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BotStar Review

Last Updated: April 2024

BotStar is a visual chatbot builder that makes it easier to build, develop and refine your automated system to handle user queries and generate leads.

It offers features such as a content management system, elements to generate media-rich content, and even lets you collect user data.

However, this is not enough to know whether BotStar is right for your business or not. You need more details about the software. That is why we are providing you with the BotStar review on its features and pricing to help you make your decision.

BotStar Pros and Cons

  1. Both coders and non-coders can build a chatbot.
  2. Provides a white-label platform.
  3. Has multilingual support for up to 170 languages.
  4. Offers custom pricing in the Enterprise plan.
  1. Doesn’t have a location-sharing element.
  2. Supports only two channels – website and Facebook.
  3. Doesn’t allow you to create or share templates.
  4. In-depth analytics are not available.
  5. Instability of BotStar’s organization.

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BotStar Review on Pricing and Features

Pricing (Rating ⭐4/5, 20 Reviews)

BotStar has 3 pricing plans that you can choose from. The plans along with the offered key features are as follows:

  • Beginner is free – Limited to 3 bot projects, 50 monthly sessions, single-seat and gives access to built-in CRM, keywords, and training.
  • Pro Plan at $15/ month – Unlimited bot projects, 500 monthly sessions, analytics & insights, custom bot branding, premium add-ons, campaigns, template exports & cloning.
  • Enterprise at custom pricing – Unlimited bot projects, monthly sessions, and member seats. Offers API access and custom branded app.

To test out the functionality of BotStar, opt for the Beginner plan. When you think BotStar suits your business needs and are confident about its capabilities, then go for the Pro plan.

At last, if you want to pay as you go, then apply for the Enterprise plan. Also, it provides a white label chatbot platform so you get the benefit of showcasing the chatbot without any external branding.

Note that for the Enterprise plan, you need to contact the Bot Star team, to get the pricing details.

User Review:

“With the upgraded versions, you can custom the bot branding and do some programming to extend the abilities of your chatbot to higher level.”

4/5, Jahidul K.

Chatbot Builder (Rating ⭐4/5, 11 Reviews)
Chatbot Builder

BotStar includes a visual builder called Canvas that comes with a drag-and-drop interface. Hence, you can easily create chatbot flows and get an overview of their structure. Plus, it allows you to test the chatbot flows before publishing it.

Actually, on the left side of the chat builder, there are various elements that help you to create content-rich and interactive flows. The supported chatbot elements are as follows:

  • Images,
  • Video,
  • Audio,
  • Attachments,
  • Buttons,
  • Emojis,
  • Gallery,
  • Persistent menu,
  • Quick replies,
  • Email, phone number, and data validation.

Note that it does not have location sharing and delays. But it enables you to send responses to members who use certain keywords. Also, you can connect the chatbot to Facebook Ads, automatically reply to Facebook comments, and generate a custom URL for your bot.

Now, for developers, BotStar has an in-built code editor. Here, you can execute complex code within the context of your chat flows.

User Reviews:

“The ease of use is definitely the biggest strength of this app. The drag and drop feature allows me to design the flow conveniently.”

4.5/5, Quân N.

“They have the best chatbot visual flow editor. It gives you an overview of all your works.”

5/5, William R.

“The Flow Editor allows you to build and publish a chatbot with a huge amount of features. Simply drag and drop blocks, add text and links, then you’re good to go.”

5/5, Nhi N.

Content Management System (CMS) (Rating ⭐4.5/5, 5 Reviews)
Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is one of the special features of BotStar. With this, you can create and manage digital content for your chatbots without much effort. In fact, it lets you create an interface from where your consumers can browse through products/ services conveniently. 

Basically, CMS contains entities to which various attributes are added. You can insert these entities into blocks in the chatbot builder.

For example, you created an entity called Product with attributes image, name, description, price, and category. Now, you may use this entity to configure any product in the chatbot flow.

It saves time and makes it easier to update the content.

User Reviews:

Built-in CMS which supports me to showcase our product list for customers when shopping online. My customers can see the image, description and price of a product.”

4/5,  James R.

“Their built-in CMS is quite perfect for S&M business

5/5, William R.

“I built a complex chatbot with many products. Thanks to CMS, I can manage and update my products easily and quickly. It’s automated, so I don’t have to worry about mixing up items or losing track of the menu.”

4/5, Jennifer I. H.

Templates (Rating ⭐4/5, 6 Reviews)

For any automating system, templates are necessary. So, BotStar delivers more than 70 chatbot templates that you can directly deploy on your Messenger or website. It also allows you to edit certain elements or content to customize the template.

