Top 5 Email Popup Shopify Apps In 2024 [Free Apps]


Last Updated: February 2024

Do you want to build and grow your email list? Using email popups can be a great strategy to engage ecommerce consumers and drive email opt-ins.

There are many Shopify email popup apps that you can use to create custom email popups and implement them in your Shopify store. But the real thing is to research and test apps to select the best email Shopify app.

To save you time and effort, we have researched and listed the top 5 apps for Shopify email popups.


Rivo Email Popups (Rating ⭐ 5/5, 3726 Reviews)

Rivo has developed a few great marketing Shopify apps and Rivo Email Popups is one of them. This extraordinary app can help you craft beautiful email pop ups of your choice and grow your email list.

Best of all, the app is totally free as of now, making it the best and the top app on our list. Despite the huge number of ratings, the app has managed to keep the 5-star rating. 


  • Unlimited: Capture unlimited emails using Rivo Email Popups.
  • Customization: Set a specific pop up timing, manual or automatic discounts, and more.
  • Sticky bar: Show a sticky coupon bar to remind visitors to use the promo code.




Email Pop Ups Spin Exit Popups (Rating ⭐ 4.8/5, 249 Reviews)

Email Pop Ups Spin Exit Popups (also known as Poptin) is an emerging Shopify email pop ups app that can help you create a variety of custom pop ups – exit intent pop ups, discount pop ups, email contact forms, and more.


  • Pop up options: Email, exit intent, discount, opt-in, spin the wheel, etc.
  • Announcement bars: Create announcements using message pop ups.
  • Integrations: You can integrate the pop ups with your email or CRM tool.


A free plan is available. Paid plans start from $25 per month.


EcomSend Pop Ups, Email Popups (Rating ⭐ 5/5, 229 Reviews)


Developed by UpperCommerce, EcomSend is a free and top-rated app that enables you to create custom popups and build your email marketing list. Not only email opt-in pop ups, but you can also create exit intent pop ups with discounts and boost your sales.


  • Conversions: Increase conversions and sales with discount pop ups.
  • Notifications: Retain your customers with exit intent pop up notifications.
  •  Easy-to-use editor: Design pop ups to match your brand and store theme.




COCON – Emails & Popup (Rating ⭐ 4.9/5, 19 Reviews)


Email & Popup is an easy-to-set-up app developed by COCON SA. You can set it up within 15 minutes and begin collecting emails from your Shopify store visitors. Additionally, the app can also help you recover abandoned carts.


  • Welcome email: Capture emails and send welcome emails.
  • Cart recovery: Recover abandoned carts with email.
  • Quick access: You can quickly access the products seen in the last session.




Spin Wheel Popup, Email Popup (Rating ⭐ 5/5, 6 Reviews)


As the name suggests, this app developed by Easy Apps can help you exit intent pop ups by adding a spin wheel to them. Not only this, but you can also create pop ups with a countdown timer, to collect email opt-ins, discount codes, etc.


  • Increase AOV: Show spin-to-win pop up and drive conversions and average order value (AOV).
  • Email validation: Validate subscribers’ emails and avoid fake email bouncing.
  • Customization: Customize pop up image, logo, text, layout and more.




Bottom Line

Using pop ups is a great way to steal shoppers’ attention and pitch your marketing or promotion. You can use pop ups to build email lists, announce products or events, create FOMO, and more.

All the Shopify email popup apps listed in this post are best and top-rated for their unique functionalities. So you should definitely use them to engage your Shopify visitors and convert them into regular customers.

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