12 Best Sales Channel Apps for Shopify (Tried and Tested)

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Last Updated: June 2024

With over 500000 active Shopify stores online, the competition between online stores on Shopify has been nothing short of brutal. 

However, using a Shopify sales channel app alongside your online store can ease your way out of this stiff competitiveness and work up to your benefit.

Confused about which Shopify channels could be the best for your online store? We have you covered!

In this post, we’ll talk about the following:

Qualities of a good Shopify sales channel app

A good sales channel for Shopify can not only help you stay ahead of your competitors but can also help you make your own unique mark in the online space. 

Here, are some of the top qualities your sales channel on Shopify should have:

  1. User-friendly: Your sales channel app shouldn’t be too complex to use. All the features of your app should be designed and placed in a user-friendly manner. 
  2. Detailed Product descriptions: A good sales channel app would facilitate the insertion of detailed yet precise product descriptions that inform the users about the specifications, pricing, and discount offers of a product. 
  3. Customer rating sync: Customer rating synchronization is yet another important quality of a good sales channel app, as user ratings and reviews act as digital word-of-mouth and can help you influence customer trust. As per research, over 70% of Americans say they look at product reviews before making a purchase. Another study found that 88 percent of consumers research their buys online before making a purchase.
  4. Product listings management: A sales channel app should allow you to manage and create product listings within the app.
  5. Real-time sync: A good sales channel app would provide a real-time sync of inventory levels and order status between your Shopify store and the sales channel. 
  6. Personalization: A sales channel should show personalized suggestions to your customers. As per studies, 51% of consumers feel it is important to get a personalized experience across all digital channels within a brand.

Top 12 best sales channels for Shopify

  1. Amazon Channel
  2. eBay
  3. Wanelo
  4. Point of Sale
  5. Cross Store
  6. Google Channel
  7. Facebook Channel
  8. Shop Channel
  9. SiBi Channel
  10. OSI Affiliate
  11. Walmart Marketplace
  12. Lyst

1. Amazon Channel (Overall Rating⭐ 4.3/5)

The Amazon sales channel on Shopify, helps you keep track of your products on both Amazon and Shopify. The Shopify Amazon sales channel is best known for building efficient product lists and meeting new buyers on Amazon.

Key Features

  • Create and manage listings for Amazon products within the app
  • It helps in creating and managing offers for the older Amazon products 
  • It gives you the option to link your previous Amazon listings to your Shopify admin page
  • You receive real-time status for your Amazon orders


The Amazon sales channel app offers a free plan for up to 50 orders. After the completion of the free plan, they offer 4 pricing plans: Strater ($19 per month), Growth ($59 per month), Pro ($99 per month), and Power ($199 per month).


Amazon Channel is good for:

The Amazon sales channel app provides a nominal starter plan that could be a good cost-effective option for various small to medium-sized companies. 

2. eBay (Overall Rating⭐ 2.6/5)

eBay is a place where you get to meet both, potential buyers and sellers. The eBay sales channel app helps you in listing your products and order handling without having to leave the Shopify app. 

Key Features

  • Create and manage product listing
  • Direct Shopify links to eBay
  • Product inventory updates
  • Real-time pricing
  • Transferrable credits
  • Product review integration


The eBay sales channel offers a 30-day free trial. After the free trial, it offers 3 monthly pricing options: Bronze ($19.08), Silver ($49), and Gold ($69).

eBay sales channel is good for:

eBay can be considered as a great sales channel for both small and large-scale companies, as it offers pricing plans according to your needs and requirements.

3. Wanelo (Overall Rating⭐ 3.0/5)


Launched in the year 2012 in California, Wanelo has now integrated around 550K stores with over 30 million products. Wanelo is best known for giving its users the option to list their entire inventory on its platform.

Key Features

  • Order placed on Wanelo is reflected on your Shopify page
  • Listing of the entire inventory
  • Products available for direct purchase
  • Exporting Shopify products to the Wanelo storefront


The Wanelo sales channel app offers free pricing until your application for their marketplace gets approved. After the approval of your application, they charge a 17.1 % commission on the number of fulfilled orders.

Wanelo is good for:

Wanelo can be considered a good fit for most businesses that could afford a 17.1% commission for the completed orders in their store.

4. Point of Sale (Overall Rating⭐ 3.7/5)


The Point of Sale’s sales channel app is best known for integrating a user’s retail and online store to maximize sales conversions. The sales channel offers innovative features that help track performance, manage customers, and increase sales. 

Key Features

  • Daily sales performance
  • Payment tracking
  • Save and retrieve carts 
  • Custom printed receipts
  • Centralized cash tracking
  • Staff sales attribution


Point of Sales offers a free pricing plan and a Pro pricing plan as well that costs $89 per month.

Point of Sale is good for:

Point of Sale could be an ideal sales channel for small to medium-sized businesses, as it offers a free pricing plan (POS lite) for new and upcoming stores that can’t afford paid pricing from the get-go.

5. Carro (Overall Rating⭐ 4.6/5)

The Carro cross-store sales channel app helps get in contact and sell products and manage orders with sellers of a similar niche without the need for an inventory. Apart from not needing an inventory, you also do not need to manage your orders or maintain minimum order quantities to cross-sell.

