Document360 Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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Last Updated: April 2024

An Exploratory Research Study by Vanilla forums shows that 92% of the customers refer to the Knowledge Base for self-service before contacting a support center.”

And so if you are planning to attach Document360 to your support tech stack, spare a few minutes to read this article entirely. Because we are doing a complete breakdown of Document360 pricing plans here with features and an elaborate tabular column.

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What Is Document360?


Document360 is a cloud-based SAAS platform that helps you engineer self-service portals. Using its tools, you can build knowledge base sites for your customers and agents exclusively. You can view these portals on all devices like laptops, desktops, and mobile phones.

This software company has been rated as #1 for knowledge management by Capterra, G2, GetApp, and Softwareadvice rating companies. Leading companies like McDonald’s, Harvard University, Stackify, MAMBU, etc use Document360 to create and manage their knowledge base portals.

With the help of Document360, you can build an internal (private)/external (public) knowledge base, FAQs, product help/technical documentation, SOPs, and user guides.

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Detailed Breakdown Of Document360 Pricing Plans

The pricing plans of Document360 range from a free plan to enterprise plans to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes.

  1. Free
  2. Startup
  3. Business
  4. Enterprise
  5. Enterprise Plus

Please note: Migration support for your current knowledge base is available in all the plans.


1. Free

Install the software for free and create 5 team accounts. A team account refers to “Owner” or “Editor” roles that you can assign. You can use this free plan to create a sample knowledge base for your site.

Document360 free plan


Key Features Of The Free Plan

  1. Knowledge Base version – Allows you to create a clone version of your entire knowledge base. This can be accessed by the public, ie: your customers.
  2. Articles – Publish up to 50 help articles on your knowledge base site.
  3. Storage – Store media content like files, images, and videos of total size up to 1 GB.
  4. Domain – Hosts a domain name for your site under the Document360 company name.
  5. Customization – Change the look and style of the knowledge base site according to your brand. Use existing or create new article templates.
  6. Cookie consent – Add & display the cookie consent banner on your site.
  7. Tag management – Create and manage folders, sub-folders, and tags for your help articles.



  • Accounts – This does not allow you to create additional team accounts.
  • Knowledge Base version – Cannot build more than one knowledge base version. And that means you cannot create an internal version for your agents’ reference.
  • Storage – Allocates only 1 GB of storage space which is very meager.
  • Domain – Your site will be hosted as a Document360 sub-domain.


Free Plan Is Good For:

Since this plan is totally free, you can try this to develop a basic public knowledge base on your site. Later on, upgrade to a higher plan if it fits your business.

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2. Startup

Price$99/month per project.

As the name implies, the Startup plan can serve best for new businesses that are at the early stages with a small team. Like in the free plan, here too, you can create up to 5 team accounts. In addition to the key features of the free plan, the following are available with this pricing package.


Key Features Of The Startup Plan

  1. Knowledge Base version – With this Startup plan too, you can create a fully accessible public knowledge base.
  2. Articles – Track, manage, revise and restore unlimited articles.
  3. Storage – Get 50GB of storage space to save all your creative media data.
  4. Domain – Customize your documentation site name using SSL.
  5. SEO add-on – Enhance your site SEO by using this AI-powered description generator add-on.



  • Accounts – Charges you $19/month to create an additional account.
  • Knowledge Base version – Incurs additional charges of $39/month for every additional knowledge base version you wish to create.
  • Storage – You cannot save more than 50GB of media content.


Startup Plan Is Good For:

If you are a startup or a small business, then this plan may suit your business needs.

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3. Business

Price – $249/month per project.

Ideal for small to medium businesses with a moderate team size allowing you to set up 20 team accounts. This plan accommodates all the Startup, plus a few extensive features and they are as follows.


Key Features Of The Business Plan

  1. Knowledge Base version – Build 2 versions that can be configured as either public or private (requires login to access).
  2. Widget – Now you can embed your knowledge base as an assistant widget on your site.
  3. Import & export – Transfer articles from Word documents and convert the entire knowledge base into PDF easily as and when required.
  4. Customizations – Style your documentation site using pre-defined themes, custom CSS, and JS. Can also add customizable smart banners for your documentation site.
  5. Notifications – Set alerts for articles reviewing and for sending KB updates to channels.
  6. Integrations – Connect with internal and third-party applications directly or by using APIs.
  7. Backup & restore – Saves your knowledge base data in automatic mode. Lets you restore to any previous state when necessary.
  8. URL rules – Assign auto-redirection rules for obsolete articles.
  9. Search options – Search across multiple versions, languages, and categories.
  10. Feedback manager – Respond to and manage feedback articles.
  11. Analytics – Helps you track all your documentation and teams’ performances. Additionally, get health check reports on SEO and readability metrics.



  • Accounts$19/month is applicable with this plan too for every additional team account creation.
  • Knowledge Base version – Additional knowledge base version building charges are $99/month.
  • Customizations – Home page styling is possible only using existing themes.
  • Backup & restore – Manual backup is not possible. Also, you can save and restore data for only up to 7 days.
  • Analytics – Generate reports for up to 30 days only.


