Different Benefits of Zendesk Drift Integration

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Last Updated: February 2024

With the shift in the current market scenario companies are changing their approach and have become more customer-centric. This approach enables you to build a brand community and have long-term relationships with clients.

Merchants all over the globe are now connecting with Zendesk, which provides a single platform for business to improve their customer service.

Zendesk also provides support services across multiple channels, such as email, social media, and helpdesk.

Now if you want to outrun your competitors and gain more revenue by building relationships with clients then you should have a look at Drift. It’s a messaging tool that allows you to create automated messages and reply to your website visitors.

The best way to handle your clients is by integrating Zendesk and Drift. We have listed some of the benefits of Drift Zendesk integration.

  • Benefits of Drift Zendesk Integration

Benefits of Drift Zendesk integration

Support ticket Integration

Zendesk drift integration benefits

You can send and receive messages from both software, which means you can send messages from Drift to Zendsesk and vice-versa. You can also copy your response from Zendesk and paste it on Drift.

This procedure will ensure that when a similar question is raised again, Drift automatically answers it without bothering you.

User Segmentation 

This feature helps you segment your clients based on action and the service they avail of. You can segment them on Zendesk and send them messages with the help of Drift.

For Example, You have an online store and there are two different types of customers, the new joiners and the one who purchase from you regularly.

You can trigger a welcome message for the new joiners and a new-product message for regular customers with the help of segmentation.

Automated Workflow

Automate workflow through zendesk drift integration

Both the software work towards automation of the workflow. However, Drift has an option of smart templates that changes the theme as per the customer’s action.

Zendesk’s automation can only solve your customers’ queries whereas the automation provided by Drift can welcome, solve queries, recommend new products, etc. to your customers.

Message Templates

Drift provides live chat message templates whereas Zendesk does not. With the help of Drift, you can add live templates to Phone calls, Emails, Chat boxes, SMS, and many more.

This automates your customer service and makes it quick, resulting in a happy customer experience.

24/7 Support

24/7 support with the help of zendesk drift integration

If your clients are all over the globe, then this feature is a lifesaver. With the help of Drift’s AI messaging you can resolve your customers’ queries at any time of the day. 

They resolve your queries using your knowledge base and thus do not require any supervision. 


In today’s competitive marketing scenario it’s important to integrate different technologies that help your business grow and make your customer happy. Zendesk Drift Integration is an important integration that helps you automate your customer service with the help of AI.

This integration helps you to outrun your competitors and gain more revenue.

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