How to Setup Zendesk Macros?

Last Updated: December 2023

Do you know, 90% of customers rate immediate response as a must while interacting with customer support? Using a chatbot and canned responses can ensure that your customers have a swift response.

If you are looking for steps to set up Zendesk macros then you are at the right place. We have curated 3 easy steps for setting up Zendesk macros. 

Benefits of Canned Responses


  • Better Response

Using canned responses will make your team more responsive, especially on those questions that do not require much effort. These responses will automatically help your customers by giving solutions as per the way you have saved them. This helps in providing more personalized service to your customer.

Saves Time

Canned responses save a lot of time for both your agent and customers. Your agents don’t have to manually type long responses whereas the client gets a quick reply, improving customer satisfaction.

  • No Grammatical Mistakes

Imagine responding to your customers with a grammatical error. It can degrade your brand image. Thus with the help of saved replies, you can frame your sentence beforehand and can eliminate any typing error. 

  • Helps in Managing Multiple Customers

Canned responses leave no customer unattended no matter how busy the ticketing portal is. This also helps in scaling up your customer service. 

Easy Steps to Enable Zendesk Macros

Here are 3 easy steps that will allow you to enable Zendesk macros-

Step 1

Log in to your Zendesk account, go to the Admin center, click on Workspace in the sidebar, and select Agents Tools>Macros.

Step 2

Click on the All shared macros drop-down list, select Personal macros, and click on the Add Macro button.

Step 3

Enter the macro name and action then click on Create. 

Limitations of Zendesk

Zendesk has some drawbacks that can hamper your business operations. Some of the limitations of Zendesk are-

Adding macros to your Zendesk account is not easy and requires you to be careful while enabling it. This consumes a lot of time and makes it hard for you to edit them.

Zendesk keeps on adding new features that require you to update the software frequently. With every new update, Zendesk has new glitches or bugs that can hamper your business operation and you can even lose some important contacts. 

The reporting option in Zendesk is hard to configure and even the options are limited, you need to create custom reports to gain more valuable metrics. 

Complicated technical setup

Zendesk requires some technical knowledge to set it up. You would require the help of your IT team to run it smoothly. Even the guidebook provided by them is a bit confusing and a non-it person can not understand the steps written in it.

Too many limitations? How about software that allows you to add canned responses with ease? Meet Helplama Helpdesk software that easily allows you to add, edit, or remove canned responses.

Helplama Helpdesk

  • Helplama Helpdesk is software that allows you to easily add canned responses. It even provides metrics related to canned messages that allow you to manage them more effectively. 
  • Helplama also provides omnichannel automated customer support with the help of its AI chatbot. This feature allows you to easily attend to all your customers present on different platforms and solve their queries. 
  • It can even automate your social media handle. Helplama collects good reviews, and videos from platforms like Yelp!, Facebook, Google reviews, etc. and posts them on your social media. This helps in creating awareness about your product. 
  • Helplama provides call center services where you can avail yourself of services like after-hour call service, overflow call service, live chat outsourcing service, and many more. 

  • If you are looking to expand your team, then too Helplama can help you. We hire experienced and trained staff on your behalf, that provides the best customer support service. 


Now, in the end, we hope that this post has helped you in setting up macros on your Zendesk. Although, the configuration of Zendesk macros is a bit confusing and requires some technical knowledge to edit them.

However, switching to software that provides an easy canned response setup can help you manage your business operations with ease. Software like Helplama Helpdesk provides an easy canned response setup that saves your agents’ time. It can even assist you to automate your customer support and social media handle with the help of an AI bot.

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