Business Plan Is Good For:

If you are looking for building Knowledge Bases for your staff and customers individually, you can use this plan.

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4. Enterprise

Price – $499/month per project.

A popular plan among leading big-size businesses. Same as the Business plan, this one too lets you set up 20 team accounts. Get all the Business plan benefits and more as listed down.


Key Features Of The Enterprise Plan

  1. Knowledge Base version – Can create and configure 2 versions of the knowledge base site to be both public and/or private as per your requirement.
  2. Security – Protect your knowledge base data with robust multi-tiered security and enterprise-grade authentications including SSO, SAML, JWT, and HTTPS encryption.
  3. IP restriction – Allows you to restrict certain IP addresses from accessing your documentation site.
  4. Audit logging – Log all your knowledge base events for compliance purposes.
  5. Localization – Manage your knowledge base site in multiple languages.
  6. Tickets – Deflect customer support tickets to your documentation site for a quick resolution.
  7. Custom domain – Send email notifications from your own custom domain.
  8. Link analyzer – Use this tool to detect up to 10000 broken links on your documentation site and rectify them.
  9. Backup & restore – Automatic and manual KB data backup and restore are possible.



  • Accounts – Likewise, pay $19/month per additional team account.
  • Knowledge Base version – You need to bear a huge $199/month for each additional version.
  • Analytics – Get your knowledge base performance insights for only up to 90 days.
  • Audit logging – Event logging is allowed for 90 days only.
  • Backup & restore – Backup and restore up to 30 days.


Enterprise Plan Is Good For:

Do you have larger data to accommodate? Then consider this Enterprise plan to design and manage your self-service portal using advanced tools.

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5. Enterprise Plus

Price – Contact the company to discuss and devise enterprise-grade knowledge base deployments.

Includes everything in the Enterprise plan, plus the below additions.


Key Features Of The Enterprise Plus Plan

  1. Private hosting – Enjoy an exclusive and dedicated hosting environment that enhances the faster loading time of your documentation site. Additionally, it gives you full control over your compliance.
  2. Data residence – You can host your knowledge site wherever the Microsoft Azure data center is available.
  3. Support – Avail of premium customer support through a dedicated team.
  4. Security – Benefit from the additional layer of security due to seclusion from the common SAAS structure.



Since this is a customized plan, we cannot define any limitations.


Enterprise Plus Plan Is Good For:

If you are running an established organization, then check out this plan for your entire knowledge base portal needs.

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Document360 Pricing Comparison Table:

Let us check the features comparison of all the Document 360 pricing plans in a table for a clear understanding. Here, we are excluding the Enterprise Plus plan features, as it is a custom plan.

Team accounts552020
Additional team accountsNot possible$19/month/team$19/month/team$19/month/team
Knowledge base version1122
Publiic/private accessPublicPublicPublic or privatePublic and/or private
Reader(agent) accountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Additional KB versionsNot possible$39/month/version$99/month/version$199/month/version
Media storage1GB50GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Domain nameDocument360 domainCustom domain with SSLCustom domain with SSLCustom domain with SSL
CustomizationsBranding & templatesBranding & templatesBranding, templates, custom CSS, and JSBranding, templates, custom CSS, and JS
SEO description generator
AnalyticsUp to 30 daysUp to 90 days
Knowledge base widget
Alerts & notificationsFrom custom email domain address
API & other integrations
Advanced search
Feedback Manager
Backup & restoreOnly autoAuto & manual
SecurityEnterprise grade security
IP restriction
Ticket deflector
Audit logging
Link analyzer


Features Missing In Document360

Though the Document360 developers claim it as exclusive knowledge base software for customer support, it lacks a few requisite features, which its competitors posses. Highlighting a few of them here.

  • Platforms – Document360 is a web-based software. Currently, it is not compatible with Android/iPhone devices.
  • CRM – There is no native customer relationship management tool available with the Document360 software. You need to integrate with any compatible third-party tool like Zoho, HubSpot, etc., to enable knowledge sharing with customer communications.
  • Chat – Without this widget on your site, you cannot provide instant chat support to your customers. Document360 requires integration with third-party software to use this feature too.
  • Email management – All you can enable with Document360 is only email notifications to your customers when there is any change in the documentation site. Other than that, you can neither reply to your customers’ comments/feedback nor do any customizations.

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Final Thoughts!

Now that we have come to the last part of the article, you might have got a clear picture of all the Document 360 pricing plans. Although, make use of the trial period to practically use the software in your business model and then finalize the right plan.

As we have been discussing this knowledge base software, we would like to bring to your attention, an all-rounder customer support software. Saufter, it is. It provides you with the necessary tools to manage customer communications on multiple channels (Shopify, phone, email, chat, social media, etc).

Saufter includes AI-rich tools like ticketing software, a self-help portal (including a fully customizable knowledge base), native and third-party integrations, agent training, marketing, and more. All of these are accessible on browsers and mobile devices.

Basically, you get a complete customer support solution with this helpdesk software, and that too for a really affordable price. Click on the website and pricing links below to learn in detail. It is wise to choose a tool that can offer you multiple solutions instead of paying more for just one feature. Moreover, you can run a zero-risk free trial for 15 days and see the real time results.



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