How to Send Bulk Messages on Whatsapp?

Last Updated: February 2024

Do you know that 68 million Americans use Whatsapp at least a month? That’s why you need to engage with your customers on Whatsapp and provide them with your product/service details.

However, it would be a bit hard for you to send messages one by one to customers on Whatsapp but don’t worry you can send bulk messages on Whatsapp as well. 

In this post, we will guide you on how to bulk message your customers and its benefits. 

So let’s dive into the article. 

Benefits of Whatsapp Marketing


Increases Customer Loyalty


According to reports, 55% of customers feel connected to a brand when they reach out to them through a messaging app. Thus, communicating on Whatsapp will help you cut your cost on retention of customers and will assist you to get more loyal customers. 

Robust Advertisement

With so many active users on Whatsapp, you can easily advertise your product/service to a wider audience. Sending out personalized messages like welcome and thanks for buying will ensure that you get a long-term customer. You can even send product recommendations, abandoned cart notifications, and many more to keep our customers aware of you. 

Increases Campaign Outreach

According to reports, if you showcase your Whatsapp number on your website, then you may get 27% more sales leads. It creates an opportunity for you to make your clients aware of the events going on in your store. This ensures that you have a successful campaign outreach. 

Cost-effective Marketing

Whatsapp is a very cost-effective platform for marketing in which all you have to do is install and link your business to it. This can be a great platform for small businesses as it can generate more sales. As per a report, a user checks Whatsapp 23 times a day which ensures that almost no promotional message is skipped. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Send Bulk Messages on Whatsapp

We would be using WATI to send bulk messages on Whatsapp. To do so follow these steps:

Step 1

You need to create a Whatsapp Business account and then link it with WATI to enable bulk messages on Whatsapp. 

Step 2

Now Log in to your WATI account and open the Dashboard>Broadcasts Tab.

Step 3

Once you have clicked on the Broadcasts Tab, you will see a pop-up window where in you need to insert a name to the broadcast list. After that choose a Template and then click on Next. 

Step 4

Now you need to import the list of contacts to that you want to send the messages by clicking on the Import Contacts button on the top left corner. Then select when you want to send the broadcast and then press Add Broadcast.

Step 5

Go back to the dashboard and navigate to Analytics Icon on the live broadcast. This will allow you to track your Whatsapp status and metrics. 

Now you can send bulk messages to your customers easily. 

Red Flags in Whatsapp Marketing

Here are some tips that you should follow to keep an effective Whatsapp marketing strategy. 

  • Don’t spam your customers: Spamming your customers is not the ideal way of advertising your products as it can frustrate them. You should create a frequency by which you should abide. 
  • Irrelevant promotion: Relevancy should always be prioritized while sending out messages. For example, if you have a fashion store for both men and women, thus you should categorize them into two different broadcast lists and then send a product catalog accordingly. This will ensure that your customers get relevant product info so that they can make a purchase and increase your sales.
  • Not using personal customer data: One of the major mistake done by businesses is that they don’t use personalized information while messaging their clients.  80% of clients are more likely to purchase from a brand that sends personalized messages. Thus, you should ensure that personal data is used to its full potential. 


Now, in the end, we hope that you will be able to send bulk messages to your customers by following the steps mentioned above. We have also listed some of the Don’ts that you should look at while creating a Whatsapp marketing strategy. 

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