Do you know that 86% of the customer service teams say that having a helpdesk system improves their productivity 86% of the customer service teams say that having a helpdesk system improves their productivity level? That’s the sole reason why you should have a helpdesk system in your business.

Choosing between Gorgias and Helpscout has been confusing for many entrepreneurs as they both are feature-loaded and provide similar services. If you are also one of the entrepreneurs confused between the two, then don’t worry, we are here for you. 

In this post, we have curated a comparison between the two apps to help you decide the best. 

Let’s dive in and look at the post’s content.

Agent Productivity (Final Winner: Gorgias) 5/5⭐ Rating


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Ticket Auto-Assigning(Winner: Both)

This feature allows you to assign tickets to your agents equally and ensure they all have equal workloads. 

  • Both Gorgias and Helpscout can assign tickets to your agents automatically. 

Winner: Both

Snooze Tickets (Winner: Gorgias)

Your agents can snooze the customer tickets for a while and solve them later. This allows them to focus on more important issues or prioritize VIP customers.

  • Gorgias allows you to snooze incoming tickets whereas Helpscout has yet to have such a feature available at the moment. 

Winner: Gorgias

Order/Return Management (Winner: Gorgias)

You can manage your orders through the dashboard. This feature allows you to provide quick resolution as your agents don’t have to log in to the e-commerce store. 

  • Gorgias has a single dashboard through which your agents can manage product order and return. It even allows you to update it. 
  • Helpscout, on the other hand, does not have any such feature. 

Winner: Gorgias

Ticket Logging (Winner: Gorgias)

Through this feature, you will get an overview report of all the tickets generated and your agent’s response to them. 

  • Gorgias provides ticket logging information like who closed the ticket, ticket response time, ticket pending, same-day resolution percentage, and many more, 
  • Helpscout does ot have any ticket logging feature.

Winner: Gorgias

Ticket Merging (Winner: Both)

Whenever a customer generates two different tickets for a similar query, this feature allows you to merge both tickets and reduce the ticket count.

  • Both Gorgias and Helpscout allow you to merge two tickets. 

Winner: Both

Ticket Update Notification (Winner: Gorgias)

Whenever there is an update in a ticket your agents will get notified about it which will help them know the current scenario of the ticket. 

  • Gorgias provides a ticket update notification known as Watch Ticket which allows your agents to be up-to-date.
  • Helpscout does not have any ticket update notification available. 

Winner: Gorgias

Analytics (Final Winner: Gorgias) 5/5⭐ Rating

Ticket Resolution Report (Winner: Both)

This metric allows you to know how productive your employees have been while dealing with a ticket. 

  • Both Gorgias and Helpscout provide you with the resolution time of tickets with which you can check how productive your employees have been. 

Winner: Both

Revenue From Tickets (Winner: Gorgias)

This metric tracks the revenue generated or lost from a particular ticket. 

  • Gorgias allows you to track revenue generated from tickets whereas Helpscout does not provide this metric.

Winner: Gorgias

Tickets Resolved and Closed (Winner: Both)

You will get an overview of all the tickets that have been closed on a particular day, hour, minute, etc. 

  • Both Gorgias and Helpscout provide such reports and allow you to check the productivity of your employees. 

Winner: Both

Knowledge Base Report (Winner: Gorgias)

Through this report, you will get to know how effective your knowledge base has been. 

  • Gorgias provides you with a knowledge base report whereas Helpscout does not have any such feature. 

Winner: Gorgias

Agent Online Time (Winner: Gorgias)

Agent online time report will let you know how many hours your agents served. This allows you to keep a check on them and ensure that there is no malpractice. 

  • Gorgias provides you with an agent online time report whereas Helpscout does not. 

Winner: Gorgias

Customer Support (Final Winner: Gorgias) 5/5⭐ Rating

Multi-store Integration (Winner: Both)

Multi-store integration allows you to connect live chat on multiple Shopify stores. You don’t have to purchase a separate live chat plan to do so. 

  • Both Gorgias and Helpscout provide multi-store live chat integration. 

Winner: Both

Return Order Service Through Livechat (Winner: Gorgias)

Through this feature, your customers can directly raise a return request on live chat and the bot or the agent can further solve the issue. 

  • Gorgias allows your customers to raise a product return request on live chat, whereas Helpscout does not have such a feature. 

Winner: Gorgias 

Customer Support on Facebook and Instagram DM (Winner: Gorgias)

Your agents can reply to your customer queries from the backend on Instagram and Facebook DMs’. 

  • Gorgias allows you to message your customers on Instagram and Facebook. 
  • Helpscout does not have any such feature. 

Winner: Gorgias

Multi-Language Support (Winner: Gorgias)

Multilingual support allows you to provide personalized service to your customers in their preferred language. 

  • Gorgias provides support in 54 different languages whereas Helpsouct does not provide any multi-language support. Although you can integrate Helpscout with different third-party apps to provide multi-language support. 

Winner: Gorgias

Automation (Final Winner: Gorgias) 4/5⭐ Rating

Customer Intent and Sentiment Detection (Winner: Gorgias)

The automation can understand the customer intent and why they are interacting with your store. 

  • Gorgias has customer intent and sentiment detection automation, whereas Helpscout does not have any such automation. 

Winner: Gorgias

Macro Automation (Winner: Gorgias)

Marco automation allows you to automate your day-to-day activities and saves time.

  • Gorgias has macro automation.
  • Helpscout does not have macro automation

Winner: Gorgias


Now, in the end, we can clearly say that Gorgias has emerged as the winner. It has excelled in all four departments that are automation, customer support, analytics, and agent productivity. Gorgias has recently launched SMS integration which allows you to provide help on the platform. 

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