E-commerce Workflow Automation to Streamline your Online Business

Last Updated: February 2024

Do you know that 63% of companies outperformed competitors with the help of automation? That’s a considerable number, isn’t it? Automation not only helps you upsell your product, but it also helps in reducing workload by making the process less complicated. 

If inducing automation is in your pipeline then we have curated a list of e-commerce automation processes that you can implement in your business and streamline your business operations.

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Benefits of Workflow Automation

Cut Labour Time

Workflow automation allows you to easily perform repetitive high-frequency tasks, reducing labor hours. Automation also reduces the extra time that your staff needs to manually fill data sheets. 

Reduces Human Errors

Manual tasks can sometimes lead to errors like wrong data entry, grammatical errors, or even typographical errors which can hamper your business operations or brand image.

 You can eliminate these silly mistakes by automating your business operations because you just need to set the trigger rules and after that, it will automatically collect and store data. 

Provides Quick Customer Support

Automating your customer support assists you in quickly attending to your customers and solving their queries. It usually provides resolution from canned responses or knowledge base articles, which means your customers will get insightful customer support and increases customer experience.


6 Best E-commerce Automation Processes

Vendor Management

 Automating your vendor management allows you to reduce the new vendor onboarding process duration. You can store documents like contract forms, signing documents, and contractual specifications in your database and set trigger rules for them. 

The automation will automatically provide these documents to your vendor when necessary. 

Management of Inventory

Do you know that 46% of warehouse management issues are due to human errors?

You can reduce such errors by automating your inventory management by setting some trigger rules. Inventory management can be automated based on category, value, specifications, and many more. 

This increases efficiency and reduces human errors. 

Customer Support

Automating your customer support ensures that you provide quick and insightful resolutions to their queries. It even collects feedback from your customers and offers personalized service to them. 

The AI bot usually sends articles from your knowledge base or canned responses, reducing typographical errors, grammatical errors, etc. It can even provide your customers with product recommendations which helps in upselling and cross-selling your products. 


Another business process that requires attention; if an error occurs, it can affect your business operations. Thus, adding workflow automation eliminates such errors and provides you with an up-to-date balance sheet. It even allows you to cut costs on manpower. 

Product Return Management

Return management workflow automation allows you to provide seamless product returns to your customers. It collects the returned product and sends it to the warehouse that has low stock. 

This automation also allows you to refund the amount to your customers and reduces inaccuracies and delays in the process. 

Order Management

Your company’s reputation depends on how well you manage your orders. Order management automation allows you to re-fill low-stock items, informs your vendor about the out-of-stock/low-stock items, and sends notifications to your customers. 

It even sends notifications to your customers like orders placed, orders in transit, product out for delivery, and many more. This allows you to engage with your customers and provide them with insightful information about their products.

Meet Helplama Helpdesk, The Best Automation Software

Helplama Helpdesk can help you automate your daily business operations like:

  • Customer Support: Helplama Helpdesk’s AI chatbot automates your customer support by attending to customers in real-time and solving their queries using canned responses or knowledge base articles. 
  • Return Management: Helplama’s return management allows you to provide insightful notifications to your customers and send them refunds. It helps you to manage your warehouse by sending the returned item to a low-stock/out-of-stock warehouse. 
  • Order Management: Helplama provides 24X7 order management so that your customers don’t have to face any issues with their order delivery.
  •  Social Media: Not only business operations, but Helplama can also automate your social media by collecting good reviews from platforms like Google, Trustpilot, Yelp!, Facebook, etc., and posting them on your social media handle. 



With e-commerce workflow automation you can streamline your business process and eliminate common errors that can hamper your business operations. We hope that through this post we were able to provide some fresh information about e-commerce workflow automation. 

However, if you are looking for software that provides efficient business operations, then you should try Helplama Helpdesk. It can automate your customer support, order management, return management, and many more. 

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