HappyFox Vs Gorgias – Which One Is Best For Your Business?

HappyFox Vs Gorgias

Gorgias Vs HappyFox

You want to use the right software for your business but it could be difficult to figure out which one is the best option – HappyFox or Gorgias.

But not anymore! In this article, we will compare the HappyFox and Gorgias overall while also focusing on specific features. You can just read it to determine which is the right fit for your company.

HappyFox Vs Gorgias Feature Comparison

Supported Channels (Final Winner: Gorgias) Rating ⭐5/5

Live Chat

  • Both HappyFox Helpdesk and Gorgias support the live chat feature.

Winner: Both


  • Through HappyFox and Gorgias, you can offer email support.

Winner: Both


  • Both HappyFox and Gorgias allow you to provide phone/ voice answering services.

Winner: Both


  • HappyFox – You cannot deliver customer support through the SMS channel. However, you may send SMS/ text notifications through the HappyFox SMS feature.
  • Gorgias – This lets you text and converse with your customers through SMS. 

Winner: Gorgias

Social Media

  • Through HappyFox, you can only offer customer support via Facebook and Twitter.
  • While Gorgias supports social media platforms such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter.

Winner: Gorgias

Helpdesk Features (Final Winner: Both) HappyFox Rating ⭐5/5, Gorgias Rating ⭐4/5

Ticketing System

The ticketing system allows you to handle incoming tickets and perform required operations.

  • HappyFox Manage your customer conversations from multiple channels. Create ticket queues, assign ticket statuses, and pin them to to-do lists. Also, perform bulk actions, categorize, search, and filter tickets.
  • GorgiasCreate and handle the tickets from various channels. Assign them to your agents, add internal notes, merge, and perform bulk operations. Plus, reply to tickets and snooze them for a certain time period.

Winner: Both

Task Management

Refers to all the operations related to the tasks that help you to manage them.

  • HappyFox – Set a due date and time, assign tasks to individual agents, and view all pending tasks allotted to you. Further, get notifications and alerts related to your tasks.
  • Gorgias – Assign tickets to the right agent, view all ticket information in one place, and set rules to do operations like tagging, labeling, etc. Also, receive notifications related to your tickets.

Winner: Both


Here we will talk about the customization capabilities of both software. Actually, customization refers to the ability of software that allows you to tailor features to suit your business looks and needs.

  • HappyFox Customize your agent’s roles and permissions, work schedules, ticket queues, knowledge base, and basic form fields to gather additional data. Further, tailor your support center with Custom CSS and HTML/ JS. 
  • Gorgias – Through customizable views on Gorgias, organize your tickets based on channel, language, and topics. Plus, customize your helpdesk by using HTML code but you cannot add custom fields. 

Winner: HappyFox

Order Management

Order management assists you in taking care of your customer’s orders. It is the process of capturing, tracking, and delivering the product/ service.

  • HappyFox – Integrates with Shopify and lets you view all the customer data along with order history.
  • Gorgias – Allows you to easily handle your Shopify orders. It can create new orders, cancel them, view all order history, see if items are in stock or not, and even issue refunds.

Winner: Gorgias

Multi-brand Helpdesk

  • Both HappyFox and Gorgias provide tools to manage multiple brands in one helpdesk. Therefore, your agents don’t have to change between platforms to offer support services.

Winner: Both

Self-Service (Final Winner: HappyFox) Rating ⭐4.5/5

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base contains a library of articles related to your products and services. So your customers can read them to understand your products better.

  • HappyFox Build both internal and external knowledge bases with customized colors and logos. Also, create articles and sections with elements such as images and videos.
  • GorgiasGenerate help articles with elements like screenshots, videos, and GIFs and store them in categories. Note that you can create articles for both your customers and agents.

Winner: Both


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) help to find answers to queries that customers are usually faced with.

  • Both HappyFox and Gorgias allow you to address repetitive questions by designing a FAQ section or page. 

