Resolution of tickets and incident-related reports are also generated.

Winner: Both

Knowledge Insights (Winner: Both)

Informs you about the performance of the articles published in your knowledge base so you can take appropriate action in case the article is not helpful to its viewers.

  • Freshdesk – Monitor metrics like the number of views, likes, and dislikes from reports. Reset them whenever the article is updated.
  • JiraIdentify content gaps, optimize articles, and learn which one bounces the most requests through knowledge insights.

Winner: Both

Customer Satisfaction (Winner: Both)

Understand your user and improve your services by reviewing customer satisfaction reports.

  • FreshdeskMeasure how your client feels about your support through CSAT survey reports.
  • JiraWith the simple built-in tool for feedback, gather customer satisfaction reports.

Winner: Both

Custom Reports (Winner: Freshdesk)

These are the reports that you create with your choice of measurement and format.

  • FreshdeskBy dragging and dropping widgets you can generate customized reports. Edit the widget to choose the metric you want and apply filters to display your data.
  • Jira – You may create custom reports by adding series, labels, and your choice of colors. Here, series are a set of data points such as the number of requests received today or this week.

Winner: Freshdesk

Security (Final Winner: Both) Freshdesk Rating ⭐4.5/5 Jira Rating ⭐4.5/5

Data Security (Winner: Freshdesk)

It includes all the features that are offered by customer service software to protect your data.

  • Freshdesk For securing identity and access management, use IP & network restrictions and SSO. It also has additional security features such as SHA 256 encoding, Click-jacking prevention, etc.
  • JiraCreate and customize permissions, encrypt data in transit and at rest using AES-256. Adds bolstered security safeguards, SAML SSO, and SCIM for premium users. 

Winner: Freshdesk

Security Compliances (Winner: Jira)
  • Freshdesk – For data protection and privacy, Freshdesk follows HIPAA and GDPR compliance. 
  • Jira – Jira’s compliance program includes ISO/IEC 27001. Iso/IEC 27018, SOC2, SOC3, PCI DSS, GDPR, and so on.

Winner: Jira


Jira Service Management software mostly focuses on ITSM whereas Freshdesk concentrates on streamlining customer conversations across multiple channels including email and phone.

Therefore, based on your needs, pick the best one after checking the Jira service desk Vs Freshdesk comparison of their features.

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