Are you an eCommerce business owner trying to use the Whatsapp Business app too for your business? If yes, we are discussing a very important aspect of Whatsapp business messaging here today.

According to a recent survey, 39% of Whatsapp users prefer this channel for getting customer service, while 23% would like to receive promotional offers over Whatsapp. And these numbers are just growing.

Sending “Hi, Good Morning, how may I help you?” or “Good evening, welcome to ….” etc and initiating personalized chatting with your customers may initially feel content. But later on, as the number of conversations increases as shown in the above stats, the same may be overwhelming. So, how to manage that?

We can help you with that. Read this article through the end to learn all about Whatsapp business message templates.

Let’s dig more.

Whatsapp chat templates

To answer these many conversations in a day is definitely not an easy piece of cake. Templates come in handy as a rescuer during such times when we are overpowered with piles of tasks. Whatsapp too has developed an automated messaging feature to help businesses like yours manage huge conversation volumes.

You can use these WhatsApp conversation templates at every stage of your business – pre-sales inquiry, marketing, sales, post-sales support, knowledge sharing, offers, discounts, etc.

Common Template Categories

They can be classified into three categories as given below based on the nature of the message.

  • Marketing templates – used to send promotional offers, product announcements, product awareness, and customer engagement.
  • One-time passwords (OTP) – send access codes to your customers for account authorization purposes.
  • Transactional messages – templates used to send account updates, order updates, order/process alerts, and more to share any important information.

Whatsapp supports message templates in 63 different international languages.

Whatsapp template messages can be text/media-based, or interactive. Here are some sample Whatsapp text, media, and interactive message templates.

Text message templates

You can create various text message templates like – welcome messages, order confirmation messages, order updates, away/out of business hours messages, promotional messages, and sharing auth codes, etc.

We are sharing here a few sample templates for the most commonly used categories to make your work easy. Consider these as examples and you are free to modify or develop them to suit your business needs.

Welcome template for messages

Sample Template# 1

Welcome to (enter your business name). We are looking forward to assisting you.

Sample Template# 2

Hi, thank you for reaching out to us, we are happy to help. If you are enquiring about (enter the product name) then check out here (enter the link) to know more.

Order confirmation message templates 

Sample Template# 1

Your order (enter the order number) has been received. We will process your order and get back to you with the next order update shortly. Thank you for shopping with us.

Sample Template# 2

Thank you for ordering with us. Your order number is (enter the order number). We will notify you of the shipping information shortly.

Order update message templates

Sample Template# 1

Hello, we are glad to inform you, your order (enter the order number) has been shipped and will reach you within (mention number of days). Thank you for your patience.

Sample Template# 2

Hurray! Your order is out of our inventory and on its way to reaching you. Your expected delivery date is (mention the date). Appreciate your patience.

Promotional message templates

Sample Template# 1

Hurray! It’s Christmas! Shopping time is on! Check out our Christmas Exclusive collections and exciting offers here (enter the link).

Especially for you! Enter this coupon code (mention the code) during checkout to avail additional (mention the offer value) discount!

Sample Template# 2

Limited period offer! We are glad to inform you that we have restocked our best-seller (mention the name of the product or the link) both in-store and online. Grab it before it goes off!

Transactional alert message templates

Sample Template# 1

Your cart is waiting! Click here (insert the link) to complete your shopping.

Sample Template# 2

You have left something in your cart. The offer you have availed is valid only for the next (mention the time frame). Please come back and complete your purchase.

One-time password/auth code message templates

Sample Template# 1

Your one-time password for the transaction (mention the number) is xxxxxxx (the code). Enter this within the next 1 minute.

Sample Template# 2

Your login code is xxxxxxxx. This is valid for only 30 seconds. Select resend on your transactional page if this expires.

Away message templates

Sample Template# 1

Sorry, we are not available right now. But please hang on tight, we will get back to you soon.

Sample Template# 2

Regret! We are unable to respond right now. Please reach out to us (enter the contact number) if it’s urgent. Appreciate your cooperation.

Media message templates

Sending Media message templates help you to share any audio or video or image attached with some informational text message to your customers. These templates prove to be very useful to increase your brand/product awareness (like product-making videos, video testimonials, etc), customer engagement, and sharing updates (like shipping info, movie tickets, etc).

Whatsapp media message template

Source: Facebook developers page

WhatsApp interactive message templates

Whatsapp interactive message template

Source: Facebook developers page

These are two-way interactive messages that you can send to your customers allowing them to respond through clicks. You will be adding buttons to the messages providing your customers with options to choose an action.

The app offers two types of predefined buttons:

  • Call-to-Action — by clicking on this, your customer can call a phone number or visit the website.
  • Quick Reply — lets your customer reply to you through a simple text message.

Use these interactive templates to collect your customer feedback. You need these to improve your products/services. Keeping it simple with a straight yes or no, or by clicking on the number of stars will motivate your customers to submit their feedback. They may avoid or skip long questions as in a survey or redirect links.

Final Words

It is easy to create and use all the above sample templates on a free Whatsapp Business version. But, if you upgrade to use WhatsApp Business APIs, there are unlimited customizable options available. Additionally, you can send a message to up to 1 lakh users at a click.

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