10 Best Shopify Apps to Optimize Your eCommerce Store

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Last Updated: June 2024

Marketing is the crux of all online businesses. Running a successful digital marketing campaign can transform your business for the better. Driving traffic to your eCommerce site is no layperson’s job. Often, visitors and leads may visit your eCommerce store that has your product/service details and exit the page without making a purchase. At this juncture, you need to use additional marketing tactics to drive conversion rates. Hosting your eCommerce store on Shopify is a great start to revolutionizing your business’s future. Add-on features like social media account links, subscription options, etc., come with Shopify without additional interference from your end. You can use several top Shopify apps to polish your eCommerce website and the provisions it offers. These add-on features can simplify and popularize your shopping interface and optimize the entirety of your eCommerce experience.

Revolutionizing eCommerce with Shopify Top Apps 

Shopify is the solution to all your eCommerce problems. With the help of several Shopify must-have apps, you can save time and improve your business’ efficiency. These third-party apps make many extra tasks easy. From automated marketing techniques to shopping assistance, Shopify top apps can drive sales like no other!

Features of Shopify Apps

All supplementary Shopify apps you need require a separate set of features and functions. Some essential attributes like efficiency and compatibility are common to these apps. For the users of Shopify Plus, you need to pick apps that are compatible with it. Make sure you look into these features before deciding on the must-have apps for Shopify.

Customizable interface

Your business will have to be updated and scaled up as it grows. Highly customizable apps may seem too hard to manage as you start. But once your business grows, customizable apps will help you easily navigate Shopify’s specifications.

Easy and timely updates

Updates are integral for the smooth functioning of all apps. You must ensure that you pick top Shopify apps that can be automatically updated. Likewise, they should recognize viruses and malware and automatically mitigate their risks. This will contribute to a wholesome customer experience.

Convenient integration

Shopify top apps can polish your customer experience if they work together in perfect sync. That is, your payment app and email automation app must work together to follow up with customers who make purchases. All your eCommerce tools need to work together well with Shopify for the perfect execution of a business plan.

Shopify Top Apps That Can Transform Your Business

Here are some options for the best apps for your Shopify store that can revolutionize your business and drive sales.


Helplama is your one-stop solution for all kinds of customer support. With Helplama’s expert assistance, your Shopify eCommerce store will receive fully-managed customer support that includes voice, live chat, and email. It does not matter how big or small the business is; customer support is key. Helplama provides local customer agents from the US, UK, and Australia. This means that their brigade of workers is well-aware of the local preferences and demographics. Helplama provides an integrated extension to your existing sales and customer relationship management teams. Services
  1. Email support
  2. Live chat support
  3. Phone support
  4. Order taking over the phone
  5. Telemarketing support
  6. Data entry services
  1. Offers Dedicated Customer Support as a Service
  2. Live-chat answering from intensive experts from the US
  3. Inbound email processing service
  4. Training professionals to suit your business requirements
  5. Promises 100% money back upon dissatisfaction
Pricing: Check Helplama’s pricing according to your requirements.

Facebook Channel

Social media is a great marketing portal. Facebook Channel can help you advertise and sell your products/services on Facebook and Instagram. This can open up a huge market for you on these social media platforms. Features
  1. Manage your social media stores using the app conveniently
  2. Offers retargeting ads and promotional campaigns
  3. Automatically syncs the updates on products between the Shopify, Facebook and Instagram stores
Pricing: Facebook Channel is free for Shopify users.


