Traackr Pricing, Features, Reviews [Complete Breakdown]


Last Updated: February 2024

Traackr is one of the most popular influencer marketing software, it is powerful enough to handle complex programs, yet is an intuitive and feature-rich influencer marketing tool for small teams.

If you are looking forward to using Traackr for your influencer marketing needs, know about its features, pricing, reviews, and its use cases first, and then decide whether it is the right tool for you or not.

In this post, we are going to do a complete breakdown of Traackr Influencer software’s pricing and features along with user reviews.

What is Traackr? 

Traackr is a data-driven influencer marketing software that helps businesses find influencers, build influencer marketing campaigns, and manage them to achieve their marketing goals.

Source – Traackr

What we like about Traackr is Authenticity. The tool focuses on empowering businesses with tools to build rapport with influencers, unlike many Traackr alternatives that see influencers as low-cost substitutes to celebrities and are transactional in nature.

Additionally, Traackr is one of the few influencer marketing tools with extensive data, it is a unique selling point of Traackr that puts the tool ahead of the competition. While Traackr’s authenticity encourages businesses to try influencer marketing, its data and analytics capabilities allow marketing teams to stick around in the long run.

Traackr Pros and Cons

  • Extensive data and reporting capabilities
  • Great collaboration tools for large teams
  • Network mapping
  • Suggests influencer fees based on engagement rate
  • Fast customer support
  • Steep learning curve
  • TikTok content update issues
  • Doesn’t cover every aspect of social media
  • Can be overwhelming to use without proper training

Traackr Pricing

Unlike many influencer marketing tools that offer transparent pricing including monthly or annual plans, Traackr doesn’t offer public pricing so there is not much to tell about the pricing of the tool. Its pricing is highly customized based on customer needs. Furthermore, there’s no option to ask for a trial or demo. They only provide a “Talk to Us” button that redirects to the contact page.

Traackr Contact Page
Source – Traackr

However, Traackr has attracted some big companies like L’oreal, Samsung, Unilever, Wella, and more through its depth of data, insights, and overall authenticity. The non-transparent pricing has given Traackr an image of high-end influencer marketing software that only big companies could afford. 

To know whether Traackr fits into your budget, you can contact them and ask for a quote.

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Traackr Features

Benchmark Reporting

A unified view of your industry metrics allows you to know how you’re doing compared to your competitors in the market. In other words, the benchmark report compares your company’s social media marketing metrics with your competing companies.

Some of the key report metrics include:

  • Category benchmark
  • Top brands
    • Top brands by media
    • Top brands bi Tier
    • Top brands by platform

Traackr Benchmark Report

Source – Traackr

Furthermore, you also get insight on your competitor’s number of activated influencers, numbers of posts, engagement rate, post views, etc. All these metrics are presented in colorful bar graphs (as in the image below).

Influencer Research

Traackr is known for its extensive data and research capabilities. It allows you to know a lot about influencers in detail.


Source – Traackr

You can obviously know an influencer’s location, reach, social media presence, content posted, content performance metrics. But obviously, Traackr features Brand Safety Measurement that acknowledges you if there’s any bad behavior or controversy you should know about the influencer.

Best of all, this influencer research is based on publicly available data. Influencer’s don’t need to register on Traackr or authorize it to read the data. So you can know more about any random influencer you’re interested to know more about.

Influencer Discovery

Traackr offers comprehensive search options you can use to filter and discover influencers in your niche based on interest, content, platform, and other criteria.


Source – Traackr

Campaign Management

A functional module that acts like an expert marketing assistant at the administrative level, making sure that you leave nothing incomplete. The Campaign Management module shows you content requirements in detail, allows you to account for fees involved, helps you spell out the gifts influencers are going to get, and more.


Source – Traackr


Despite being one of the old influencer marketing platforms, Traackr is a great platform for mid-sized businesses and enterprises. Companies like L’oreal and Samsung trust the tool for its authenticity and expensive data, analytics, and reporting capabilities.

From discoveries and onboarding influencers to managing campaigns and drawing insightful reports, Traackr is an all-in-one tool for big influencer marketing campaigns.

However, Traackr is not the best platform for small businesses and growing startups. This is where a tool like Saufter can pave the way for you. 

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