Steps To Utilize WhatsApp Business API: WhatsApp eCommerce

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Last Updated: April 2024

Do you know over 1.2 billion users use Whatsapp in a month? With users increasing rapidly on Whatsapp, e-commerce businesses are integrating it evermore. 

Whatsapp business API enables small and medium size businesses to advertise their products to customers. Other than advertising, some businesses use it as customer support and solve their customers’ queries.

Though Whatsapp API has a complex installation, the results that it can yield in unmatchable. We have listed some steps to utilize WhatsApp business integration to its full potential. 

Customer Acquisition 

Whenever a customer signs in to your website by providing their phone number, you can capture it and add it to your WhatsApp business forecast list. There are other ways as well by which you can acquire more customers such as:

ChatBot Alternative- Instead of a ChatBot bubble you can set up a Whatsapp chat bubble that redirects the customer to your business  WhatsApp as soon as they click on it. In this way, you will be able to solve their query and acquire their details as well.

Notification Opt-ins- By following this technique you allow customers to receive notifications. You can ask your lead to sign up for a notification when a new product is launched or when their desired product is back in stock.

Campaigns ADs CTAs- When you run a paid marketing campaign make sure to add a WhatsApp call to action button. By clicking on this your customers will be directed to your WhatsApp, enabling you to sell more.

Increase Sales

Increase sales through e-commerce whatsapp integration

If you want to increase your sale then reaching out to customers directly is the best way possible. WhatsApp provides personalized service and you can use this feature to deliver your pitch. Sending tempting photos, product descriptions, and discount details are some of the ways you can pitch your product.

Customers will directly message you back with the product they want to purchase resulting in higher sales.

Personalized Experience

Personalize customer experience through e-commerce whatsapp api

Whenever a customer decides to enroll in your WhatsApp you will get the following information:

  • WhatsApp Number
  • Country (as per the country code on the number)
  • User Name

By this, you can create a list and target your customers as per their geographical area. You can send out messages to the customers in their language making it more personal for them.

Relationship Building Activities

Quizzes for customer interaction

WhatsApp is a great platform for you to connect with your customers and get to know more about what they like and dislike. 

Quizzes are one such way by which you can create bonding with your customers. For example, let’s assume that you run a fashion store that deals in clothing. Now you can create a quiz that includes questions like their favorite actor/actresses, Brand preference, Fabric quality, and many more.

As per their answers, you can create a list of their preference and advertise your product to them accordingly. 

Help Guide

Customer support through whatsapp API

WhatsApp can provide swift resolution to your customer queries. Enabling WhatsApp bots to greet customers is the best way of using these bots.  Other than greeting they can even answer questions with the help of your knowledge base

If the query is not in your knowledge base then you can take over after the greeting message and handle the guest. Thus enabling a mix of Human and Bot services.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

abandoned cart recovery through whatsapp api

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the major problems faced by e-commerce merchants. Using tools that give you insight into card abandoning is the key here. Once you have the information, you can target your customer by sending them reminders, discount details, and more. 

This will ensure that your cart is not left abandoned and sale is made.

Send Portfolio

To increase transparency between you and your customer you can send them bills, warranty cards, product information, and more through WhatsApp. This will ensure that they have all the required documents handy at any time. 

You don’t have to worry about these documents getting misused as WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption enables the safe transfer of documents.

Shipping Updates

Shipping updates through whatsapp api

Customers love to know when they will receive their products. They tend to regularly keep on tracking it. Thus if you send them regular updates of where their product is they will love that too. Make sure that you are not spamming your customers with updates, they should be delivered at equal intervals. 

Ask for reviews

Ask for reviews through whatsapp api

Review plays an important role in building the trust of new customers. After a purchase customers tend to forget to leave a review. Thus reminding them about the same can ensure that you have more reviews. 

Make sure to not send the review message as soon as they make a purchase. Giving them time is important as that will give them time to create an impression and write a more insightful review. 

Enable Loyalty Program

Update about loyalty program through whatsapp API

The loyalty program refers to the rewards given by you to your customer after they have made a purchase. These rewards are usually given based on how frequently your customers have made a purchase or the bill amount. 

You can send them messages on WhatsApp giving the reward info. WhatsApp APIs enable your customers to even track their reward points. You can even send them reminders of the expiry date of these points which can ensure more revenue generation. 


WhatsApp integration ensures that you are well-connected to your customers. You can send them product details, new product lists, discount details, and many more. Though customers use WhatsApp for personal chatting and thus spamming them is not the right decision.

To make sure that you are using the best techniques to leverage the WhatsApp service we have listed some of the best practices which you can follow and scale your business. 

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