AI Helpdesk Software: Why is it Critical for Customer Experience?

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Last Updated: May 2024

There’s no doubt that providing a positive customer experience is quite crucial. In fact, according to Forbes, “86% of buyers will pay more for great customer experience.” 

Sometimes manually managing all your daily business operations and customer support requests can become a bit overwhelming.

This is where helpdesk AI software can relieve a significant load off of your shoulders. The machine learning aspect and automated nature of AI-powered helpdesk software can work wonders for your company.

Today, we’ll let you know how an artificial intelligence service desk helps you improve your overall customer experience.

In this post, we’ll cover the following:


What is an Artificial Intelligence helpdesk?

What is an AI helpdesk?

Traditional helpdesk software for years has relied on manual ticketing, in which the agents would have to be available for the most repetitive and of queries. This led to a decline in both the agent productivity, as well as the response time and customer satisfaction rates.

To combat this, the traditional helpdesk combined with an AI-powered solution. AI service desk uses machine learning, a conversational approach, and natural language processing. It greatly helps in providing not only a good customer experience but a positive agent experience as well.

A helpdesk with artificial intelligence primarily focuses on simplifying the ticketing process, automating workflows, and categorically providing personalized support.

8 Ways Helpdesk AI enhances customer experience

Adopting a helpdesk artificial intelligence software can be the best decision you make to combat and ease your otherwise daily cumbersome operations.

The following are 8 ways by which a helpdesk AI enhances customer experience:

1. Prioritized support

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Categorizing a ticket according to its urgency was a huge problem with the traditional helpdesk system.

An AI helpdesk service provides you default and custom ‘rules’, wherein, you can fill certain values to the ‘if’, ‘and’, ‘then’, and ‘when’ conditions. These rules analyze the type of words your customers use and accordingly categorize the tickets on a priority basis.

Example: A rule which has been defined to detect words like “urgent”, “quick”, “priority”, can be placed in the high-priority category  

2. Cost-efficient

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Traditional helpdesk centers sometimes end up paying an avoidable expense for inbound and outbound calls for the most basic of queries. This can be efficiently countered with AI’s automotive characteristic that gives chatbots the chance to solve the basic queries of your customers.

By automating chats to become the first point of contact with the customer, you can save a lot of unnecessary voice support charges. Chatbots can conveniently help customers with simple and repetitive queries. Therefore, as the basic support requests get handled, the voice support cost also decreases significantly.     

3. Improved First Response Time (FRT)


First response time (FRT) is one of the most important metrics in customer service that helps you analyze whether you were able to respond to your customers within a short period or not.

In a traditional helpdesk, if the agents are working on some previously assigned tickets then the new tickets get delayed. However, in an AI-powered helpdesk, automated chatbots instantly respond whenever a customer poses a support request. The chatbots improve the first response time of your company by trying to get the basic details of the customer and providing a solution for basic queries.

4. Improves agent experience

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A good AI helpdesk not only improves the experience of the customer but of the agent as well. The AI helpdesk constantly works towards providing better agent productivity by providing the agent with ticket reports, agent performance reports, eliminating basic query tickets, and workflow automation.

Agents with a positive experience on the platform would work efficiently and deliver their very best performance. This directly results in a better customer experience as well. An AI helpdesk acts as a catalyst to inspire this positive chain of events.  

5. Brand building

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The image of a brand is synonymous with the type of customer service you provide, as it leads to an enhanced customer experience and perception. Customers approached with empathetic and conversational support would most definitely spread positive word of mouth for your company.

Automating the chatbots by inculcating canned responses in a conversational tone can work in your favor. By reducing the agent workload with the help of chatbots, the agents can interact with the customers efficiently. It would help leave a positive impression of your brand that would eventually result in positive brand building.

You can measure the satisfaction levels of a customer with the help of CSAT (customer satisfaction) reports. 

6. Analyzing the history of the customer

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An AI-powered helpdesk gives you the absolute entire customer history of each customer. You can access all the conversations from all the social media channels through your AI helpdesk. This helps you understand your customers’ behavioral traits, order history, purchase patterns, and the type of support requests they raised in the past.

Analyzing all this customer information with the help of various reports and analytics provided by your AI helpdesk can help you come up with better and more efficient customer service strategies.  

7. Combination of self-service and agent support

Mix of self-service-and-agent-support
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According to Statista, “Eighty-nine percent of US consumers expect companies to have an online self-service support portal.” In self-service you give your customers their space by providing them access to your knowledge base with the help of a chatbot, wherein, the customers can find a solution for their own queries.

On the other hand, according to, “56 percent of customers seek a personalized experience when contacting a customer support network.” Agents can be the best choice for customers who require a sort of human touch when it comes to putting forth complex and personalized queries. 

Therefore, helpdesk AI software provides you with a balanced combination of both self-service and agent support options.

8. Omnichannel services

According to Omnisend, “Purchase frequency is 250% higher on omnichannel vs. single-channel and the average order value is 13% more per order on omnichannel vs. single-channel.” 

With the help of an AI helpdesk, you can integrate many channels with the help desk allowing you to provide an integrated and seamless customer experience. This proves quite convenient for both the customer and the agent, as they both don’t have to switch sites or tabs to interact with one another.  

Choose your ideal helpdesk software

While choosing your ideal AI helpdesk software you should look out for the following qualities:

  1. Security: Your helpdesk AI should comply with all the safety and security-related parameters and should ensure the utmost safety of your website and customer data.
  2. Automation: An ideal AI helpdesk gives you the options to automate your response, workflows, and agent assignment. 
  3. Support channels: A good helpdesk AI compromises the three major support channels: live chat support, voice support, and social media support. 
  4. Integration: If a helpdesk AI is unable to provide a particular type of service, they should have enough apps on their marketplace through which you can integrate and make use of that service.
  5. Reports: Your helpdesk AI must keep you updated with all the important statistics and numbers like the status of a ticket, agent performance, customer satisfaction, and interaction by channels.

While opting for an AI helpdesk software should be the top priority for any customer service company, there are way too many helpdesk software to choose from. 

Saufter can prove to be a good fit for your company, as it provides you with AI-suggested replies, a smooth ticketing system, and comprehensive reports to measure your agents’ performances. Furthermore, all these features are available at customized pricing plans.

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