Top 10 Booking System Apps for Shopify

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Last Updated: February 2024

Managing clients and giving them the required attention is important. You don’t want to make your customers wait and then give them less attention.

Booking apps help you in managing your clients’ visits. These apps allow your customers to make an appointment for your service. With the help of this, you will have prior knowledge of the number of clients visiting you and with this information, you can give them the right amount of time without making your store look crowded. 

If you have a Shopify Service store and you are looking for the best booking system apps for Shopify then we have listed the top 10 Booking system apps for you to choose from. 

Tipo Appointment Booking (4.5/5⭐, 324 Reviews)

Tipo Booking app

This app allows you to create your template where you can choose different fonts, colors, photos, and more according to your liking. It also provides statistics and reports that can help scale your business.


  • Easy Interface
  • It allows Group Bookings


  • Customer service is not up to the mark and sometimes responds late.


  • Free- 7 Day
  • Monthly Basic- $8.90
  • Monthly Pro- $14.90

Sesami (4.7/5⭐, 318 Reviews)

sesami booking app

Sesame provides you with google calendar syncing. It also supports different languages and timezones making it a diverse app. The most distinct feature of this app is that it comes with a Call to action button saying “Book me” which can result in more bookings.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent customer support service


  • Its instability is an issue
  • Error in chowing appointments if not synced with Google calendar


  • Free- 30 Days
  • Monthly Small- $19
  • Monthly Medium- $49
  • Monthly Pro- $129
  • Monthly Premium- $299

BookthatApp (4.6/5⭐, 342 Reviews)

This app allows customers to check for your availability and make a reservation accordingly. BookThatApp can automatically send SMS and Email notifications to your customer after they have triggered action. It can also be synced with Google Calendar and iCal.


  • You can customize rules as per your wish
  • Can update Inventory


  • It does not have an easy interface
  • Without the help of an expert, it’s a bit hard to set up.


  • Free- 14 Days
  • Monthly Lite- $9.95
  • Monthly Standard- $19.95
  • Monthly Premium- $29.95
  • Monthly Business- $89.95

Easy Appointment Booking (4.9/5⭐, 89 Reviews)

You can send email notifications with Event detail, Custom field replies, variants, and many more to your customers after they have booked an appointment with you. It also displays a Book Now button on every page of your website.


  • Easy interface and works well.


  • The support team takes time to resolve your query
  • Lagging issue


  • Free- 1 Service
  • Monthly Standard- $12
  • Monthly Pro- $29

Appointo ( 4.9/5⭐, 131 Reviews)

Appointo booking app for e-commerce

It comes with complex features and time rules which can be customized according to your liking. Appointo can be synced with Microsoft, Google, iCal, and Outlook calendars. It can also send confirmation emails to your customers after they have booked an appointment. 


  • Great customer support service
  • Easy to handle and manage.


  • Has problems in the international language setting.


  • Free- 1 Product
  • Monthly Pro- $15
  • Monthly Premium- $30

Booking by WebKul ( 4.3/5⭐, 37 Reviews)

Booking webkul booking app for online store

When an appointment is changed an email is sent through this app automatically with detailed information. It also gives you complete control over your reservations and it’s up to you to accept and reject the reservations. 


  • Other than appointment booking it also gives your customer an easy checkout option
  • Easy to handle control panel


  • An issue in the admin interface


  • Free- 15 Days
  • Monthly- $18
  • Yearly- $190

Event Calander ( 4.5/5⭐, 23 Reviews)

Event calander booing app for e-commerce

Event Calendar comes with different themes and styles which can help you make your store look attractive. It sends a reminder to your customers every time there is an event or discount in your store. 


  • Gives customers a variety of options
  • Compatible with all electronic devices.


  • A glitch in the online chat option


  • Free- 7 Days
  • Monthly- $5.99

Appointment booking by Appointy (4.9/5⭐, 141 Reviews)

Appointment booking app for online store

The only app in the list with a 5 rating. This app provides automated follow-up emails which can be sent to customers for marketing your service. It also comes with multi-language support with 18 different languages available.


  • Synchronizing with google and outlook is more manageable and can do changes in real-time.
  • One of the cheapest apps on the list


  • Reliable booking app with almost no cons.


  • Free- 14 Days
  • Monthly Starter- $5
  • Monthly Pro- $9

Bookedup (4.9/5⭐, 11 Reviews)

Bookedup lets you generate unlimited customizable pop-ups for your service. It can be synced with, which provides minimum scheduling notice, events, timezone, and booking protection. 


  • It has a seamless installation process
  • Buttons can be easily placed at your preferred location on the website.


  • It is compulsory to integrate this app with or other similar software to let your customer make a booking.
  • It is short on features as compared to other apps on the list.


  • Free- 14 Days
  • Monthly- $14

Appointment Booking Cowlender (4.9/5⭐, 74 Reviews)

This app lets your customers make a reservation with very few steps, making it easier for them. It also lets you send customizable notifications through emails. 


  • Most of the features in this app can be customized as per your choice
  • It takes less than 2 mins for your customers to make an appointment with the help of this app.


  • Due to a high number of glitches require constant customer support.


  • Free- Unlimited
  • Monthly- $9.99


Managing your business is now easy, with the help of booking apps you don’t have to make your clients wait in a queue. This reduces your administration expenses and allows you to serve your customers better,

Booking apps help you to understand your customers’ needs which increases brand loyalty. 

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