Veeqo Returns Pricing, Features, Reviews [Complete Breakdown]

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Last Updated: April 2024 reported the following eCommerce returns trends:-

30% of online orders are returned as compared to 8.89% brick and mortar returns.


i) 20% have said that they have returned damaged products.

ii) 23% of consumers mentioned received the wrong product.

iii) 35% cited other reasons.

You as an eCommerce business must be facing the same situation. For this reason, you may be checking out Veeqo returns management software. To ease your research, we have done a little bit by analyzing the Veeqo pricing and its features. Spare the next 5 mins to read this article till the end to learn the following.

Table of contents:

What Is Veeqo Returns?

It is a free returns management software for multi-channel eCommerce businesses. Yet, it provides you with enterprise-level returns functionality and smart automation to deliver expedited returns services.

Implement this software into your tech stack to eliminate piles of spreadsheets and lengthy email threads to process returns manually, across stores. Create returns, initiate refunds, collect returns reasons, and easily update stocks using this single and free software.

Veeqo pricing

Additionally, access deep data-driven reports to get shipping insights and optimize your fulfillment operations. To learn how to install and work with the software, read the help articles found in their knowledge center.

Accreditations: Partnership with Amazon and Shopify Plus certification.

Amazon partnership perks: Get ensured data security in addition to Amazon account protection from late deliveries and negative feedback.

With that, we have learned what Veeqo is. Next, we will look into Veeqo pricing.

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Veeqo Pricing: Why Is It  Free?

Veeqo pricing

This software caters to businesses of all sizes without imposing any limits on users, orders, and shipping labels. But, how does Veeqo offer returns management tools for free? Is it even possible for a business to strive? Let us see the reasons in this section.

Reason #1 User Referral

By referring all its subscribed sellers to the shipping carriers, Veeqo earns its financial benefits. Thus, they are able to offer returns management functionalities for their users for free.

Reason #2 Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

In addition to the user referral, Veeqo also provides retailers with Power Features like inventory management, mobile picking, and Analytics tools with a Fair usage policy in place.

According to this policy, the seller should ship atleast 50% of their synced orders every month by purchasing shipping labels within Veeqo. Nevertheless, you will get a 3-month warm-up period initially to achieve 50%.

Please note: This FUP policy applies to only those sellers who have opted for the power features in Veeqo.

Reason #3 Shipping Labels

Using Veeqo, you can import all orders from different stores like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, etc. And as mentioned before, you need to buy the shipping labels from Veeqo for these orders’ fulfillment. The software automatically chooses the best shipping rate for every order from within or your partner carriers.

Now with the Amazon partnership, Veeqo can also offer instant shipping discounts with UPS, DHL, and FedEx companies.

Fee & Other Charges

Thus, it is possible for them to offer Veeqo services for free without charging any monthly fee or other hidden charges.

There is a free sign-up available for you to create an account with Veeqo. Otherwise, if you hold an Amazon seller central account, then you can login using that account.

Contact the company team to discuss whether Veeqo will be suitable for your business. We have attached the contact link for your easy reference here.

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Key Features Of Veeqo Returns

Let us now discuss about the features available with Veeqo returns software.

Unlimited Shipping Labels (Overall rating – 4.4/5⭐)

Print any number of return shipping labels automatically using Veeqo.

Positive Reviews

We can now bulk print our shipping labels and be confident that our orders and inventory are synced across our online stores. We are booksellers and receive hundreds of orders a week, and having Veeqo print our shipping labels automatically saves us so much time.” – Jason, small business.

Negative Reviews

The second issue that we have with shipping is, it doesn’t create “FedEx”return labels at all. While it prints outgoing order labels from Fedex but it doesn’t print the FedEx return label unfortunately.” – an Inventory Manager, mid-market.

Workflow Automation (Overall rating – 4.4/5⭐)

Send automated email notifications to inform your customers regarding their returns/refund statuses. Set auto-share of the return requests statuses with the corresponding sales, customer service, and accounting teams to streamline further actions to be taken by them.

Positive Reviews

Automates a lot of the shipping process which makes it easier and less time consuming.” – Stefan, small business.

Couldn’t do without it, efficieny has gone up and lets us automate our picking and packing with shipping labels & inventory management.” – Paolo.T

Negative Reviews

The system doesn’t send return shipping labels as an email automatically to the customer’s email address. We have to manually download and send email one by one.” – an Inventory Manager, mid-market.

Return Orders Management (Overall rating – 4.4/5⭐)
  • Re-shipment: This tool lets you identify undeliverable returns sent by the carriers and initiate the re-shipment process.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard allows you to create a return request after receiving a returned product without a request. So that your customer service team can carry forward the rest of the process.
  • Item update: Mark the returned item condition to either re-sell or write off, in the log for all the teams to see and act accordingly.

Positive Reviews

Order management, inventory synchronisation, order shipping. Everything works as it should and expected. I couldn’t think of a better solution out there, having tried multiple. Veeqo has worked with us as our business grows.” – Director, small business.

The support given by the software was really important. This enabled us to make our process from purchases to sales and returns more leaner and effective.” – a mid-market user.

