How To Get WhatsApp Business Verification Done?

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Last Updated: May 2024

WhatsApp is used by 2 billion people around the world. However, these are individual users operating it for personal use. WhatsApp has another platform dedicated to business people. You can use it to reach out to your customers easily.

But, to gain confidence with your buyers, you need to get your business verified on WhatsApp Business. 

Wondering how to get do that? Then, read this article. Here, we have all the following details.


Benefits of WhatsApp Business Verification

Mostly verifying your business relays that your brand is genuine and trustworthy. Other advantages of verifying your business on WhatsApp are –

  1. Your brand name will be visible to users even when they did not save your business contact details.
  2. Customers can see that it is not strangers who are messaging them. It can help you to not get blocked by users.
  3. Also, it increases the possibility of users viewing your message which means higher ROI on your messaging cost.
  4. Since WhatsApp is used by more people, you can reach out to a larger audience.
  5. Verified accounts get access to certain Meta technologies or developer features.
  6. Eventually, it becomes part of your branding. And, you become eligible to apply for a green tick.

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How to Get Verified on WhatsApp Business?

Not all brands need to verify their businesses, but certain products and services need to do it.

In fact for eligible businesses, you can see a Start verification button in the Security Center of business settings. On the contrary, if the button isn’t visible or clickable, then you can proceed without verifying your business.

Steps to Start Verification in Business Settings

Remember that having a WhatsApp verified account doesn’t mean that you get a green tick next to your business name

Now, let’s look at the things you need to know before starting the verification process.

 Prerequisites for WhatsApp Verify Account:

  1. Note that you won’t be able to access the Start verification button unless your business needs to be verified.
  2. You have to be the admin of the Business Manager account.
  3.  In case you are an advertiser based in China, then you have to complete bank account verification.
  4. In case you use Monthly invoicing to pay for your ads, then there is no need to submit documentation in the verification process. Instead, you can fill out the form with your line of credit information. If the option is not visible, then, ensure that the Business Manager account you are using is linked to your own credit line, but not the one that you share with other businesses.

Verification Process

  1. In Business Manager, go to Security Center.
  2. Click on Start verification.
  3. Enter your business details and click on Next. Note that the provided information will be publicly visible if your Page has a large US audience or runs ads about politics, elections, or social issues in the US.
  4. Choose the correct business from the provided list. If your matching business is not available, then select None of these match.
  5. (Optional) In case your domain name is already verified, then click on Verify us… If it is not yet verified, then you can complete the domain verification process. After that return to Security Center and click on Continue.
  6. Confirm the details. (Note that steps 7 and 8 are not applicable if you use domain verification.)
  7. Select to receive the verification code either on your phone through text message or phone or via email.
    • Note that the phone option is not available in all countries.
    • In case you don’t receive the code, you can request it again. If you are still having trouble, then read how to troubleshoot phone issues from here.
  8. Finally, enter the verification code and click on Submit.

Once the review is complete, you will receive a notification that your business is verified. Also, you can check the status in Security Center.

Note: You can edit your details after verification. However, even a small change will require you to go through the verification process again.

In case you are unable to verify the business, then Meta may ask you to –

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How to Get a Green Tick For WhatsApp Business Verified Account?

First of all, you need to ensure that your business is verified and, it has enabled two-factor authentication

Only then you are eligible to apply for a green tick. You can follow the above steps to verify your WhatsApp account. To apply for the green tick follow the below steps

  • Go to Business Manager and select the phone number for which you want to get a green tick verification badge.
  • Next, fill out the form with the appropriate information and submit the request.

That’s it. The Meta will send you an email to let you know whether your request is approved or not.

WhatsApp business
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How to Get Blue Tick on WhatsApp Account?

Usually, the checkmark you see after you send a message indicates that the message is delivered.

One grey checkmark (WhatsApp grey checkmark) is for sending and another grey checkmark (WhatsApp grey checkmark 2) is added after the delivery. Now, once the message is read, the two checkmarks turn blue (WhatsApp blue checkmark).

In order to see the checkmarks you need to enable the Read receipts option in your settings.

Enabling/ Disabling Read receipts

  1. Open your WhatsApp and tap on More OptionsWhatsApp more options icon.
WhatsApp more options
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  1. Tap on Settings and select Account.
  2. Next, go to Privacy.
  3. Besides Read receipts, click on the toggle to enable/ disable it.

Even after enabling Read receipts, if you cannot see the blue tick, then there could be other reasons, such as –

  • The recipient’s phone might be turned off.
  • They might have blocked you,
  • They may not have opened the chat,
  • You or the recipient might be having connection issues.

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To Conclude

Looking for how to verify WhatsApp business account blue tick is not the right way. Because the green tick is the WhatsApp verification badge. However, to help you we have provided the steps for the green tick and blue tick above.

Also, you can follow the WhatsApp business verification process to increase the trust of your customers and make them feel at ease from this article.

In case you are looking for helpdesk software that can integrate with WhatsApp, then try Saufter. It has basic and customizable ticketing features including an AI chatbot, automated workflows, integrations, marketing, and self-help services.

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