Winner: Both

Community Forum

A community forum is an online meeting place where your customers can interact with each other and discuss certain issues to resolve them together.

  • With HappyFox, you may build a community forum and enable your customers to share their views on an issue. Also, generate topics for them to discuss, make announcements, and even gather feedback.
  • Gorgias doesn’t have the tools to create a community forum.

Winner: HappyFox

Self-service Portal

A self-service portal is where your customers can access all the information related to your business. Its goal is to resolve user queries so they don’t have to reach out to your support center.

  • HappyFox – Your customers can create a ticket, track its status, get inputs on an issue, and access the community forum, knowledge base, and FAQs from the portal. Moreover, users can log in using Google or Twitter.
  • GorgiasAnticipates customers’ questions and organizes answers so they don’t have to put orders on hold. Users can update their shipping address, track,  modify, and return orders, and report issues from the self-service portal.

Winner: Gorgias


Chatbot carries out online conversations with your customers. It is basically a software application that offers 24/7 customer support.

  • HappyFox delivers an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) to improve with continuous feedback and training.
  • Gorgias lets you add a chat widget that can deliver support based on FAQ and knowledge-base articles. However, it doesn’t have an AI chatbot.

Winner: HappyFox

Automation (Final Winner: Gorgias) Rating ⭐5/5

Canned Responses

Canned or templated responses are pre-built replies to common queries. Your support team can use them to give faster replies instead of typing one manually. 

  • HappyFox Create, edit, and apply the canned responses. You may view all the available responses, search for specific ones, and even share them with your team.
  • Gorgias – Defines canned responses as Macros. Build your own library by creating and personalizing Macros with custom variables. When responding to tickets pick the right Macro from the available options displayed in the window.

Winner: Both

Smart Rules

By defining smart rules, you can automate repetitive tasks to boost your productivity.

  • HappyFox – Based on rules, tag, set ticket properties, escalate overdue or unresponded tickets, send auto-replies, and route tickets. Using time-based conditions, close or archive tickets.
  • GorgiasTrigger actions as per certain conditions/ rules. For example, send automated responses, and order updates. Create, close, or tag tickets and assign them to specific agents. Further, hide negative comments based on sentiment detection.

Winner: Gorgias

Reporting and Analytics (Final Winner: Gorgias) Rating ⭐4/5

Sentiment Detection

  • HappyFox doesn’t offer a sentiment detection feature.
  • Gorgias detects how your customers are feeling through sentiments. Based on the sentiment detection, perform actions like hiding negative comments, and allocating necessary resources to resolve issues faster.

Winner: Gorgias

Help Desk Performance

Generates reports that relay the performance of your customer support services including agents.

  • HappyFox Get ticket flow reports and help desk performance metrics such as response time and resolution time. Moreover, identify top-performing agents, and compare different agents and support teams/ departments to uncover insights.
  • GorgiasMeasures key performance metrics like ticket volume and represents them visually. Plus, tracks agent activity and also identifies support traffic so you can plan the team’s work schedule accordingly.

Winner: Both


Customer satisfaction (CSAT) reports tell you whether the users are content with your support services or not.

  • HappyFox Gives you a quick summary of overall feedback along with a detailed comparison of different categories as per the feedback received. Further, displays a visual representation of satisfaction ratings.
  • GorgiasView customer data and full conversation history along with their ratings. Get a visual representation of CSAT ratings, filter feedback survey results, and identify trends.

Winner: Both

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Bottom Line

Gorgias has tools that are specially designed for eCommerce whereas HappyFox works well with industries such as IT where the focus is on tickets instead of orders. 

Overall, both of them offer features that are useful for different kinds of businesses. Depending on your need and the type of company you are running, pick the one software Gorgias or HappyFox.

In case you are overwhelmed, just go for Helplama Helpdesk. It works well with a variety of industries and offers all the features including AI chatbot, marketing, and automated workflows.

It supports live chat, email, SMS, phone, and social media channels. Even integrates with eCommerce, messaging, and collaboration applications. Also, generates real-time key performance reports.


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