Social media promotion can transform your eCommerce venture. Therefore, while choosing Shopify top apps to boost your marketing game, Instafeed should make it to your list of add-ons. Instafeed helps your brand’s social media and Instagram account rise in popularity. You can display Instagram content on your Shopify store with this. Features
  1. Multimedia content support
  2. Well-rounded promotional strategy with customizable Instagram feeds and posts
  3. Useful to display customer testimony for leads
Pricing: There are three plans that Instafeed offers users.
  1. Plus plan at $19.99 per month with advanced features
  2. Pro plan at $4.99 per month with selected features
  3. Free plan with basic features

One-Click Checkout

The “buy now” button in top eCommerce stores is a necessary Shopify app for budding businesses as it allows customers to check out in one click and make quick purchases. This app avoids the delay involved in adding products to the cart. Features
  1. Helps customers make immediate purchases
  2. Common feature in all high-end ecommerce stores like Flipkart and Amazon
  3. Customizable and 24*7 customer support across emails and chat
Pricing: There are three plans defined by this must-have Shopify app.
  1. Priority Support plan at $18.95 per month with maximum features and dedicated managing team
  2. Unlimited plan at $9.95 per month with additional checkout features
  3. Free plan with basic features and “buy now” option

Automizely Email Marketing

Email campaigns continue to churn in high conversion rates. Automizely Email Marketing allows marketers to send out email marketing campaigns. You can customize your campaigns and automate them as per a schedule you have set. The drag-and-drop email editor offered by this Shopify app can help personalize each campaign. Features
  1. Make customizable email campaigns
  2. Send product recommendations and discounts with timer notifications
  3. Send emails according to customer behavior and demographics
Pricing: Automatically Email Marketing decides your pricing package according to the features you choose and your mailing list.


Moving over to SMS marketing, it continues to drive leads. Postscript is an SMS-driven marketing Shopify app that can send your subscriber list customized messages. You can personalize each campaign according to the Shopify store area and target customers according to their specifics. Features
  1. Unlimited number of SMS messages for promotional purposes
  2. Create campaigns for over 65 customer events
  3. Customize campaigns and reach out to leads through their phones
Pricing: The price calculator of Postscript can determine a package for you according to your needs. Here are Helplama’s choices for the best free live chat software in 2022.

QuickBooks Commerce

This is one of the best apps for your Shopify store that can help with your inventory management. With QuickBooks Commerce, you can take detailed looks at product listings and track their progress across different channels. You can use this Shopify app to track everything from inventory entry to delivery of the product/service. Features
  1. Keep track of the stock history of commodities
  2. Track the damages, errors, shortages, returns, and promotions of products easily
  3. Scan the barcode of products for easy access to product information
Pricing: At $50 per month, you can receive the advantages of QuickBooks Commerce.

Omega Instant Search

One of the most important aspects of a Shopify store is the provision for customers to search for products. Shopify’s search option can be limited. Here, you could take the benefits of Omega Instant Search, which has additional attributes like redirects, spellcheck, fallback, and synonyms. This will help with a more advanced search experience. Features
  1. Use immediately after you install without additional configuration with the app
  2. Customize searches
  3. Narrow down products from keywords, synonyms, etc.
Pricing: Upon request, you can generate a package that suits your requirements.


This all-in-one SaaS firm has many development solutions for your Shopify store. This is one of the best must-have Shopify top apps. Visuals have a huge edge over text in marketing and brand building. You can edit images in bulk with Hextom’s provisions. Email collection bar, payment processing tools, converting foreign currency, countdowns, etc., are only a few of its other add-ons. Features
  1. Hextom offers up to 13 development solutions for your Shopify store
  2. Edit product details, emails for promotion, and images easily
  3. Choose those features that suit your requirements
Pricing: Your package is determined according to the features of your choice. Take a look at the top 11 Shopify product customizer apps in 2022.

Smart Bar

The Smart Bar app is one of the top Shopify apps that can help you make promotional campaigns and banners. Free shipping buttons, timers, etc., are some of its features. It offers a lot of customizable templates that you can transform into helpful features for your business. Features
  1. Simultaneous display of promotional bars and banners on a page
  2. Track growth with analytics and tools like click-through rate, etc.
  3. Boost conversion with multiple add-ons
Pricing: Smart Bar is estimated at two plans.
  1. Premium plan at $4.99 per month with advanced features
  2. Free plan with limited features

Made Your Choices Yet?

Have you chosen the best apps from the Shopify store for your business? These were our picks for the best Shopify top apps that have been transforming the business journey for many entrepreneurs. Track down the requirements you desire for your Shopify store and pick a few that can help you out.



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