Negative Reviews

When you part ship an order there’s no way of tracking this, so you need to go into all your shipped orders one by one checking which one’s are part shipped or allocated.” – Darren S

Inventory Management (Overall rating – 4.1/5⭐)

Even if you have multiple stores, with Veeqo you can enable automatic inventory sync across all your stores.

Positive Reviews

Inventory and shipping management for your e-commerce. Veeqo gave us the possibility to have an Inventory Management Platform that supports our sales channels and shipping partners.” – a mid-market user.

Multi-channel inventory management. Now with the Veeqo system in operation we are able to have cast iron control over our inventory management!” – Paul J

Negative Reviews

Unfortunately, regarding Stock Management When we try to push an item’s inventory on Veeqo, it uploads to every store that we have available on Veeqo the same quantity.” – a supermarket business owner.

Digital Picking (Overall rating – 4.4/5⭐)

Pick, pack and ship faster using the Veeqo pick app from a mobile device or using the hi-tech VS2 Veeqo scanner, a wireless device with built-in laser barcode scanner.

Positive Reviews

Before we had Veeqo, the warehouse guy took a half-hour to complete the 15 picked products, and the guy had to read carefully for each product items’ codes through a paper picking list. After we started Veeqo, the warehouse guy took 18 min to complete the picking list with the help of Veeqo Scanner. Nearly 50% of job time reduced.” – Web Manager & Ecommerce Specialist, small business.

Negative Reviews

Price can be prohibitive for smaller eCommerce businesses.” – Keith C

Integration (Overall rating – 4.1/5⭐)
  • E-commerce: Connect Veeqo easily with eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify in easy clicks. Monitor every stock movement from one single interface.
  • Carriers: In addition to eCommerce integrations, Veeqo also seamlessly combines with multiple carriers to carry out smooth shipments.

Positive Reviews

I use Veeqo to process orders from woo commerce on my website. I wanted to cut down the time it took to dispatch orders through the royal mail DMO site one by one as you need to input all customer details which was very time-consuming. Veeqo seamlessly integrates all customer details uses a fraction time it did.” – a verified user.

Veeqo integrates with the most popular e-commerce platforms and the process is usually really simple.” – a mid-market user.

Shipping integration is fantastic too and works well with Interlink Express. Two-way communication between integrated channels.” – Samuel P

Negative Reviews

Woocommerce integration not working as it should. We currently work with another inventory company which we are trying to switch from because they have doubled their price and tested over 20 integrations with Woocommerce, this is the ONLY one that is experiencing time out issues. My guess is they have not dealt with a store the size of mine in Woocommerce, so my opinion is they simply do not have the expertise in how to handle big Woocommerce stores.” – a verified user, mid-market.

Frustrating and expensive. crippling. We needed to do a custom integration with a certain shipping provider as we have a good rate, we were happy to do it and told it was possible pre-sales. When we came to do it, it turned out that.” – Callum R

Analytics Tools (Overall rating – 4.4/5⭐)

Multi-channel reporting: Collects reports from across your stores and channels. Gives you insights into the common return reasons to optimize and reduce future returns.

Positive Reviews

The combined, historic reports also make Purchasing easier, no more time wasting cut/paste spreadsheets.” – a verified user in small retail business.

User-friendly interface with OK top-level reporting.” – Darren. S

Negative Reviews

There are new features such as specific reports that we would like, but Veeqo encourages customer feedback for new features.” – a verified user in small retail business.

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Why Is Veeqo Not The Best Returns Management Software?

1) FUP

Though the software claims itself as free software, its FUP policy is the catch. As it requires you to buy atleast 50% of the shipping labels every month, you end up spending more than a software fee. See what a user reviewed about it on a review platform.

The inflexibility of the features that you need and the related charging mechanisms is hugely frustrating.” – Callum R

Price can be prohibitive for smaller eCommerce businesses.” – Keith C

2) Multi-currency

This software does not support multiple currencies.

Handling of multi-currency could be better and should allow you to print an invoice in the chosen currency.” – Samuel P

3) Limited Integrations

Veeqo has limited marketplace integration. For example, check out these reviews where the users complain about its integration incapabilities. 

However, it doesn’t have the ability to integrated marketplace fees with the accounting integration, so it didn’t work for us.” – a verified user.

The Xero connector did not do what I wanted.” – a retail business owner.

4) Partial Refunds

Allows you to adjust partial or full refunds depending on the item condition only after receiving it at the warehouse.

You can’t partially refund a customer, so a customer buy’s two pairs of pants returns one, no way of partial refunding.” – Darren S

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In Conclusion

Now that you are here, at the end of the article, you would have got a good idea about Veeqo pricing, features, and reviews. We have presented all the available features and limitations in detail so that you can judge whether this tool will work for your business. Also, the user experiences will help you understand the pros and cons of this software in real time usage.

In case you are not able to decide yet, let us suggest you check out Saufter. For the very reason that it is specially designed to enhance eCommerce customer support services to retain customers and earn increased ROI. Its AI-powered tools help you automate your eCommerce workflows to provide the best customer experience post-sales.

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