Gorgias Vs.Dixa Which One is Right for Your Business?

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Gorgias vs Dixa

Last Updated: April 2024

82% of consumers will recommend your brand to their acquaintances if you offer unparalleled customer service. Also, 78% of buyers decide to buy your product based on your brand’s customer service standards.

In short, you can improve your brand awareness and revenue by providing customers with a unique customer experience. Hence, you must select the right helpdesk software to give your customers excellent service.

To help you choose the correct tool, we compared two leading customer helpdesk software- Gorgias and Dixa. Read through the article to realize their strengths and weaknesses.

So before diving in, let’s look at the article’s contents:


Before we compare the features of both, let’s get a brief overview of both to set the pace.

Image source:https://www.gorgias.com/

Gorgias is an e-commerce customer helpdesk software that allows you to see your customer support tickets in one place. It helps your customer support agents to check customer data in real-time while supporting them. Furthermore, you can add unlimited customer support agents with Gorgias. 

Image source:https://www.dixa.com/

Dixa allows your brand to build superb experiences for your support teams and customers in a fun and engaging manner. It unites email, voice, messaging, and chat apps in the same window. 

Simply put, Dixa allows your customer agents to have all information they require to provide quick and efficient customer service. It automatically prioritizes your customer’s needs and connects them with your best customer agents to handle their needs.

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Gorgias Vs. Dixa Comparison of Features

1-to1 Conversation Support(Final Winner: Gorgias) Rating ⭐4.6/5

Chat support

  • Real-time live chat: Gorgias allows you to support your buyers in real-time by adding a quick-loading live chat widget to your brand’s e-commerce website and solving their queries regarding a product.
  • Mobile live chat: Dixa gives a mobile support live chat widget you can customize according to any screen size.
  • Popup chat: Gorgias gives your support agents a dedicated popup chat feature on your eCommerce website, but Dixa doesn’t have this feature.
  • Customer Targeted Emails: Gorgias allows your agents to develop targeted emails to solve customer queries. Unfortunately, Dixa does not support targeted emails.
  • Archiving customer conversations: Gorgias allows your agents to archive previously performed customer conversations for your organization’s internal use. However, Dixa lacks this particular feature.

Winner: Gorgias


  • Multidevice voice support: Gorgias helps your agents to view a customer’s e-commerce history and past conversations when they call your store. Furthermore, it allows browser and mobile support.
  • Flexible cloud support: Dixa allows you to set up a scalable phone system through the cloud.

Winner: Gorgias

Inbuilt chat messenger

  • Dixa messenger: Dixa has a dedicated chat messenger named Dixa messenger that offers your customers a seamless messaging experience while navigating through the store.
  • Absent: You don’t get chat messenger in Gorgias to support your customers. It only provides SMS messaging.

Winner: Dixa

E-commerce Availability(Final Winner: Gorgias) Rating ⭐4.6/5


Winner: Gorgias


  • Gorgias: Rated 4.9 by Magento Customers.
  • Dixa: Does not have Magento Support.

Winner: Gorgias


  • Gorgias: Available for BigCommerce.
  • Dixa: Does not support BigCommerce.

Winner: Gorgias

Customer Support Features(Final Winner: Gorgias) Rating ⭐4.6/5

Automated support ticket routing

  • Gorgias: Allows your agents to automate customer support ticket resolution. Furthermore, it enables your agent to automate replies for frequently asked customer queries.
  • Dixa: It automatically prioritizes your brand’s customers to be prioritized and meets with your support agents who are most qualified to meet their needs. 

Winner: Both

Agent collaboration

  • Gorgias: Allows you to add unlimited agents with all its pricing plans.
  • Dixa: It charges you monthly based on the number of agents you add to the platform.

Winner: Georgias

Customer sentiment detection

  • Gorgias: You can leverage sentiment and intents to help your agents understand what your customers like and dislike. Automatically reach out to your customers using sentiment analysis, and support them efficiently.
  • Dixa: Dixa doesn’t have specific tools to detect and predict customer sentiments in advance.

Winner: Georgias

Lead Development

  • Gorgias: Using the customer eCommerce history, your agents can generate new leads for eCommerce sales.
  • Dixa: Lead development features are absent in Dixa.

Winner: Gorgias

Team Inbox

  • Gorgias: It allows your support teams to have shared storage to check on each other’s customer support tickets and conversations.  Team inbox enables them to store all their daily operation records so you can track their performances. Additionally, the team inbox allows your agents to collaborate in real time. 
  • Dixa: Dixa does not have a team inbox feature.

Winner: Gorgias

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Device support(Winner Georgias)Rating ⭐4.6/5


  • Gorgias: Developers developed Gorgias to support your online eCommerce customers; therefore, it has enhanced features for desktop-based web browsers.
  • Dixa: Dixa also supports desktop-based web browsers.

Winner: Both


  • Gorgias:  It has a dedicated android app to support your customers who utilize android devices.
  • Dixa: Dixa does not have a dedicated android app.

Winner: Gorgias


  • Gorgias: Gorgias has an iOS app so that you can provide seamless customer support to your customers using iOS devices.
  • Dixa: You do not get a dedicated iOS app for Dixa

Winner: Gorgias

Gorgias Vs. Dixa pricing plans comparison




Not applicable.


$39 per agent/month.





$89 per agent/month.





$139 per agent/month.





Custom pricing.


Custom Pricing.

Not applicable.

Gorgias pricing plans vs. Dixa pricing plans

Unlimited agents:  As previously discussed, Gorgias allows you to add unlimited agents to its helpdesk in all of its plans. Dixa charges you on per agent basis.

Feature set: Gorgias plans offer you more features vs. Dixa pricing plans.

Value for money: 

Gorgias plans pricing rating: 4.5/5.

Dixa plans pricing rating: 4.2/5.


We hope that this article helped you gain more information about the similarities and differences between both software. Gorgias and Dixa offer customer support services, each having unique feature sets. 

However, based on features and pricing, Gorgias offers you more bang for the buck than Dixa.

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