Gladly Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

Planning to use Gladly customer service software for your business? Before you make a decision, we recommend you read this comprehensive article right through to the end. Why because, we are comparing all the Gladly pricing plans along with features, in detail. Also, we are giving you some useful snippets in the end that will help you scale your customer support effortlessly. Table of contents:  

What is Gladly?

Gladly pricing
Gladly is a customer service platform enabling valuable ticket-free conversations across channels that are from voice to social messaging in one thread. Capterra awarded this software as an “Emerging Favorite” in the customer communications management software category.
“Decker’s brand testified Gladly as it helped them cut down the customer wait time by 40% through self-service portal. Adding to it, Davines witnessed 75% faster response time boosting the repeat sales up to 60%.”testimonials.
The user interface of this software is different. It weaves multi-channel customer conversations into one history and displays it to your agents on one screen like in a chat messaging window. With this software, you get omnichannel support tools, a native customer self-service portal, multiple integrations, API connections, and agent onboard training. Avail of user support through chat, email, FAQs, forums, etc. Also, read – 5 Customer Service Skills that Can Set You Apart  

Complete Breakdown Of Gladly Pricing Plans

While researching the Gladly pricing plans, we understood that there is one primary plan called the “Support Hero”. To which, you need to attach any of the two or both subsidiary plans available with different features. Check out these plans in detail below.
  1. Support Hero
  2. Task User
  3. Free User
  4. Personalized Consultation
But before we move on to the plan descriptions, we would like to notify you that there is no free trial period available with this software. But, you can request a free demo to explore its features.
Gladly pricing
After watching the demo, if you are convinced, you can buy the right plan.  

1. Support Hero

Price – $150/user per month. When you enroll in this plan, your agent can access all the tools right out of the box to initiate support conversations. Important note: You need to enroll 10 seats minimum, that is you must create 10 agent accounts. This means the total plan charges will be $1500 per month adding to the mandatory annual contract.  

Key Features Of This Plan

  1. Channels – Access all natively built-in channels including voice, IVR, self-service, text, chat, in-app chat support, social, and email.
  2. Social platforms – Meet your customers on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more right from Gladly.
  3. E-commerce integrations – Integrate and work with Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, etc.
  4. Hybrid support – Leverage agent support and AI-enabled answers effectively for faster resolution.
  5. SSO – Supports standard Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to provide you with Single Sign On set up.
  6. Unified answers – Enable the knowledge database for customer self-service and help center.
  7. Staff addition – Add agents seamlessly for holidays or peak season and pay only for those months.

Limitations Of This Plan

  • High priced – Though this is not a feature, we must highlight the fact that it is a costly package yet not a complete one.
  • Tasks – Restricts you from using the Tasks feature which is available with the Task User plan.
  • Analytics – Likewise, you will get access to the comprehensive reports only when you side-sign to the Free User plan.
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2. Task User

Price – $38/user per month. Enroll a team member to execute customer-related tasks, in collaboration with the teammates. Thus, this member can bring cross-team communication together to resolve customer issues under a single thread, within Gladly. They are not customer-facing agents. Please note: As mentioned earlier, you should subscribe to the Support Hero plan first, to avail of the Task User plan.  

Key Features Of This Plan

  1. Tasks – Assign internal tasks, follow-up reminders, proactive scheduling, and task alerts among teams for cohesive support services.
  2. Customer history view – Even the task user gets to see the complete customer conversation history.
  3. SSO – Single Sign On access is available to the task user too.
  4. Unified answers – Let your task user access the unified answers database.

Limitations Of This Plan

  • Analytics dashboard – You can’t generate performance reports in this plan.
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3. Free User

With this free plan, allow any number of team members to manage teams and operations. Please note: Just like the Task User plan, you need to subscribe to the Support Hero plan and then sign up for this plan.  

Key Features Of This Plan

  1. Viewing access – You get to see all the customer information available within Gladly.
  2. Liveboard access – Your Free User agent can access the real-time dashboard to monitor day-to-day contact center activity including cross-channel agent activity and trending topics.
  3. Analytics & reports – This lets you view the real-time metrics and detailed historical reports of customer conversations.
  4. SSO and unified answers database – Here too, you have access to SSO and answers database.

Limitations Of This Plan

  • Tasks – If you want to use the Tasks feature, then activate the Task User plan by paying $38 extra every month.
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4. Personalized Consultation

Contact the Gladly team to get a custom quote depending on your business requirements. Based on this telephonic conversation, their team assesses your current strategies and provides you with a 15-minute personal meeting. During this meeting, their executive will give you a custom-tailored demonstration of the software. Additionally, in case you require a business phone number for voice and SMS services, then click here. Also, read – 10 Essential Customer Support Tools To Use In 2023 [Back to the Table of Contents]  

Gladly Pricing Comparison Table (Excluding The Personalized Plan)

Features Support Hero Task User Free User
Pricing $150/user/month $38/user/month $0
Role Frontline agent Backend agent Backend agent
Multi-channel communication 🗙 🗙
Voice communication 🗙 🗙
Hybrid support 🗙 🗙
Unified answers database
Additional staffing Extra charges/user/month 🗙 🗙
Tasks access 🗙 🗙
Lifetime customer conversation view
Liveboard access 🗙 🗙
Analytics & reports 🗙 🗙

Missing Features of Gladly

Let us also know about some of the missing support desk features in Gladly software.
  • Free trial – Biggest disadvantage of Gladly is they don’t offer a free trial period to test their features with your business model.
  • Ticket management – Gladly accumulates all the customer interactions as conversations and not tickets/cases. Hence there are no ticketing features available with this software.
  • Devices – It is a web-based software and so it is not compatible with tablets or mobile devices.
  • CRM – Being a pure customer service software, Gladly lacks CRM features that also track customers’ purchase journeys. With Gladly, you can provide effective customer service through continuous customer conversations.
  • Integrations – You may not find some of the required tech stacks in its marketplace. Nevertheless, you can contact them to help you with those missing integrations.
  • Customization – There are some limitations on the profiles and interface settings customization. Also, you need to pay extra to generate custom reports.
So far, we have covered the different plans and features of the Gladly software along with an understandable comparison table and some missing features. In the next part of the article, we are comparing Gladly with Gorgias and HappyFox helpdesk softwares. In case you are a Gorgias or HappyFox user looking for a changeover, then this table will help you.  

Comparison Of Gladly With Gorgias And HappyFox

Features Gladly Gorgias HappyFox
Free Trial 🗙
Free Version 🗙
Recognition Emerging favorite Top performer Top 20
Customizable Branding
Customer database
Multi-channel communication
Ticket Management 🗙
Email management
Knowledge base management 🗙
Self-service-portal 🗙
Social media integration
Third-party integration
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In Conclusion

The best plan for your company depends on your specific needs and usage. As you are aware now, Gladly offers pricing tree plans, where you need to subscribe to the main plan and subsidiaries accordingly. Overall, the cost comes out to be pricey and growing with the additional number of agents. Whereas, Helplama Helpdesk provides you with AI-enabled omnichannel support tools for email, phone, chat, Shopify, social platforms, etc. Along with that, it also offers specialized eCommerce support & marketing tools, a unified ticketing system, and tons of native & third-party one-click integrations. Not only that, you can automate your eCommerce workflows to help you provide proactive customer support. Enhance your support team’s performance using the auto-train feature of this software. And there are more. We would also like to add that you get Helplama Helpdesk with all these features for an affordable price as compared to Gladly. Check it out for yourself by clicking on the below buttons. Unlike Gladly, Helplama allows you to try its full features for free. No need to give credit card information.


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