10 Best QuickBooks Integration Shopify apps

Last Updated: December 2023

How to keep your books organized and have a neat record of every sale you make on the Shopify store?

Well, the process sounds tedious but believe me it’s not. The answer is QuickBooks Integration apps. The QuickBooks software helps you with calculations and automatically updates your Shopify storefront, tracks inventory, and fulfills orders, saving you plenty of time to focus on other areas of your business.

But’s let’s face it choosing the right QuickBooks Integration app can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. So don’t worry about it, we have done that for you. 

Here’s the list –

QuickBooks Online Global (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 1406 reviews)

QuickBooks Online Global app tops our list with 4.9-star ratings and 1346 reviews. You can track income and expenses and maximize tax deductions for your Shopify business with accounting by QuickBooks Online. The app helps you by saving time and stay ahead of your bookkeeping when you integrate Shopify with QuickBooks Online Global.


  • Maximizes tax deductions
  • Creates automatic sales invoices.
  • Updates stocks level


  • For multiple currencies connector faces glitch
  • Complicated for new stores

Pricing Info:

  • QBO Essentials plan at $25/month – For new users, QBO essentials + connector, track income & expenses, invoice & accept payments
  • QBO Plus plan at $40/month – For new users, QBO plus + connector, track project profitability, 5 users
  • QBO Advanced plan at $90/month – For new users, manage employee expenses, batch invoices, and expenses, for more than 5 users

QuickBooks Sync. (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 810 reviews)

The next app on our list is QuickBooks Sync. The special feature of this app is it automatically posts Shopify orders, taxes, fees, and payouts to QuickBooks or Xero, so your accounts are always up to date.

Quickbooks Sync. keeps inventory levels and pricing in sync between Shopify and QuickBooks or Xero, so you never oversell and know when to stock up.


  • Helps in avoiding stockouts
  • Easier sales tax filing
  • Quick and easy initial setup
  • Up-to-date financials


  • Expensive for small stores.

Pricing Info:

  • ACCT Essentials plan at $129/month – Accounting essentials, track online sales, record fees profitability
  • ACCT & Inventory Plan at $199/month – Track inventory, advanced taxes, payments, hourly automation

QuickBooks Bridge (Overall ratings: 4.8/5⭐, 159 reviews)

If you want to integrate your sales data into QuickBooks online, then QuickBooks Bridge is a perfect choice for you. It exports your orders, products & customer data to your MYOB or QuickBooks account automatically. You can choose to set your data sync to auto mode or do it manually at your convenience. In short, with this app, you are ready to sync your data with just a few clicks.


  • Automated daily process
  • Easy integration
  • Supports multi-currency integration
  • Option to integrate more than one Shopify store


  • Services are limited to countries like – the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa
  • Additional hidden charges except for monthly fees

Pricing Info:

  • Silver plan at $10/month – For MYOB and QuickBooks online, best for low volume business, 100 orders/month.
  • Gold plan at $20/month – For MYOB and QuickBooks online, only Suited for medium business, 800 orders/month.
  • Platinum plan at $80/month – For MYOB and QuickBooks Online, suited for large business, 2500 orders/month.

QuickBooks or Xero Sync by A2X (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 200 reviews)

Let’s explore the QuickBooks or Xero Sync app, the best part about this app is whether you’re selling on one store, or one hundred – it works for all of your stores to deliver you accurate, automated accounting. You can get accurate eCommerce accounting, without the fuss.


  • Supports more than one store
  • Multi-channel support
  • Perfect integration with Shopify Plus and Shopify POS apps


  • Does not support category tracking.
  • Does not support individual orders’ data export.

Pricing Info:

  • Mini pack at $20/month – For smaller stores up to 200 orders/month
  • Basic plan at $ 39/month – up to 500 orders/month
  • Professional plan at $69/month – up to 2000 orders/month
  • Advanced plan at $99/month – High volume, multi-currency, multi-language stores

Exportly‑Quickbooks Xero Sync (Overall ratings: 5/5⭐, 18 reviews)

Exportly-Quickbooks Xero Sync is another great platform if you want to eliminate errors and transfer your bills on average in less than 2 hours. It automatically takes the order data and creates a QuickBooks Online Sales receipt or Xero Invoice. You may also export older orders manually if you want to. The best part of the app is it also creates QuickBooks online refund receipts.


  • Quick transfer of orders
  • Automated order/refunds/bills export to QuickBooks
  • Plans are at a reasonable rate


  • Support seems to be slow.
  • Features are limited.

