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Last Updated: April 2024

Are you an eCommerce business owner having your presence on Facebook? Then this article will help you learn about how to effectively use Facebook Messenger for customer service.

We suggest you read till the end to achieve a better customer satisfaction rate and scale your business.

Facebook Messenger customer service

According to a customer experience survey report, 64% of customers started using messaging support channels and Facebook Messenger is found to be their favorite among all.

Hence building an enduring customer relationship using their preferred channel is indispensable in this digital age.

And not to mention, there are currently more than 239 Million monthly active Facebook users in the US alone. Plus, according to Facebook IQ’s survey, 65% of people across all age groups prefer messaging over the phone.

And that’s why it is high time that you expand your customer support services in order to meet your customers’ needs wherever they are.

Let’s dive in to find out

Benefits of using Facebook Messenger customer service

  • Offers organic messaging ways to reach your customers and engage them in conversations.
  • Facebook messenger customer service gives you multiple benefits like new customer acquisition, lead conversion, repeated sales, and a personalized customer experience.
  • With its increasing number of active users every day, your audience reach only widens resulting in growing customer support requirements.
  • It is often updated with the latest formats, objectives, and other tools and ever emerging to simplify your customer support services.
  • Existing and emerging Facebook automation tools like NLP help you resolve your customer queries faster and achieve greater customer satisfaction goals.
  • The messenger conversation history retention feature saves your agents time from switching between the channels.
  • Its Notification functionality lets you message your customers beyond the 24-hour messaging restriction.
  • Using Facebook Messenger for customer service is easily optimizable and reduces your burden on other traditional customer support methods like calls.

Going forward to the steps to use Facebook messenger for customer service.

How to use Facebook Messenger for customer service

Facebook Messenger can be easily integrated with any of your existing technology stacks like helpdesks, CRM tools, automation providers, etc.

Firstly, let us check out how your customers can reach you through messenger. There are three main entryways such as –

  • Through Facebook click ads with the ‘Send Message’ button.
  • Access Messenger through your website.
  • Or from any other source using your Messenger URL.

Secondly, you can either choose to use Facebook messenger as an individual customer support platform or can collaborate Facebook Messenger with your existing customer support helpdesk software. Now for the steps,

Step 1: Integrate Facebook Messenger into your existing customer support system. Export the message history using the API.

Combine Messenger into your website easily using Facebook Chat plugin. It is compatible both with mobile and desktop versions. This lets your customers access Messenger directly from your website. Thus, you will be able to serve your customers round the clock ie: even during your off-business hours.

Step 2: Create the following entry points for your customers to land on your Messenger conversation.

  1. Facebook ads that have ‘Send Message’ – a click-to-message button to send your customers directly to your Messenger conversation.
  2. Sponsored messages – to re-engage your customers beyond the 24hr window.
  3. Facebook Chat plugin – to engage with your customers while they are on your website.
  4. links – to redirect them to your business Messenger using links on multiple sources.
  5. Send to messenger plugin – allows you to message your customers with their consent.
  6. Checkbox plugin – another opt-in method to allow you to message your customers through Messenger.
  7. Message us plugin – yet another button for your customers to click and reach your business Messenger.
  8. Private replies – allows you to reply to visitors’ posts/comments through Messenger.

Step 3: Sort out the most commonly and repeatedly asked questions by your customers to build the automation workflow.

  • Create ‘icebreakers’ from those repeated questions to involve your customers in an engaging conversation. These are basically buttons for various common questions like ‘where is my order’, ‘order status’, ‘shipping status’, ‘refund status’, etc. Thus your customers will find it easy to simply click and get their answers.
  • Include a ‘constant menu’ in the chat window that helps your customer jump back to the main menu easily at any point of the conversation.
  • Combine the FAQ answers and help articles links to the Messenger workflow to provide prompt responses to your customers’ needs.
  • In case of any agent requirement, create a handover flow where the Messenger bot should be able to connect to a human agent seamlessly.
  • Design an automated feedback request at the end of every conversation that would later help you to measure your Messenger conversation success.
  • Adding buttons, templates, and quick replies reduces your customers’ typing time.

All these automated messenger workflows are sure to fuel your first-time resolution rate by providing immediate help to your customers. Also, you may witness an increase in your customer satisfaction rate.

Those were the steps guide to using Facebook Messenger for customer service. The next part of the article talks about its minor setbacks and how to escape the same.

A few setbacks of using Facebook Messenger for customer service

  • Requires you to pay for every Messenger entry points feature individually. Yet you will be allowed only a 24-hour window for messaging.
  • If you are using it as an independent channel, you need to put in extra time and manpower to assist customers restricted to this channel.
  • Demands more of your valuable time to measure the Facebook Messenger customer support performances and make amendments.

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Final Words

By now, you would have learned how to use Facebook Messenger customer service for your business. Embracing only Facebook Messenger customer services may be useful for startups and small businesses. But when you grow into a medium to large enterprise business, remember you need multiple hands to support your customers efficiently.

For that, we recommend you check out Saufter and its AI-enabled automated customer support features. Install it easily in less than a minute and integrate it with Facebook messenger and other leading social platforms with just a click. Click below to practically try its full features with your business and find out for yourself.



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