However, you cannot create your own templates. For now, this option is only available for BotStar staff.

You can find the BotStar chatbot templates by clicking here!

User Reviews:

“They have a free version and lots of templates to start with

I picked the Feedback chatbot template and customized them a bit, insert some emojis to make it funny.”

4/5, Jahidul K.

“BotStar builds 70 chatbot templates from many industries. I have cloned a template and started editing text, images,… to design my own chatbot quickly. 

I don’t have much time to build a chatbot from scratch, so I find a suitable template and start editing in BotStar Chatbot Templates. It helps me save a lot of time.”

4/5, Rabeya K.

“They also have ready to use templates if you are a newbie”

4.5/5, Houssem Eddine G.

Customization (Rating ⭐4/5, 1 Review)

Customizing the appearance of the chatbot is a basic thing, but BotStar doesn’t stop there. It enables you to add custom fields to specific users and attaches tags to them based on their actions. This helps you to provide a personalized experience to customers such as broadcasting messages to only certain users. 

Another way to personalize the experience is by delivering chatbot services in multiple languages. BotStar does this by translating your chatbot into a selected language.

Note that it supports up to 170 languages.

User Review:

“I think the best aspect of BotStar is the ability of building a multilingual chatbot.

The multi-languages feature helps me spread my business worldwide. My online stores can sell my products to a large customer base across the globe.”

 4/5, James R.

Supported Channels & Integrations (Rating ⭐4/5, 7 Reviews)
Supported Channels & Integrations

If you want to provide omnichannel support, then you should go for software such as Saufter because BotStar only supports two channels. They are –

  • Website and
  • Facebook.

Actually, BotStar has a Facebook Chat plugin that lets you deliver support services over Messenger. It even lets you continue to converse with customers even after they leave your website.

When it comes to integrations, BotStar performs well. In fact, it integrates with all the following applications and more.

  • Google Sheets,
  • Mailchimp,
  • Hubspot,
  • Dialogflow,
  • Zoho,
  • Salesforce,
  • Make (formerly, Integromat),
  • ActiveCampaign,
  • Zapier,
  • Stripe.

User Reviews:

“Integration with Google Sheets and Zapier make chatbots easy to export data to the service to my existing CRM channels.”

 4/5,  James R.

“Integrate your chatbot directly with Google Sheet. No need to use and pay for any third-party services.”

5/5, William R.

“BotStar also provides Zapier Integration, Integromat Integration to integrate chatbot with CRM to manage leads better.”

4/5, Rabeya K.

Analytic Reports & Insights (Rating ⭐4.5/5, 1 Review)
Analytic Reports & Insights

Analytic reports are crucial to improve the performance of your chatbot. But the BotStar only generates basic reports

Here are the chatbot-related insights provided by BotStar.

  • Session  It tells you how many sessions your bot is handling over time.
  • Messages – You can see the number of messages sent and received over a period of time.
  • Audiences – Displays how many new users and returning users interacted with your bot. It also shows the number of users who interacted with and subscribed to the bot.

Note: Returning users refer to the people who already talked with your bot before.

All these reports are delivered as per the time range configured in your chatbot settings. 

Note that BotStar has fixed time ranges. That means you can only choose any of the available options.

  • Today, 
  • Last 2 Days, 
  • Last 1 Week, 
  • Last 2 Weeks, 
  • Last Month.

To get the key performance metrics that help you to scale your business, you should try Saufter.

User Reviews:

“Dashboard and Analytics features need to be improved with more useful metrics to provide valuable customer insights.”

 4.5/5, James R.

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BotStar and Chative

Most of the users confuse BotStar with Chative. They are from the same company but both of them are different applications. 

Even their pricing and features vary. Along with the chatbot, Chative also offers live chat services.

Now, to know more about Chative you need to visit its official website (not and for BotStar it is

Final Words

Even though BotStar offers useful features like building a white label chatbot, CMS, and support for multiple languages, it is risky to employ its services. The reason is the instability of the company. 

In 2021, BotStar’s organization has announced that it will discontinue its services and focus on Chative. But now its Terms of Service say that the company may suspend or discontinue parts of services, introduce new features or impose restrictions on existing features, or limit access to parts or all of its services.

Since there is no surety in BotStar services, the users are not happy.

Therefore, it is always best to go for a stable software application like Saufter

Along with handling tickets, Saufter lets you create automated workflows from order management to the returns center. It also offers AI chatbot, live chat, email, SMS, and phone answering services. Plus, generates key performance reports. 

It integrates with social media, messaging, eCommerce, and collaboration applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

So, what are you waiting for?

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