Key Features

  • Email and chat support
  • Browse products of other brands
  • View influencer partnerships
  • Brand pairing specialist


The Carro sales channel app offers a 60-day free trial. After the completion of the trial, it offers 3 pricing plans: Starter ($50 per month), Growth ($250 per month), and Enterprise ($1000 per month).

Cross-store Sales Channel app is good for:

The Carro cross-store sales channel app works best for businesses that are looking into cross-selling. It works best for large-scale businesses that could afford a monthly plan between $250 to $1000.

6. Google Channel (Overall Rating⭐ 4.1/5)

The Google sales channel can be an ideal application for sellers who wish to expand their reach with the help of ads. Also, the Google sales channel app provides a free product listing and hassle-free checkout.

Key Features

  • The ‘Buy on Google’ option
  • Access to seller analytics
  • Set up a smart shopping campaign
  • Set daily campaign budget
  • Order tracking
  • Payment tracking


The Google sales channel offers free pricing but it does charge you the amount spent on ads to your Google Ads account.

Google Channel is good for:

Google channel is an ideal application for all businesses, as they can easily sell products and run campaigns on the platform.

7. Facebook Channel (Overall Rating⭐ 4/5)

The Facebook channel can be considered a great alternative for sellers who wish to market or sell their products across both Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook sales channel offers a single product catalog for Facebook marketing, Facebook shop, and Instagram Shopping. 

Key Features

  • Market products through Facebook Marketing
  • Access to selling analytics
  • Browse product listing of other stores
  • Order tracking
  • Payment tracking


The Facebook channel is free to use. However, during a Facebook campaign run, the amount spent on ads gets directly billed to your ad account on Facebook.

Facebook Channel is good for:

The Facebook channel is good for any and all types of businesses who wish to sell their products on Facebook and Instagram.

8. Shop Channel (Overall Rating⭐ 2.9/5)


The Shop sales channel app is good for tracking your own performance with that of your competitors. It also helps you with your customer lifetime value rate by providing you with various customer experience tools.

Key Features

  • Accelerated checkout
  • Mobile app storefront
  • Targeted marketing automation
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Store profile customization
  • Track performance KPIs 


The Shop sales channel app offers free pricing.

Shop Channel is good for:

The Shop sales channel app is good for all businesses who are looking to increase their customer lifetime value rate.

9. SiBi- See It Buy It (Overall Rating⭐ 3.3/5)

SiBi- See It Buy It sales channel mostly deals with the selling of products that are endorsed or promoted by fashion influencers. SiBi is best known for its image-matching feature wherein, you can post a picture of a product and can get matching product results on the channel.

Key Features

  • AI-powered image matching 
  • Catalog listing
  • Shop by using a screen capture
  • Shop by voice/text searches


SiBi demands a 15% commission on all orders made through their site.

SiBi is good for:

The SiBi sales channel app would be a great app for small to medium-sized businesses in the fashion sector, as the SiBi website purely focuses on apparel and fashion accessories promoted by influencers. 

10. OSI Affiliate (Overall Rating⭐ 4.7/5)

The OSI Affiliate sales channel app ensures to increase your sales by creating a referral program. The referral program of OSI Affiliate aims to increase your engagement rate and sales while reducing your bounce rates.

Key Features

  • Promo code tracking
  • Social media sharing widgets
  • Smart rewards
  • Discount codes
  • Paypal commission payout
  • Lead tracking program


OSI Affiliate offers a 15-day free trial after which they offer a pricing plan of $47 per month.

OSI Affiliate is good for:

The OSI Affiliate sales channel can be a good option for medium-sized businesses that are looking to increase their sales with the help of innovative referral programs.

11. Walmart Marketplace (Overall Rating⭐ 2.8/5)

Walmart has a high reach with over 110 million monthly visitors. Therefore, integration of your Shopify store with the Walmart marketplace can work to your benefit.

Key Features

  • Bulk setup for new product listing
  • Central management of products
  • Syncing of inventories across all platforms
  • Access to Shopify dashboard


Walmart marketplace doesn’t offer any fee for listing on their site. However, they do demand a referral fee, depending upon the category of your products.

Walmart Marketplace is good for:

According to the category of your products and the referral fee that it carries, the Walmart marketplace can be a good option for any type of business.

12. Lyst (Overall Rating⭐ 4/5)


Lyst, launched in the year 2010 in London, is mainly recognized for being a fashion search engine that helps you find clothing items from various brands and designers.

Key Features

  • Catalog management
  • Inventory listing
  • Connect with sellers and buyers


Lyst demands a 16% commission on all orders made through their site.

Lyst is good for:

Lyst can be a good sales channel for businesses in the fashion sector (clothing, jewelry, footwear) that could afford a 16% commission on every order made on the platform.  


Finding a sales channel app that best aligns with your Shopify store and your business requirements can become a tedious task. 

A good sales channel app can ease out many of your tasks like product management, product listing, and tracking your selling performance.

Do let us know if any one of these sales channel apps aligned with your business objectives and worked to your benefit! Also check out our content hub on Best Shopify Apps for other key things like customer service, live chat, inventory management, reviews, and others.

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