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Last Updated: July 2024

Software as a Service or SaaS companies totally rely on repeat purchases or subscriptions to sustain and grow their business. Therefore, a successful customer retention rate and brand loyalty are the key metrics to earn increasing ROIs.

SuperOffice CRM survey shows that 45.9% of the answers state that the customer experience must be the top priority for your business to grow and scale.

For SaaS companies in particular, they can expect to increase revenue by $1 billion.

This proves that to grow your SaaS business successfully you should provide the best customer experience.

How to provide the best SaaS Customer Support?

SaaS-based customer service is required before and after purchase, sometimes ongoing while or until your customer uses the software application.

The recent digital revolution paved multiple ways to reach out to the customer and the company. Websites, email, live chat, social media, forums, etc are some of the digital platforms that serve as customer interaction points.

Satisfying your customers across these channels is very important to increase customer retention for your growing SaaS company.

An efficient helpdesk provides you with all the required tools and integrations to support your customers anywhere any time.


Efficacy of a Helpdesk to look for

Let us first discuss the key features of any Helpdesk you must look out for.

Easy-to-use interface

Along with helping you with providing the best customer experience, an effective helpdesk should also give the best user experience to your agents. The software should be easy to use and should provide resourceful customer information on time.


A coherent Helpdesk should offer necessary native and third-party integrations so that all the multi-channel customer tickets are seamlessly racked up for your agents’ use during the support.

Inter-teams integrations

Best customer support service is rendered when all your teams (sales, marketing, technical, and help center) are well informed about every customer journey and work together.

Customers may seek assistance during any time of their journey with your company. They may have sales queries, installation walkthroughs, product complaints, etc. A well-thought-out Helpdesk software will give you just that.

Let us now get to the core of this article to find out the 10 Best SaaS Help Desk Software.


  1. Saufter
  2. Help Scout
  3. HubSpot Helpdesk
  4. Zendesk
  5. Freshdesk
  6. Zoho Desk
  7. Raiseaticket
  8. ProProfs Helpdesk
  9. Kayako
  10. Jira Service Desk




Saufter is the best saas helpdesk software in the industry, that helps you scale your customer support effortlessly.

Key Features of the Saufter

  • Provides all the necessary integrations – email, live chat, social media, and Shopify for a flawless support flow through every service
  • Organized tickets to view your customer’s whole journey in one single window
  • Save up to 50% of your manual time by using the Automation features for repetitive tasks like order tracking, returns, exchanges, etc
  • 24/7 order monitoring, auto-detection of order delays, and timely intimations increase customer satisfaction
  • Helps you save $1000s through the automated agent training feature (industry-categorized training module!)


Help Scout Helpdesk

Help Scout Helpdesk


Help Scout helps you manage all your customers’ conversations in one platform just like an inbox.

Key Features of the Help Scout

  • Shared Inboxes are designed to meet all organizational team collaboration and automation requirements
  • You can reduce your support volume by 30% by using the knowledge base customer self-service
  • Live Chat and in-app messaging solutions to offer support, share links, or announcements
  • Allows you to refer complete customer data alongside every support
  • Collaboration with popular eCommerce, social media, CRM, marketing, and support tools
  • Tracks and reports customer satisfaction and team performance
  • As a certified B Corp, the company plants a tree for every customer as a sustainability gratitude gesture


HubSpot Helpdesk

HubSpot Helpdesk


HubSpot’s help desk tool is a part of the service hub that helps small-to-enterprise businesses to build a modern customer support system.

Key Features of the HubSpot Helpdesk

  • Organized and managed tickets to prioritize and provide solutions faster
  • Automated ticket routing feature to reduce manual data entry time
  • Conversational 1:1 communication inbox aggregated with emails, chat, etc
  • Allows you to create optimized SEO indexed knowledge base
  • Measure your customer service efforts using key metrics (knowledge base usage, ticket volume,  response time, etc)




Zendesk Helpdesk provides saas support software that helps you retain customers and strengthen your brand loyalty.

