Refersion Pricing, Features, Reviews [Complete Breakdown]


Last Updated: February 2024

32% of marketers indicated higher customer engagement as the most important metric fulfilled by influencer marketing. Are you interested in Refersion affiliate and influencer marketing software for your business and knowing more about its pricing and features?

If so, we have curated an article detailing its pricing and features. Also, we have provided relevant customer-based Refersion reviews to help you better understand the software. Let’s look at the article’s content:

What is Refersion?

It is an influencer and affiliate marketing software that helps your organization drive e-commerce sales from influencer marketing programs. Using Refersion affiliate marketing software, you design campaigns for Amazon marketplace, Shopify, Woocommerce, and more.

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Additionally, it gives you features such as influencer and affiliate discovery, marketing campaign management, and privacy and data insights dashboards. Utilizing this software, you may develop an attractive influencer payment system that provides direct payment and automates the billing process.

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Pros and Cons of Refersion

You can streamline the discovery, research, and reaching out to influencers and affiliatesRefersion does not support the Alpha-beta testing feature.
It provides a single platform to support your large and micro-influencers and brand ambassadors.It lacks an omnichannel marketing feature.
A unified dashboard that allows you to check data insights and influencer performance.This software lacks cryptocurrency support.

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Refersion Pricing(Overall ratings 4.2/5)

Refersion Pricing(Overall ratings ⭐4.2/5)

Initially, you get a free trial of 14 days. If you want to opt for Refersion pricing, it has two plans- Professional and Enterprise.


This plan costs $99/month. Want to increase your startup’s budding marketing and attain exposure? Then choose the Professional pricing plan. It has the following features:

Monthly order conversions: You can measure the number of total users on your business’s eCommerce website who purchase a product.

Unlimited Influencer:  You can add numerous Influencers to your influencer campaign using this plan.

Unlimited visits from Offers: This feature allows numerous visitors to visit your website.

Dashboard: You get an experience dashboard to check an influencer’s experience.

Performance report: You can check the performance reports of your influencers in this plan.


We cannot provide much information about the pricing details of this plan because the company doesn’t disclose the pricing details on its website. The enterprise plan includes all the features of Professional and some additional features like

Several payment options: You can pay your influencers using Gift Cards, online money transfer apps, or direct bank transfer.

Marketplace integration: This plan allows you to have Amazon Marketplace integration.

Store support: Enterprise supports multiple online eCommerce stores such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and eBay.

Automation support: You get automation support for automating your influencer marketing campaigns.

Visitor tracking: Track customers who visit your influencer campaign website through affiliate links, coupons, and website offers.

Let’s check what reviewers say about Refersion pricing:

According to the first reviewer, Refersion can grossly overbill you if you use Chargebee and offer unit-based subscriptions to your customers. Furthermore, the pricing review indicates that the user is unsatisfied with the subscription model.

The second reviewer praises the Refersion pricing model, stating that monthly pricing provides all software features.

Pricing reviews

If you are using Chargebee with Refersion and offer subscriptions that are unit/user-based and you have midterm changes (i.e. customer adding additional users/units in the middle of their 1-year, quarter, or monthly subscription) – you are going to be overpaying your affiliates by thousands and will GROSSLY be overbilled by Refersion.” ( Rating⭐3/5, Frank F.)

“One monthly price covers all the features included in the software” ( Rating⭐4.5/5, Verified online media user).

Refersion Features with Customer Reviews(Overall Rating ⭐4.0/5)

Influencer and Affiliate Discovery(Overall Rating ⭐4.5/5)
Influencer and Affiliate Discovery(Overall Rating ⭐4.5/5)


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You can streamline the search and discovery of influencers and affiliates using a single platform. Use the ambassador application subfeature to increase your marketing platform size by developing a network of high-quality influencers.

Likewise, the keyword search subfeature enables you to find relevant influencers in your industry.

Positive reviews

It works ok. It tracks properly and allows for easy onboarding of future affiliates.-(Rating ⭐3.5/5, Sjoerd H.)

Negative reviews

I wish the marketplace was a bit larger to find more influencers within our market.”-(Rating ⭐3/5, Zach P.)

Influencer Marketing Campaigns Management(Overall Rating 4.6/5)
Influencer Marketing Campaigns Management(Overall Rating ⭐4.6/5)


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You can add unlimited influencer marketing campaigns, clicks, affiliates, and partnerships. Additionally, it has a single platform to support your brand’s ambassadorsfrom large to micro-influencers.

Positive reviews

Refersion was easy to set up. We were able to drive interested micro-influencers through a Shopify landing page to sign up for our ambassador program via Refersion.”-(Rating ⭐5/5, Verified Reviewer)

Negative reviews

This isn’t really about the platform but just in general – we haven’t had much success with the influencer marketing program. Probably because we don’t advertise it as much.”(Rating ⭐5/5, Taylore W.)

Dashboard for Insights and Privacy(Overall Rating ⭐4.5/5)
Dashboard for Insights and Privacy(Overall Rating ⭐4.5/5)

You get individual dashboards to check the performance of each brand affiliate or marketing influencer. Likewise, the Refersion dashboard gives you summarised results of all your brand’s influencer campaigns and product sales.

Positive reviews

“The best thing about this software is the dashboard. I like how you can keep all your influencers organized in one area and can quickly go in and check who has what commission structure.”(Rating ⭐2/5, Sarah O.)

Negative reviews

Despite the improvements, the dashboard remains unintuitive, and it is still difficult to browse the necessary data and affiliates.” (Rating ⭐3.5/5, Sjoerd H.).

Common Features Missing in Refersion

1. Cryptocurrency support features

49% of social media influencers prioritize cryptocurrency over other payment methods. It enables you to pay currencies like bitcoins and verify transactions stored over a decentralized database by cryptography. Unfortunately, Refersion lacks this particular feature.

2. Alpha-Beta Testing

Allows you to present to perform randomized testing over your software users where you present two copies of the same software with varied feature sets. You gather feedback from users about the features they like on both copies.

Then you implement those features on your final version of the software. You do not get Alpha-beta testing in Refersion.  

3. Omnichannel Marketing

Using this feature, you interact with your company’s customers 24/7 via direct and indirect marketing channels to perform various business operations. It includes developing brand awareness, promoting your products, and generating sales. 

Direct channels are where you proactively engage with customers through one-to-one conversations. It involves using online banner ads, directed sales calls, and promotional emails.

Likewise, using indirect channels, you build brand awareness over a while. You use mass media channels like social media, affiliate, and influencer marketing to build your brand reach to the desired consumer base. Unfortunately, Refersion does not support omnichannel marketing.


Finally, we hope you have acquired sufficient knowledge about Refersion pricing and features. You can check the added customer reviews for better decision-making.

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