Confluence Vs Guru – Which Tool Is The Best For You?

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Confluence Vs Guru – Which Tool Is The Best For You

Last Updated: April 2024

Both Confluence and Guru are knowledge management software with robust features and benefits. However, as a business owner, it would be difficult to research and compare, Confluence vs Guru to pick the right one.

Therefore, we are going to compare the following features of both software to help you can make an informed decision.

Guru Vs Confluence – Features Comparison

First, you need to know the following things about Confluence.

  • Pages – In Confluence, “pages” refer to individual documents which you can create, edit, and store content such as text, images, videos, and files. 
  • Spaces – The pages are organized and grouped together in “spaces”, which are like folders or containers for related content. Think of spaces as a way to keep your content organized and easily accessible for yourself and others on your team.

Secondly, in Guru, Cards contain information on a specific topic. Think of them like digital flashcards that provide a concise and organized way to share information within a team or organization. 

Now, let’s get into the comparison.

Knowledge Base (Final Winner: Guru) Rating ⭐4.5/5

KB Editor

Knowledge Base Editor helps you to create engaging how-tos, FAQs, or any other articles about your products/ services and publish them.

  • Confluence – Using Editor, create, edit, and manage your pages. Simply, type in the content just like you would in a Word document. Then, apply formatting, add Markup codes, and embed files and other types of content.
  • Guru – You can either write it from scratch or import and format the content. Also, add a code block to your content and embed types of content like images, videos, and files. 

Winner: Both

Advanced Search

One of the most important factors in any knowledge management tool is how easy it is to find the information you need. And, the feature that makes it easy is Advanced Search.

  • Confluence – Has a powerful search function that goes through your entire KB to retrieve the results. Plus, gives you the ability to create customized spaces and pages for organizing your knowledge for easy access.
  • Guru – Also has a strong search function, with AI-powered recommendations and the ability to tag and categorize knowledge.

Winner: Both

Duplicate Detection

Duplicate detection is the process of identifying duplicate content in your knowledge base so you can eliminate it.

  • Confluence – To add the duplicate finder or detection feature in Confluence, you need to use 3rd party integrations.
  • Guru – Guru’s AI detects any duplicate content and notifies you so you can take necessary action.

Winner: Guru

Multilingual Support

Refers to the ability to publish articles and build your knowledge base in more than one language.

  • Confluence – Doesn’t provide multilingual support. However, you can use browser-based tools or plugins to translate or create content in different languages.
  • Guru – Allows you to create Cards in multiple languages and organize & tag them for easy access.

Winner: Guru

Capturing Knowledge

This feature enables you to capture information or data from external or internal sources and store it as knowledge.

  • Confluence – Though there is a browser extension of Confluence, no such feature is available.
  • Guru – You can capture information from anywhere on the internet with its browser extension and turn it into Cards. Further, if you find any useful information while conversing in Slack, you can capture it as well.

Winner: Guru

Import & Export

Import and export help you to transfer data between platforms so you can easily migrate your services. Here the service we are talking about is a knowledge base.

  • Confluence – Import XML web content or content from another Confluence site. Migrate between Confluence Cloud and server, and merge multiple Confluence Cloud sites. Furthermore, export one or more pages into PDF, Word, HTML, or XML formats.
  • Guru – Import data in the form of PDFs, spreadsheets, Markdown/ HTML exports, and from supported platforms like Google Docs, Notion, and GitHub. Otherwise, use JSON-based RESTful API to import existing data into Guru. Finally, export Cards as PDFs.

Winner: Both

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Team Management (Final Winner: Confluence) Rating ⭐4.5/5


Collaborate with your colleagues to deliver better content and keep your knowledge base up-to-date.

  • ConfluenceCollaborate with your team in real-time to co-edit content and publish updates. Communicate effectively using in-line & page comments, and likes. Even add visual elements such as GIFs, images, and emojis in the comments.
  • Guru – Using commenting, you may communicate with your teammates, and collaborate to update Cards.

Winner: Confluence

Intelligently Suggested Expert

Intelligently suggested expert is a feature that helps you to find and connect with subject matter experts within your organization.

  • Confluence – Allows you to tag other users as an expert in a specific topic.
  • Guru – Whether you are creating or editing content or have a question, Guru’s AI suggests an expert. It does this by identifying who in the organization has the most knowledge on a specific topic.