Key Features of the Zendesk

  • Combines and optimizes all customer’s conversations in one place
  • One unified agent’s workspace lets you access collaborators like knowledge articles, tools, and other apps in just one click
  • Auto-routing tickets to agents based on expertise and automated tools (AI-powered bots) based on questions to provide faster responses
  • Lets you build an integrated help center and community forum for customers’ self-service
  • Built-in Analytics tracks across sales, service, and third-party systems to help you identify common questions and optimize the solutions accordingly



Freshdesk Helpdesk


With Freshdesk, you can delight your customers with professional service elevated using the best-in-class saas support software, ticketing, self-service, and reporting.

Key Features of the Freshdesk

  • Manage customer conversations across email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and your website from an Omnichannel view
  • Help agents rapidly resolve customer inquiries with workforce automation and knowledge from one, unified platform
  • Launch AI-powered chatbots to easily guide customers to self-help their questions
  • Canned responses, custom ticket views, scenario automation, and in-app notifications to increase productivity
  • Unified Messaging API, pre-built marketplace apps integrations, and customizable analytics combined on an advanced enterprise-grade platform


Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk Helpdesk


Zoho Desk is a globally trusted SaaS support software and omnichannel customer service software.

Key Features of the Zoho Desk

  • Manage, respond, and follow up on all customer conversations across multiple channels such as email, chat, phone, social media, and your website, effortlessly
  • Empower your agents by introducing Self-help service (knowledge base, etc), and AI-chatbot for instant resolution
  • Create smart assignment rules to assign high-priority tickets to support specialists automatically
  • Automate menial tasks like notifications, null-tickets closure, escalation, and log time
  • Built-in Reporting useful data like CSAT, ticket traffic, and agent performance



Raiseaticket Helpdesk


This free out-of-the-box saas helpdesk software helps streamline and organize communications between customers and support teams driving higher support engagement.

Key Features of Raiseaticket

  • A free, intuitive, and customizable ticketing system
  • Manage email and portal-originated communications through a unified system
  • Integrate Raiseaticket with your CRM, ERP, or other solutions
  • Migration assistance from other helpdesk solutions is also provided
  • Check agent and ticket performance with the built-in reports
  • GDPR Compliant and ITSM-oriented free helpdesk


ProProfs Helpdesk

ProProfs Helpdesk


ProProfs offers one of the best saas helpdesk software in the SaaS industry with which you can offer round-the-clock support.

Key Features of the ProProfs Helpdesk

  • Automated updates, backup, & security
  • Automated ticket routing, canned responses for faster resolution, and automated alert & notifications
  • Monitor individual & team performance
  • Create & share CSAT & NPS surveys
  • IT helpdesk to track and manage all IT-related incidents, issues, and service requests
  • The flexibility of a pay-per-agent plan and upgrade as and when required
  • Online training programs for agents and customers



Kayako Helpdesk


Kayako SaaS helpdesk is for SMBs looking for a fully integrated cloud-based helpdesk to support customers.

Key Features of the ProProfs Helpdesk

  • Automate workflows
  • Legacy Shared inbox for team communication
  • Kayako Single View to manage conversations through any channel
  • Quick and customizable live chat software that easily integrates with your website, iOS and Android apps
  • SLA response times are recorded directly on support tickets, so your team never misses a deadline 
  • Integrates with popular social media and eCommerce tools
  • Track all your customer activity from all your apps on Kayako


Jira Service Desk

Jira Helpdesk


Jira Service Desk empowers your teams to deliver quick help to your customers.

Key Features of the Jira Service Desk

  • Reduce manual efforts by setting up workflows across your departments
  • Leverage Jira Service Management’s knowledge base to respond to and resolve incoming requests faster
  • With conversational ticketing, employees can seek help directly from Slack and other teams gaining full customer context
  • Easy escalation and routing to Dev and IT teams
  • Set multiple SLAs for faster resolution of priority tickets
  • Monitor and optimize your team’s work with slick CSAT reports



We saw at the beginning of this article that SaaS companies survive and grow by increasing customer retention and loyalty. It is vital that you should focus on rendering the best customer service along with your best products.

Pick an appropriate helpdesk from the above list that fits your business model and requirements. Start delivering your best customer experiences and scale your ROI numbers.

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