Zendesk Pricing: What Will It Cost You, And Is It Worth It?

Zendesk, a multi-billion dollar SaaS company, dons a massive set of CR?M features. We reckon you have already come across the requisites and benefits of this software. However, the not-so fine-tuned price points of this CRM could get blurred, given multiple plans with complicated Zendesk suite pricing bars.

Continue reading to find out what you are paying for using ZenDesk, and is it worth it? 

Is Zendesk Suite Pricing The Right Match For Your Business?

Zendesk, the customer service champion, vows to make your company’s customer support process better. But, it works on a ‘pay-per-agent’ subscription model, which can be the tiebreaker based on companies’ different needs.

What is an agent?

A Zendesk agent is the one who deals with customer service issues. They “handle” consumers and tickets (creating, opening, moving, etc.).

Yes, this software efficiently assists in managing tickets and handling CRM, but you need to learn about the actual cost you may incur in choosing Zendesk.

When it comes to pricing, Zendesk’s pay-per-agent pricing structure means: If your company is growing, every new agent (or seat) means more money to spend each month with Zendesk pricing.

Zendesk is among the popular choices of CRMs for businesses. But, the market of opportunities in this segment is vast, and there stand tough competitors with attractive options.

In addition, the Zendesk pricing moves up the bar with every new agent you add, starting from the base. However, the actual question here is how much does Zendesk cost?

Zendesk Plans


Pricing customization may be the key to solving many pain points, but not when you are just getting started. One glance at the Zendesk suite pricing will put you in a fix of choice; the plans have overflowing parameters and options. This might make it difficult to prioritize which plan would suit your business.

The Zendesk support pricing starts from $19 per month for one agent. This is the lowest plan under the support bracket alongside two more plans. Likewise, there are three plans under the sales bracket, and it starts at $19 yet again.

Contrarily, the Zendesk suite caters to everyone with three different plans, and there are two additional plans for enterprises. Nevertheless, here is a summary of the Zendesk cost as featured on the website.

1. Zendesk for foundational support only

The software has three plans for the support team, support professional, and support enterprise under deck. The standard features of this model include ticketing across email, tweets, and Facebook wall posts, Customer details and interaction history, performance dashboards, and app integrations. You can get all these features for only $19 per month.

The price goes up to $99 per month for support enterprise, and so do the features. Some of the additional features include surveys, multilingual support, SLA management, custom team roles and permissions, third-party data storage, conversation routing, and more.

2. Zendesk for sales

This deck is for your sales team and everything they need to pivot customer support initiatives. The basic plan starts at $19 per month. After that, the price goes up to $99 for the professionals, while the price for the growth plan is $49 per month.

The most common features include two customizable sales pipelines, calendar, and email integrations, call and text tracking, dashboards, robust APIs-core, etc.

In addition, you can get your hands on features like extended document storage, several sales pipelines, APIs, forecasting, credits per user, prospecting credits, lead and deal scoring, automation, and more when you upgrade plans.

3. Zendesk suit

The suite package has everything your business would need.

The suite team plan starts at US$ 49 per month and consists of a ticketing system, messaging, email, voice, SMS, live chat, help center, automation, unified workspace, 1000+ app integrations, Robust APIs, and more.

You can upgrade to the suite growth plan for $79 per month or the Zendesk enterprise pricing of $99 per month. With an upgrade, you get extended features like customization, SLA management, multilingual support, community forums, and more.

However, there is a catch

As a business with unique needs, you would have to throw in some plug-ins that do not essentially come with basic plans. To successfully deploy the add-ons, you would first have to upgrade to a plan that allows this integration, and then can you purchase add-ons. In a nutshell, it might get expensive for your business, especially when you start scaling it.

Here is another thing, no company can delegate managing all its customer support queries to only one agent. This only piles up costs for the company, which can be a major let-down.

However, this Zendesk guide pricing can compel anything to scroll through alternatives, and here is one alternative you could consider.

Gorgias – A Viable Alternative

Keeping the complexities aside, Gorgias has created a simple pricing framework. It has four levels, basic, pro, advanced, and enterprise. The basic plan starts at $60 per month and goes up to $900 per month. You get two months free should you choose to make yearly payments.

Here is how Gorgias does it: One common observation you’ll notice while scrolling through the features is that most are open for all levels.

It is just the quantities that move up with an expensive plan. This means you get more tickets, more integrations, and the benefit of some new features. But, the common features are available for all the plans.

Making The Right Call

We get how difficult it must be for you to choose the best option. One common suggestion that adheres with Zendesk is that it is more suitable for non-eCommerce companies. Rest assured, you can opt for the free trial option and try the platforms for yourself before making a purchase.

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