Top 10 Instant Shopify Search Apps in 2023 [Tried and Tested]

Top 10 Instant Shopify Search Apps [Tried and Tested]

Do you know that 43% of customers on eCommerce sites directly go to the search bar? Plus, visitors who use search are 2.4 times more likely to make a purchase. Thus, add one of the best Shopify search apps to your store and increase your sales.

But the problem lies in the time it takes to scour the Shopify app store for a suitable app. Well, don’t get stressed as we have done the work for you. Here we have the 10 top Shopify search apps along with their features and pricing details. Simply review them and pick the one that meets your needs.


Best 10 Shopify Search Apps

  1. Boost Product Filter & Search (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 1,484 Reviews)
  2. Smart Search Bar & Filters (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 1,406 Reviews)
  3. Smart Product Filter & Search (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 980 Reviews)
  4. Search, Filters & Discovery (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 709 Reviews)
  5. Cloud Search & Product Filter (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 589 Reviews)
  6. PRODUCT SEARCH BAR & FILTERS (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 579 Reviews)
  7. Smart Search & Product Filter (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 417 Reviews)
  8. Omega Instant Search (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 331 Reviews)
  9. Live Search & Smart Filter (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 199 Reviews)
  10. 360 product search and filters (Rating ⭐5/5, 12 Reviews)


As the name itself suggests, this app developed by Boost Commerce offers both a product filter and a smart search bar. So, your visitors can find the products they want to buy within seconds. Also, note that the Boost Product Filter & Search app is equipped with a premium AWS server.



  1. Custom filter – Create a custom filter tree matching your theme. 
  2. Filter option – Get a filter option by variant, sale percentage, vendor, tags, reviews, etc. for multiple collections and pages. 
  3. Smart search bar – Delivers instant search suggestions, spell check, and custom search filters.
  4. Optimal site search – Set stop words, synonyms, search redirects, and so on.
  5. Insightful reports – Displays analytics with detailed search behavior and collection filter reports.


Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 14 days

Based on the number of products, the pricing varies starting with $19/month for 1,000 products.


The Smart Search Bar & Filters app by Searchanise is the best Shopify plugin and is highly customizable. You don’t need any coding skills to add a search bar and advanced filters to your store. On top of that, the search widget automatically adjusts to your store’s theme.



    1. Instant & smart search – Finds matches across all pages on your store and displays easy-to-navigate search results.
    2. Custom filters – Use default filters or create filters based on collections, tags, and prefixes.
    3. Merchandising tools – Includes sorting, custom labels, and auto-complete rules.
    4. Reports – Generates analytical reports on navigation, clicks, most searched products, and product views.
    5. Other features – Contain Add to Cart button and configurable live search results page.


Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 7 days
  • Basic – $19
  • Essential – $39
  • Advanced – $59
  • Growth – $99
  • Pro – $179
  • Premium – $329


Designed by Globo, the Smart Product Filter & Search app not only offers advanced filter and search but also supports multiple currencies. It is easy to integrate with your original search bar, category, and theme filter. 



  1. Filter trees – Generate custom filter trees for different collections and categories.
  2. Search – Create search and discovery solutions with instant suggestions, full-text search, auto-correct, synonyms, search redirects, and so on.
  3. Filter options – Include product types, variants, size, color, price, tag, brand, vendor, meta fields, etc.


Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 21 days

Paid pricing plans start from $14/month for 1,500 products. The pricing changes as the number of products increase. Click on the below button for more details.


4) Search, Filters & Discovery (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 709 Reviews)

The developers of the Search, Filters & Discovery app, Fast Simon claims that it understands the shopper, and their behavior to offer strategic search, personalization, merchandising, and customer segmentation. 



  1. Merchandising – Optimize collections, product ranking, sorting, display, and images with advanced AI tools.
  2. Personalization – Provide personalized results in searches, recommendations, and collections.
  3. Search & discovery – Make sure shoppers find what they want whether they are searching or exploring through auto search, filters, visual search, etc.
  4. Cross-sell/upsell – Use Visual Similar, Also Bought, Complete the Look, Also Viewed, hyper tagging, etc. to upsell and cross-sell products.


Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Free
  • Starter – $39.99
  • Essential – $99.99


Cloud Search & Product Filter app enhances your search and filter capabilities without changing your existing collections page functionality, design, and 3rd party integrations or apps. Also, you can create filters and customize them for every collection page.



  1. Customizable filters – Create size, color, tag, brand, price, and other filters for your search as well as collections pages.
  2. Optimal search – Tune search results with product promotions, bestseller prioritization, and synonyms.
  3. Analytics – Understand how your shoppers are using the search functionality with analytics.


Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Small store – Free
  • Medium and large stores – Starts from $5.


This Shopify search bar app designed by Doofinder provides AI-based tools to empower your internal site search. It delivers personalized search results based on individual shopper and their real-time preferences.



  1. Search interfaces – Has various search interfaces to match your site’s theme.
  2. Search tools – Include smart suggestions, auto-complete, Did you mean…, synonyms, etc.
  3. Other features – Supports voice and visual search for both mobile and desktop.


Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 30 days
  • Basic – $35
  • Pro – $59
  • Enterprise – $389


Developed by SoBooster, the Smart Search & Product Filter app optimizes your site’s search and filter capabilities to drive more sales. This ultimate search app does it through the below features.



  1. Product filter – Set collection, product type, vendor, sale percentage, tags, etc., as filter criteria. Also, create a filter by product meta field and product variant meta field.
  2. Smart instant search Through autocomplete, synonyms, and Typo Tolerance (corrects common spelling errors) deliver better results.
  3. Merchandising – Promote higher-value products and remove irrelevant and out-of-stock items. Overall, optimize the display of your products.
  4. Analytics – Generates detailed analytics to help you understand your customer’s search behavior better.
  5. Other features – Banners & promotions, semantic search, and advanced custom fields are available.


Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 14 days

For 50 products, the paid plan charges $14.99. As the number of products increases so does the price. To find the exact price for a certain number of products, click on the below button.


Omega Instant Search app delivers product search results instantly to guide your customers to the page they are looking for. It is perfect for small-scale businesses as the app costs less money (for more info, look at pricing plans).



  1. Search – Contains autocomplete and spell correction features. Also, performs store-wide searches in collections, pages, products, and blog posts.
  2. Filters – Has the ability to apply the filter on the search results page.
  3. Dashboard – Displays search analytics on your dashboard.


Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 30 days
  • Free
  • Starter – $9
  • Professional – $19
  • Advanced – $39


Live Search - Smart Filter
Image source –

Okas Concepts designed the Live Search & Smart Filter for merchants who want to offer internal site search options to their customers. The app does this by offering live search suggestions with unlimited products, collections, pages, or blogs.



  1. Filters – Provides search results page filters and collection filters.
  2. Search – Performs complete search and even does click pattern analysis.
  3. Installation – Supports simple installation and straightforward integration with your Shopify store.


Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 30 days
  • Pro plan – $3.99


360 product search and filters
Image source –

Do you want to allow your shoppers to search Shopify stores without costing you any money? Then, here is the 360 product search and filters app with no paid plans. Furthermore, it has 5 out of 5 ratings and delivers a fully customizable design. The app is mobile-friendly as well.



  1. Search functions – Typo tolerant and autocomplete ensure that the algorithm understands user intent.
  2. Filters – Use category trees, checkboxes, color swatches, and range sliders to create better filters.
  3. Analytics – Receive insightful search analytics to understand its performance.


Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free

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Final Thoughts

We hope the above 10 best Shopify search apps help you to provide a better customer experience while increasing your sales. Though all the apps are customizable and offer all the basic features we cannot suggest which one is suitable for your business as everyone’s store requirements differ. However, we have provided the key features and pricing detail to assist you in the decision-making process.

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