Benefits of Shopify Integration with Salesforce

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Last Updated: May 2024

Delivering the best customer experience is the most important aspect of the eCommerce business but it is hard to achieve. You need to stand out from the crowd and be one step ahead of your competitors.

With the right tools that help you to make better decisions and improve customer loyalty, you can achieve this.

Salesforce is the tool that offers clear-cut insights into your target user and provides a greater brand experience. It also gives access to marketing tools that step up your store’s game in the e-commerce business.

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Why do you need Salesforce?

It is crucial to configure your eCommerce store to make it successful and prepare for competition. And for that many companies buy various software performing different operations. Over time, it leads to complex IT environments and more manual work. That is when enterprises start looking for automation to minimize physical labor.

In case you have an eCommerce store in Shopify, then just add Salesforce to make your job easier. Salesforce Shopify integration

  • Connects your CRM with the Shopify store,
  • Allows single or numerous stores to link,
  • Optimizes order processing, 
  • Automates the data flow,
  • Enhances the capabilities of your system.

Overall, it boosts more power to your business and improves brand recognition. 

Now, let’s take a look at Salesforce and Shopify integration options.


Shopify Salesforce Integration Options

Salesforce integration options


Integrate Shopify to Salesforce in the following ways.

  • Plugin or Wizard – If you have limited usage with Salesforce, then apply this method. Here you can extract data from one system to another and perform basic operations.
  • APIs – Application Programming Interface connects Shopify and Salesforce so that they can communicate with each other. Use this method when you need a system to implement actions based on triggers.
  • Salesforce Integration Partner – When you want to add other systems or apps to Salesforce and perform complex tasks, then execute Salesforce integration partner. In other words, to add multiple integrations to your store use this method.

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Salesforce Services

Salesforce website
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The biggest and most popular customer relationship management (CRM) software is Salesforce. You may easily log in to engage with your customers, handle products and configure the software without any need to hire IT Professionals.

Some of the Salesforce services are as follows:

  • Salesforce Sales cloud,
  • Service,
  • Marketing,
  • Commerce,
  • Finance,
  • IoT.

Now, moving on to the benefits of associating Salesforce with the Shopify store.


Shopify to Salesforce Integration Benefits

Shopify integration with Salesforce boosts the characteristics of e-commerce and CRM platforms so that you can use more advanced approaches to improve the performance of your business.

Find out more about the benefits of adding Salesforce to your eCommerce store from the list below.


1) Real-Time Synchronization

Adding Salesforce to your Shopify store ensures a high-level synchronization of real-time data. It makes the management of data simpler and faster.

That means whenever a buyer finishes making an order it automatically reflects on your Salesforce account. It makes it easier for you to deliver your services to customers seamlessly.


2) Improve Customer Engagement and Retention

AmericanExpress says that it cost 6 to 7 times more to get a new customer than to keep the existing ones. Unfortunately, every buyer does not come back to your store by themselves. You have to find ways to attract your consumers and retain them.

The tools available in Salesforce help you to re-engage your customers across different platforms.

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For instance, if one of your subscribers is inactive for some time, then Salesforce informs you about it. Then you can build a strategy like giving discounts or letting them know about the availability of products from their wishlist, etc and make them return to your store.


3) Run and Manage Multi-Store

Integration of Salesforce and Shopify comes with multi-store management functionality that enables you to control several online and offline stores from one platform. You can –

  • Manage your orders, 
  • Track consumers, and 
  • Identity opportunities simultaneously.


4) Integration of eCommerce and CRM data

Only by understanding your target customers, you can deliver excellent services. Knowing user purchase behavior and demographics helps you to personalize their shopping experience which results in repeat purchases.

And, Salesforce makes it happen by collecting all the customers’ data from CRM and eCommerce in one place. There is no need to switch between platforms which makes it easy for customer management.

This assists you in creating personalized email campaigns and sending targeted emails or ads.


5) Easy Inventory Management

You can effortlessly manage all of your collections, products, and orders in a centralized manner like

  • Tracking quantity of particular products stored in a specific location,
  • Finding out the number of certain items available in all inventory areas,
  • Transferring parts between places,
  • Getting things from an outside vendor to the inventory location.


6) Manage Accounts and Contacts

Use accounts to store information about your customers and the organizations you do business with.

Generally, contacts are associated with accounts, but you can also add them to other records and enable them to multiple accounts. You may insert hierarchy details and customize sharing settings.

With the accounts and contacts, you can –

  • Track individuals and companies,
  • Collaborate accounts,
  • Access the records you need.


7) Better Business Intelligence

The most advanced business intelligence tool available in the market is included in Salesforce. With it, you can

  • Customize the analytics platform to meet your business needs,
  • Monitor the growth of sales,
  • Analyze what strategies are working best to increase your marketing, and 
  • Realize what strategies you need to implement in order to improve the performance of your store.


8) Reporting and Accounting

Finance representatives can now access reliable information thanks to Salesforce integration in Shopify. By adding your accounting information to Salesforce, most of your tasks will be automated and become easier. For example –

  • It reduces error by eliminating duplicate data,
  • Enables you to set credit terms for every user account,
  • Automatically calculates payments to invoices.

On-time reporting can help you to identify where the delays are occurring so you can take appropriate action to reduce the waiting time. It offers account reporting, revenue recognition reporting, and so on.

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Salesforce provides CRM software and various applications focused on analytics, marketing automation, sales, customer service, and application development.

Hence, you can easily synchronize products, customers, and CRM data which allows you to detect sales and develop trends.

Moreover, integrating Salesforce with Shopify increases leads, closes more deals faster, and drives customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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