HubSpot Integrations: The Complete Guide

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Hubspot Integrations

Last Updated: July 2024

Dive into the power of HubSpot Integrations with our complete guide. Enhance your business operations and streamline workflows as we explore the seamless connectivity and benefits offered by integrating HubSpot with third-party tools. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape with this essential knowledge.

Table of Contents


What is Hubspot?

HubSpot, a comprehensive platform, seamlessly integrates inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. This all-in-one solution empowers businesses to attract, engage, and delight customers through tools such as CRM, marketing automation, and social media management. As companies of all sizes embrace HubSpot, they centralize their efforts, gaining valuable insights to create personalized experiences throughout the customer journey.

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What are Hubspot Integrations?

HubSpot integrations refer to the seamless connection and synchronization of HubSpot’s platform with other third-party tools, applications, or software. These integrations enhance the functionality of HubSpot by allowing data and processes to flow effortlessly between HubSpot and external systems. By integrating with various tools, businesses can centralize information, automate workflows, and optimize their overall efficiency within the HubSpot ecosystem.

Popular integrations include CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service tools, providing a unified and powerful solution for managing and growing customer relationships.

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When do you need Hubspot Integrations?

Utilize HubSpot integrations when:

  • Enhancing Workflows: Streamline processes and boost efficiency by connecting HubSpot with essential tools.
  • Centralizing Data: Integrate to consolidate data, providing a unified view for informed decision-making.
  • Customizing Marketing Efforts: Tailor marketing strategies by integrating with tools that complement HubSpot’s capabilities.
  • Improving Sales Automation: Enhance sales activities through integrations that automate tasks and facilitate seamless communication.
  • Augmenting Customer Service: Incorporate customer service tools to provide a holistic and responsive support experience.
  • Expanding E-commerce Capabilities: Integrate with e-commerce platforms to amplify online sales and optimize customer interactions.
  • Ensuring Data Accuracy: Merge to reduce manual data entry errors and maintain accuracy across systems.
  • Facilitating Collaboration: Foster teamwork by integrating with collaborative tools that align with your business objectives.
  • Adapting to Industry-Specific Needs: craft the integrations to address unique requirements and challenges within your industry.
  • Scaling Business Operations: Embrace integrations to support growth and scale operations efficiently as your business expands.

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Integration with Hubspot API

To integrate with HubSpot, understand that APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) facilitate software interactions. HubSpot’s API guides developers in creating apps, custom integrations, or websites. Users benefit from HubSpot’s developer tools, allowing developers to enhance website functionality and business growth.

By setting up a developer account, individuals can access API documentation and create custom solutions.

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Hubspot Integrations With a Website

Integrating HubSpot with your existing domain is a breeze, even if you’ve just discovered its potential for business growth. 

Hubspot integrations

Follow these five straightforward steps:

1. Establish Domain Connection

Navigate to your HubSpot account, access ‘Settings,’ then ‘CMS,’ and finally ‘Domains & URLs.’ Opt for ‘Connect a domain,’ selecting the most fitting option among the four available types.

2. Specify Content-Type

Indicate the content types you intend to host by checking the appropriate boxes. HubSpot allows hosting multiple content types under the same domain.

3. Designate Root Domain

Enter your root domain, essentially your brand domain, into the provided text box.

4. Verify URL Details:

Consider four vital components – subdomains (e.g., ‘’), brand domain (same as root), top-level domain (e.g., ‘.com’), and primary language.

5. Initiate Hosting Setup

Utilize a DNS provider for seamless hosting setup. GoDaddy users benefit from automatic configuration, while others may need to perform manual setup. For additional guidance, refer to relevant resources.

How can you Integrate apps with HubSpot?

Integrating apps with HubSpot is a seamless process.


Follow these steps to connect your preferred app and unlock HubSpot integrations:

1. Discover

Explore the HubSpot App Marketplace and locate the app you wish to integrate.

2. Filter and Assess

Use the ‘Compatible with my plan’ filter to narrow down options. Review the app’s features and compatibility requirements by scrolling down.

3. Choose Pricing

Evaluate the pricing models available for the app. Some apps offer free versions, while others have both free and paid options. Select the option that aligns with your business needs.

4. Check Permissions

Take a moment to examine the data and permissions details, located just below the pricing information. Ensure everything aligns with your requirements.

5. Initiate Connection

Scroll back to the top and click ‘Connect app.’ If needed, refer to the ‘View setup guide‘ for additional details on configuring the specific app.

By following these user-friendly steps, you can seamlessly integrate the chosen app with HubSpot, enhancing your overall business operations.

Hiring a developer for Hubspot Integrations

Hiring a developer for HubSpot integration can be a nuanced process. Despite HubSpot’s inception in 2005, its CRM integration in 2014 marked a significant evolution. Positioned as a top choice for scalable goals, finding proficient HubSpot developers can be challenging due to the platform’s unique blend of marketing and software development requirements.

While there are numerous resources for developer recruitment, the scarcity of HubSpot experts emphasizes the need for thorough research and exhaustive assessments when selecting candidates.

Trending Hubspot Integrations

HubSpot integrates with a wide range of popular tools and platforms across various categories.