Pricing Info:

  • Starter plan at $13.99/month – 500 orders/month, 10 bills/month
  • Standard Plan at $23.99/month – 1000 orders/month, 100 bills/month
  • Premium plan at $39.99/month – 10,000 orders/month, 500 bills/month

Flowify for QuickBooks (Overall ratings: 3.5/5⭐, 4 reviews)

We present you with the next app on our list that seamlessly integrates Shopify products and QuickBooks online products to ensure proper recording of sales, inventory, and COGS every time. The app provides you with automated accounting by recording sales and COGS daily. In short, Flowify takes out the guesswork and gives you full visibility of your Shopify e-commerce sales and fees.


  • Automated accounting
  • Quick & easy onboarding
  • Automatic Shopify & PayPal data fetching


  • Features seem limited.

Pricing Info:

  • Mini plan at $19/month – 200 orders/month, automatically load Shopify settlements, Shopify payouts only 
  • Starter plan at $39/month – 1,000 orders/month, automatically loads Shopify settlements and PayPal daily sales, 30 days of history
  • Standard plan at $69/month – Track inventory & products, 60 days of Shopify history, 2500 orders/month

QuickBooks, Xero sync ‑ Synder (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 164 reviews)

If you want to import all your Shopify store’s historical data into accounting in minutes then this is a perfect match for you. Synder app uploads years of Shopify sales, auto-sync ongoing sales as fast as you receive them, and gets rid of mundane accounting data entry tasks. Also it auto records Shopify store sales and fees in QuickBooks or Xero and put your monthly bookkeeping on autopilot.


  • Imports historical data in minutes.
  • The fastest sync with easy setup
  • Multi-currency supported
  • Multi-user mode


  • No free version is available.

Pricing info:

  • Starter plan at $13.88/month – 50 orders/month,1 integration, 1 additional user
  • Medium plan at $55.54/month – 500 orders/month, unlimited integrations, 3 users
  • Large plan at $355.54/month – 5000+ orders/month, unlimited integrations, unlimited users

QuickBooks Desktop (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 19 reviews

The next app on our list is the QuickBooks Desktop app. With this app, you are ready to sync your data with just a few clicks. When an order is synced to QuickBooks Desktop, all order information such as Customer, Line Items, Taxes, Shipping, etc will be synced.


  • Daily automated sync
  • Supports multicurrency
  • Inventory site mapping
  • Supports multiple Shopify stores


  • Services are limited for countries like – United States, UK & Canada

Pricing Info:

  • Pro plan at $40/month – 1000 orders/month, $0.05 per additional user

QuickBooks Online + Commerce (Overall ratings: 4/5⭐, 167 reviews)

QuickBooks Online + Commerce is again a good platform to track your income and expenses and maximize your tax deductions for your Shopify business with accounting by QuickBooks Online. The special feature of this app is it tracks and fulfills orders from all of your online sales channels in one place so that nothing falls through the cracks.


  • Automated accounting
  • Multichannel selling
  • Quick stock level updates


  • Tech support does not meet expectations.
  • Technical issues with integrated B2B

Pricing Info:

  • Basic Plan at $35/month – Track and fulfill orders for your sales channels, manage inventory across locations
  • Pro plan at $70/month – All QB Commerce features, track income & expenses, invoice & accept payments

QuickBooks Daily Summary Sync (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 29 reviews)

Last but not least on our list is QuickBooks Daily Summary Sync. The best part about the app is it connects and maps your chart of accounts with one click and quick and easy Xero or QuickBooks integration. In short, you can get clean data each time regardless of refunds, exchanges, or fees!


  • Reconcile deposits in minutes
  • Multi-channel sales data with one plugin
  • 1-click QuickBooks / Xero sync
  • Record your COGS – know your real P&L


  • The free version is not available

Pricing Info:

  • Basic plan at $40/month – Up to 1 million in revenue and 1 channel
  • Essential plan at $60/month – Up to 3 million in revenue and 3 channels
  • Plus plan at $160/month – Up to 7 million in revenue and 10 channels
  • Advanced plan at $320/month – Up to 12 million in revenue and 20 channels


We hope you have enjoyed our article-”10 Best QuickBooks integration Shopify apps”. While reading this article you have noticed that we have provided some basic and premium versions of QuickBooks integration Shopify apps, with their features, pros, and cons. You just have to analyze your needs and choose according to them.

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