Winner: Guru

User Permissions

User permissions determine the actions that users can perform in a software platform. Also, you can use them to restrict content or page access.

  • Confluence – Has 3 levels of permissions, namely global permissions, space permissions, and page restrictions. Each level provides different levels of access to pages, spaces, and other features.
  • Guru – There are 4 user roles, Admin, Collection Owner, Author, and Read-only. Each has its own set of permissions. Note that Admin is the only one who can assign roles to your team.

Winner: Both

Personal Homepage

Each user has a personalized workspace that displays their activities and tasks. This makes it easy to check their progress and continue with their tasks.

  • Confluence – Provides a personalized feed on your homepage. You can get back to recent spaces, check work in progress, and drafts, and stay updated.
  • Guru – Creates employee profiles where you can view their work. But there are no personalized homepages like in Confluence.

Winner: Confluence


Confluence & Guru – Both Guru and Confluence enable you to share important information and updates through announcements.

Winner: Both

Automation (Final Winner: Confluence) Rating ⭐4/5


Generally, triggers perform automated actions based on specific events or conditions.

  • Confluence – Create time-based and/or event-based triggers in Confluence. You can use them to add a comment, publish a page, add/remove a label, and so on.
  • Guru – Generate custom knowledge triggers that suggest useful information to your teams based on the content or fields on the webpage they are viewing.

Winner: Confluence

Templates/ Macros

Templates are otherwise known as macros. Generally, they are pre-designed formats or layouts that you can use to automate your tasks.

  • Confluence – Provides different types of templates for all of your business needs ranging from product requirements to marketing plans and team reports.
  • Guru – Offers customizable Card templates that allow you to display information in a more visual way.

Winner: Confluence

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Integrations (Final Winner: Confluence) Rating ⭐5/5

Knowledge Sync

As the name itself suggests knowledge sync enables you to sync information or knowledge from other sources into the software.

  • Confluence – You can integrate and sync knowledge with Zendesk, Freshdesk, Freshservice, and so on.
  • Guru – Guru syncs knowledge into a Read Only collection from platforms – Zendesk, Confluence Cloud, and Salesforce.

Winner: Confluence

App Integrations

  • Confluence – Gives access to Atlassian Marketplace from where you can integrate with hundreds of applications including all Jira platforms. For instance, CRM, reporting, documentation, security, and so on applications.
  • Guru – In total, integrates with 40 applications. Some of the popular platforms are Slack, Chrome, Microsoft Teams, Drift, Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Store, and Apple Store.

Winner: Confluence

Analytics (Final Winner: Confluence) Rating ⭐4.5/5

Performance Reports

Performance reports include data and metrics related to progress, achievements, goals, and objectives. They help you to monitor and evaluate the performance of a person, team, or organization, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions.

  • Confluence – Gives you the ability to generate a variety of reports ranging from team to content performance. On top of that, you can create custom visual reports and even automate them as per your need.
  • Guru – Receive content performance and user activity analytics. Also, it measures the value and ROI of Guru that relays the impact of Guru on your business.

Winner: Confluence

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Security (Final Winner: Confluence) Rating ⭐5/5


Let’s see what both software, Confluence, and Guru do and follow to ensure that privacy is maintained.

  • Confluence – Employs encryption and access controls, as well as two-factor authentication. And, undergoes regular security audits and testing. Plus, offers various deployment options, including cloud, server, and data center, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that best suits your security needs.
  • Guru – Implements end-to-end encryption and role-based access controls to protect your data. Additionally, all data is hosted on AWS, which is compliant with various security certifications like SOC 2, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.

Winner: Confluence

Compliance Certifications

In this section, you can see all the compliance certifications both software has.

  • Confluence – ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2, FedRAMP, PCI DSS, and VPAT.
  • Guru – Guru is GDPR Ready. Through independent third-party audits, Guru ensures it is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. Although Guru doesn’t process PCI data, it still becomes PCI compliant by conducting an annual Self Assessment Questionnaire and monthly vulnerability scans via a third-party payment processor.

Winner: Confluence

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Which Software is Right For Your Business?

As you can see, both Confluence and Guru have their pros and cons. Guru is designed to build an internal knowledge base that your employees can use. While with Confluence, you can create both internal and external knowledge bases. 

Ultimately, the best tool for your business depends on your specific needs and priorities. So, we hope by reviewing Confluence vs. Guru feature comparison, you are able to pick the right software.

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