Advertising Integrations

Enhance your marketing efforts with advertising integrations that seamlessly connect to your HubSpot CRM. Examples include:

    • Facebook Ads: Connect your Facebook Ads account to HubSpot, attributing ad success directly to interacting contacts for streamlined reporting.
    • AdRoll: Personalize retargeting ads for distinct lead segments within HubSpot, tailoring content and formatting to engage prospects effectively.
    • Instapage: Ease the landing page creation with Instapage integration, sending lead data directly to HubSpot without manual transfers.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Integrations

Optimize your account-based marketing strategies with these integrations:

    • OrgChartHub: Efficiently build customer organization charts within HubSpot, aiding in identifying contacts and customizing sales personas.
    • CaliberMind: Analyze cross-channel account engagement, create alerts for reps, and match contacts to associated accounts for targeted focus.
    • Metadata: Execute account-based advertising with personalized ads at scale by identifying target accounts and contacts from HubSpot.

Analytics and Data Integrations

Measure success across various analytics platforms with these integrations:

    • Databox: Access analytics data from sources like Google Analytics and SEMRush within HubSpot, enabling remote review of KPIs.
    • Hotjar: Gain insights into visitor behavior and needs on your website directly from HubSpot using Hotjar integration.
    • Klipfolio: Track and analyze performance across platforms with real-time metrics and easy-to-read dashboards created in HubSpot.

Calling Integrations

Simplify phone and video call interactions with these calling integrations:

    • Dialpad Meetings: Quickly schedule meetings within HubSpot, streamlining collaboration with colleagues and customers.
    • CloudTalk: Combine CloudTalk’s call center software with HubSpot CRM for quality VoIP connections and comprehensive call logging.
    • Aircall: Manage call flows and assist leads and customers attentively within HubSpot, centralizing contact information.
    • CallRail: Utilize CallRail’s call tracking and analytics system to automatically organize call and text data in HubSpot under associated contacts.

Connector Integrations

    • Make: Automate workflows visually, connecting HubSpot to 1,000+ apps.
    • Zapier: Link 1,000+ apps to HubSpot effortlessly for seamless data sharing.
    • Unito: Sync HubSpot bidirectionally with leading tools for comprehensive integration.

Content Integrations

    • Beacon: Convert blog posts into eBooks automatically for enhanced lead generation.

Customer Success Integrations

    • Slack: Seamlessly collaborate with teams using Slack, integrating with HubSpot.
    • Zendesk: Merge Zendesk’s ticketing system for centralized customer interactions.
    • LiveChat: Provide real-time assistance and boost conversions using LiveChat.

E-commerce Integrations

    • Shopify: Match e-commerce data effortlessly within HubSpot for improved insights.
    • Typeform: Generate lead generation forms seamlessly, syncing responses to HubSpot.
    • Magento: Systematize upsell emails and sync e-commerce data to HubSpot.

Email Integrations

    • MailChimp: Link HubSpot with MailChimp for streamlined email campaigns.
    • Privy: Boost conversions with targeted pop-up ads, syncing new leads to HubSpot.
    • Front: Collaborate efficiently with a shared inbox, automatically synced with HubSpot.

Event and Webinar Integrations

    • Eventbrite: Leverage inbound marketing for events, syncing data seamlessly.
    • GoToWebinar: Automatically sync participant data to HubSpot for efficient post-event management.
    • Setmore: Simplify appointment scheduling, importing booked appointments to HubSpot.

Lead Generation Integrations

    • WordPress: Optimize WordPress websites with cohesive HubSpot data.
    • Unbounce: Capture and nurture leads efficiently with seamless data transfer to HubSpot.
    • SurveyMonkey: Create and distribute custom surveys, organizing responses within HubSpot.

Live Chat Integrations

    • Intercom: Obtain and nurture leads with real-time chat, seamlessly synced with HubSpot.
    • ManyChat: Automate messenger marketing, organizing and tracking leads within HubSpot.
    • Drift: Provide real-time assistance, track lead activity, and improve conversions.

Sales Integrations

    • HelloSign: Receive notifications on prospect document actions, ensuring informed follow-ups.
    • Salesforce: Align contacts’ information bidirectionally between Salesforce and HubSpot.
    • PandaDoc: Organize and review information for non-selling tasks seamlessly.

Social Media Integrations

    • Facebook: Bind the business’s Facebook account to HubSpot for streamlined management.
    • LinkedIn: Engage with the LinkedIn network seamlessly, tracking engagement.
    • Twitter: Schedule tweets, monitor streams, and track engagement, all from HubSpot.

Video Integrations

    • Wistia: Integrate videos on websites with HubSpot forms, improving engagement.
    • YouTube: Associate the YouTube channel to HubSpot, analyzing video success.
    • Promo: Create personalized videos directly from HubSpot with Promo.

These integrations offer diverse functionalities, enhancing your HubSpot experience across various aspects of your business operations.


In summary, exploring HubSpot integrations is pivotal for business optimization. This guide has unveiled a diverse array of tools, facilitating streamlined processes and enhanced communication.

Whether in advertising, analytics, or sales, these integrations offer valuable opportunities. Embrace them for optimal success in the digital landscape.



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