Are you facing difficulties in exporting data from Zendesk? No need to look further, we have listed 3 easy ways to transport your data using Zendesk export.

The Benefit of Exporting Data

Data plays a vital role in analyzing your business operations. Thus it’s necessary to store it in a more secure platform so that it’s easily available in the future. Exporting and storing the data in your device can ensure that it’s safe and easily accessible.

3 Ways to Export Data Using Zendesk

Method 1: Exporting Data Using Zendesk’s Built-in Data Export Option

This method is only available to users who use professional or enterprise plan subscriptions.  Follow these steps to get your data

  • Step 1

Log in to your Zendesk account and navigate to Admin on the left sidebar and then choose the Reports option. After that replace the domain in the approved email domain option and press Save

  • Step 2

Select the Admin option from the sidebar and go to Manage>Report. After that click on the Export option and choose the preferred format in which you want to export your data(CSV, Full JSON, etc.).

Method 2: Using API and Python  

  • Step 1

Install Python on your device and then write the following code:

pip3 install requests

  • Step 2

Use the following syntax to access the Zendesk API:

url = ‘

Now the subdomain parameter with your domain name.  After that make an HTTP request by using the GET method of the requests library as follows:

response = requests.get(url, auth=(user, pwd))

This response now contains all data from Zendesk in JSON format. Store this data in the python dictionary with the use of this code:

data = response.json()

Here is the full python code to extract data using Zendesk.

import requests

url = ‘’

user = ‘your_email_address’

pwd = ‘your_password’

response = requests.get(url, auth=(user, pwd))

if response.status_code != 200:

    print(‘Status:’, response.status_code, ‘Problem with the request. Exiting.’)


data = response.json()

print( ‘First group = ‘, data[‘groups’][0][‘name’] )

group_list = data[‘groups’]

for group in group_list:


All you need to do is replace parameters such as URL, PWD, etc. with your URLs to extract your data.

Method 3: Use Zendesk Sell to Export Data

With Zendesk sell you can easily export data without purchasing higher plans. 

  • Step 1

Open Zendesk, navigate to Settings, click on data, and select the export option. After that to enable the smart list export, click on all-users from the drop-down list and save your settings.

  • Step 2

Now you can start exporting your data from Zendesk.

To export click on Settings in your Zendesk account and select the data. After that, a new window will pop up, and from that window, you can easily export your Sell account data. 

  • Step 3

Click on Export in the window and all the data will start exporting in the background. Once the process is done you will receive an email with the zip file that contains all the selected data.

Drawbacks of Zendesk


Problematic Data Export

The ways by which you can export data from Zendesk are either too costly or requires some technical knowledge. Even the reports that collect data are few and you need to create custom reports to get more relevant data. 

Issue in Zendesk Sell

The configuration of Zendesk Sell is a bit confusing and the data entered in it create multiple of the same contacts. This can create confusion in your team and can hamper business operations.

Challenging Automation Setup

The setup of Zendesk automation is complex and can consume a lot of your time. The bot, macros, and workflow setup requires basic IT knowledge. This restricts you from editing the automation regularly. 

Poor AI Service

The AI bot provided by Zendesk is troublesome and sometimes does not performs the task assigned to it. You need to manually perform tasks like sending feedback links, closing a solved ticket, etc. 

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We hope that through this post you were able to export your Zendesk data. However, the steps mentioned above will either cost you more money or time, and guess what? These three methods are the only way you can export your data from Zendesk.

Although, switching to a new platform that allows you to easily export data can help. Software like Helplama Helpdesk has an easy interface that allows you to export data without consuming too much of your time. It can even automate your customer support and social media with the help of its AI bot.

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