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Chatmatic pricing and features

Last Updated: April 2024

Looking for Chatmatic reviews and pricing plans? Here is a complete guide on Chatmatic that will help you get an overview of the app.

Chatmatic is a user-friendly software allowing you to handle numerous customers on channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. It even provides data analytics that helps you optimize your campaigns for better performance. 

Chatmatic allows you to connect with your customers through comments, direct messages, and ads which assists you in providing a swift response to your costumes and increasing customer experience. 

But, is Chatmatic the right tool that your business needs? Let’s find out.

Through this post, we will be guiding you on Chatmatic pricing, feature details, and what their customers say.

Chatmatic Pros and Cons

Allows you to broadcast your messagesLimited integrations
Provides Facebook ad integrationProvides fewer analytic reports
You can create customized templatesDoes not provide multi-language support
Allows you to create buttonsThe location-sharing feature is not available 

Chatmatic Pricing and Features

Pricing and Plans

Chatmatic has a free plan which provides you with services like unlimited messages, unlimited campaigns, full feature access, built-in chat support, and branding. Though the free plan is till you have 500 subscribers. 

  • Starter Plan(501-25,000 Subscribers) $97/Month- It includes all the free plan features except for branding, which is not in any of the plans of Chatmatic. 
  • Pro Plan(25,001-100,000 Subscribers) $197/Month- It has all the features included in the Starter plan.
  • Premium Plan(100,001-Unlimited Subscribers) $249/Month- This plan also includes all the features in the Starter plan. 

Chatmatic provides similar features across all plans, only the number of subscribers changes.


User Interface

Chatmatic has a user-friendly interface that allows you to set up a chatbot easily. It comes with a visual flow builder that assists you to check the flow before implementing it. 

When you click on the chatbot, Chatmatic’s interface changes and you can see the following functionalities:

  • Triggers- In this, you can set trigger rules for the bot which get activated as per the actions taken by your customers. 
  • Subscribers- Here you would see all your subscribers(new and old).
  • Broadcast- Messages that you have sent or saved to be broadcasted to your customers. 
  • Training- Consist of the training course that you can take to use Chatmatic to its full potential. 
  • Settings. 


Chatmatic comes with limited integration options which can be a limitation if you are planning to provide an omnichannel experience. You can only integrate it with SMS, Facebook, and Instagram. 

It cannot be integrated with any e-commerce platform and does not provide any third-party integration except webhook integration. 

Chatbot Elements

Chatmatic has a feature-loaded chatbot that allows you to share elements like images, videos, audio, and many more. This helps you in providing insightful resolution to your customers which assists you in increasing customer experience. 




Location Sharing

Free Text Input

Email Validation

Phone Number Validation


Date Validation

Persistent Menu

Quick Replies

Vertical List

Gallery Horizontal List







Customer Interface

You can create custom fields and tag your customers with the help of Chatmatic. However, you can not segment your customers. 

Though segmentation is also not a major issue, as you can use custom fields to segment your customers and even tag them as per your preference. This feature allows you to provide personalized service to your customers. 



Chatmatic allows you to broadcast your messages and send them to your customers in bulk. It even provides message sequencing, allowing you to interact with your customers more.

For example– You have sent a broadcast message that says “New product launched! Would you like to check it?” Now if your customers reply with “Yes!” then the message sequence would immediately send them a product catalog or link to your site. 

However, Chatmatic does not provide any multi-language support which can hamper your client interaction if you have global customers. 

User Reviews:

“The touch points are common to most platforms SMS+Email but in-conjunction with segmentation tagging making broadcasting is a breeze.”

-5/5⭐, HootyApps



You can integrate Chatmatic with Facebook ads and advertise your products to a larger section of society. It assists you in replying to comments on Facebook and Instagram, creating buttons, and adding custom URLs to the bot. 


Templates and Cloning

Chatmatic comes with 4 pre-set templates that you can use and create your bot. Apart from that, it even allows you to create templates as per your preference and provide branded experience to your customers. 

Moreover, you can share the created templates but can not clone chatbot flows or elements.

User Review

“They’ve built a template marketplace inside Chatmatic!”

-5/5⭐, Kris58



The analytics provided by Chatmatic curates around messages and allows you to view how productive your campaigns are. It provides 3 types of analytics: messages sent, messages open rate, and message click rate. 

Though it lacks some of the basic metrics like user input, dashboard, user retention, fallback rate, and many more. 


AI Chatbot

Chatmatic only provides a keyword catcher which allows sharing relevant articles/images with your customers as per the keyword they have entered. It does not provide basic AI features like replying to customers as per their intent, extracting entities, and a dialogue flow integration. 



Chatmatic provides some training guide that helps you to set up the bot. Apart from that, they provide customer support through the Chatmatic dashboard. 

Chatmatic has a support page on Facebook named Chatmatic Support with 213 followers and a 2.1/5⭐ rating. 

User Reviews:

“Support is great. I’ve opened a few tickets over the last year & Trent in support always saves the day.”

-5/5⭐, Kris58


Now, in the end, we hope that through this article you were able to gain fresh knowledge on Chatmatic’s features and pricing. Moreover, Chatmatic also allows you to conduct A/B testing so that you can optimize your chatbots. 

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