Top 4 E-commerce Workflow Automation Processes in 2023

Ecommerce automation

Last Updated: December 2023

Are you looking to automate your e-commerce workflows? Well, Ecommerce consists of many workflows that do not require personalized attention and can be automated to streamline your business.

But what workflows should you automate and how? In this post, we have listed the top 4 e-commerce workflow automation processes and the tools you need to turn them on autopilot.

#1 Customer Service

Customer service is undoubtedly one of the most important ecommerce workflows that you can automate using good omnichannel customer support software. 

Today’s omnipresent customers contact a company’s support through multiple channels and expect seamless interaction across all channels, be it Email, Live Chat, Social Media, Phone, and others. Automating replies on these platforms can help you manage customer support effectively.

Additionally, you can provide an automated Live Chat widget to offer 24/7 customer service through chatbots. Now, let’s move on to the tools that you need to automate customer service.

Helplama Helpdesk

HelpLama Helpdesk

Helplama is a cloud-based SaaS helpdesk software specially built for e-commerce automation. It can help you provide omnichannel customer support and automate many ecommerce workflows including proactive customer support, agent training, user review collection, and many more. Also, Helplama Helpdesk offers all the support ticketing features that helpdesk software usually offer. Here are some of its key features:

  • Omnichannel support: Integrate Email, Live Chat, Social Media, Phone, and other channels.
  • Live Chatbot: Interactive chatbot to provide a 24/7 customer self-service experience to your customers.
  • Unified customer history: View entire customer history on a single screen – every order and every interaction.
  • Integrations: Connects seamlessly with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Slack, WhatsApp, and more.
  • Proactive customer support: Automatically scan orders for delivery-related issues so you can resolve them proactively and wow your customers.


#2 Order and Inventory Management

Order approvals, management, and fulfillment are the ecommerce workflows that you need to automate and boost your store’s growth. These tasks can consume a significant proportion of your time if done manually. But they do not need your personalized attention and can be automated, allowing you to focus on your store.

A good tool can help you automate these tasks based on triggers and conditions set by you. For example, order approvals can be automated based on order value, order category, inventory, vendor credit rating, etc. 

Zoho Inventory

From Inventory control to multichannel selling and order fulfillment, Zoho Inventory is the tool you need to turn many of your ecommerce workflows on autopilot. It is a well-equipped multichannel inventory software that makes it easy to manage and fulfill orders on multiple channels.

  • Automatic re-ordering: Prevents stock-outs by setting reminders or automatic re-ordering at set inventory levels.
  • Warehouse management: Automatically dispatch orders from the closest warehouse.
  • Automatic Packing slips: Once you’ve confirmed each sales order, convert it into a packing slip with just one click.
  • Post shipment updates: Keep track of your shipments and get automatic updates as well.


#3 Returns, Exchanges, and Refund Claims

Returns and exchanges are often created due to a particular set of reasons, say delivery delays, quality issues, wrong items received, and others.

You can automate the returns/exchanges process by providing your customers with a self-service portal that they can use to create requests on their own, and download return labels. Moreover, you can automate the process of approving returns and refund claims using good support software like Helplama Helpdesk.

Helplama Helpdesk

Returns centre

You can empower your customers to create returns, exchanges, and refund claims on their own 24×7 with the Helplama Helpdesk. Moreover, you can automate the process of approving those return requests and refund claims based on conditions set by you. 

Furthermore, Helplama enables you to deploy anti-refund strategies like offering discounts, replacements, instant wallet refunds, and more to decrease refunds and save costs.

  • Self-service portal: An automated portal that your customer can use to create requests.
  • Automated order scanning: Scans your orders for delivery-related issues so you can resolve them proactively.
  • Reports and Analytics: View key return and refund statistics on a single screen.

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#4 Customer Review Collection

automated review collection

We can not deny it – Collecting user reviews is one of the crucial ecommerce workflows. That’s because a significant proportion (72%) of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

There are many great tools and platforms that you can use to automate the review collection process. They can help you automatically ask customers for reviews, sync reviews on your ecommerce site in real-time, and more.

Check out this guide on how, when, and where to ask customers for reviews along with some strategies to boost the review collection.

Helplama Helpdesk

Automate the process of review collection over multiple channels and platforms including your website, TrustPilot, Google, Amazon, and others.

From asking your customers for reviews to assisting them to create high-quality video reviews, Helplama Helpdesk can help you automate the process. In other words, you can create a marketing pipeline along with building social proof.

  • Automatic messaging: Asks your customers for reviews automatically after they experience using your product.
  • Collect user-generated video content: Identifies your satisfied customers and encourage them to create video testimonials.
  • Analytics and reports: Analyze what channels and strategies result in more user reviews.


Bottom Line

Ecommerce automation is the need of the hour. With all these ecommerce workflows automated, you can save a lot of time spent on performing repetitive tasks manually. This will also boost workflow efficiency, accuracy, and productivity as well.

And you can automate many ecommerce workflows, but the four listed in this post are the key ones to grow and scale your store.

Talking of the tools, we suggest you try the Helplama Helpdesk, one software that will help you automate many ecommerce workflows.

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