Reamaze vs Front – Which One Is Best For Your Business?

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Reamaze vs Front - Which One Is Best For Your Business

Last Updated: May 2024

Reamaze vs Front

Both Reamaze and Front assist you in improving your user experience with their customer service tools. However, you cannot use both software. So, the question remains “Reamaze or Front which one better fits your business?

You don’t have to expend all of your energy in finding a solution. Just review the Front vs Reamaze feature comparison from this article. It will help you to understand the software better so you can make the right decision.

Here, we will compare the features in the following categories:

Front Vs Reamaze – Comparison of Features

Supported Platforms (Final Winner: Both) Front Rating ⭐5/5, Reamaze Rating ⭐5/5


Refers to the ability to use the software on your laptop or desktop computers.

  • Front & Reamaze – You can use Front and Reamaze on Windows and Mac operating systems. 

Winner: Both


  • Front & Reamaze – Easily install Front and Reamaze apps on your iOS and Android devices and start working.

Winner: Both


  • Front & Reamaze – If you just want to use Front and Reamaze on your web browsers like Google Chrome, you can do that as well.

Winner: Both

Customer Communication Channels (Final Winner: Reamaze) Rating ⭐4.5/5


  • Front & Reamaze – Both Front and Reamaze allow you to deliver customer services via email.

Winner: Both

Live Chat

Live chat allows you to communicate, engage, and deliver chat solutions to your customers in real time.

  • Front – Customize the Front Chat widget and greet your customers with a welcome message. In fact, you can automate replies to chat messages and deliver all kinds of messages such as answering questions, offering deals, etc.
  • Reamaze – Add and customize your chat widget to match your brand. Plus, set up automated messages, upsell, cross-sell, prevent site abandonment, and promote special events.

Winner: Both

Video Calls

  • Front – No video call support.
  • Reamaze – While chatting, you can initiate face-to-face video calls with your customers to help them better. 

Winner: Reamaze

Phone Calls

  • Front & Reamaze – In Front and Reamaze, you have to integrate with 3rd party apps to be able to provide voice support. For example, Aircall and Dialpad.

Winner: Both


  • Front Integrate an SMS app like Twilio with the Front to deliver services through text messages.
  • ReamazeConnect with SMS and MMS apps such as Twilio, SMSBump, RingCentral, and ClickSend to provide SMS support.

Winner: Reamaze


Social channels are none other than social media.

  • Front – You have to create a separate inbox for each social channel like Facebook inbox and Instagram inbox. Only then you can manage your social channels from the Front.
  • ReamazeEasily connect and manage your social accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and so on with Reamaze.

Winner: Reamaze

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Self-service (Final Winner: Reamaze) Rating ⭐5/5


Chatbots are a combination of conversation flows. Based on those flows it communicates with your customers. Generally, they are used to answer your customer’s queries and engage with them to promote sales.

  • Front – You need to integrate with other applications for chatbot support such as Sendbee and Retool.
  • Reamaze – Allows you to use pre-built chatbots or build your own custom chatbots.

Winner: Reamaze

Knowledge Base

Basically, a knowledge base is a library of information about a product, service, organization, or any other topic. It helps the users in resolving any common issues or queries they may have.

  • Front Doesn’t have knowledge management tools. However, you can get them by integrating with 3rd party apps like HelpDocs, ForumBee, and Guru.
  • Reamaze – Build your own internal and external knowledge base with FAQ articles. And, easily organize the content with drag-and-drop sorting. Plus, add a search widget so your customers can find relevant content using keywords, phrases, or root words.

Winner: Reamaze

Team Management (Final Winner: Front) Rating ⭐5/5

Shared Inbox

A shared inbox is an organizational space using which your agents can communicate with your customers easily and take care of user requests.

  • Front – Allows you to bring distribution lists, group email aliases, and other similar features into shared inboxes. Also, gets conversations from other channels to the shared inbox.
  • Reamaze – This lets your entire team manage your customer conversations from multiple channels in one place. 

Winner: Front


Collaboration refers to the process of two or more people working together to resolve an issue.

  • Front – Combines internal chat and emails. Thus, you can comment internally on emails and use @mentions to tag your colleagues or teammates. Also, supports assignments, and internal discussions. Furthermore, enables you to share email drafts.
  • Reamaze – Collaborate with your team members using private notes, shared views, and assignments.

Winner: Front

Collision Detection

Collision detection is a feature that ensures that only one agent is handling a particular conversation or request. This prevents any confusion that could arise from multiple agents responding to the same conversation.

  • Front Displays the name of the agent replying to a message in real-time.
  • Reamaze – If two agents reply to the same message within 5 minutes of each other, it will hold the duplicate reply. Then, notifies the agents of a possible collision. So, agents can choose to delete the redundant reply or post it anyway.

Winner: Front


Service level agreement (SLA) provides the necessary tools to define your SLA rules and ensure that there is no breaching of mentioned rules.

  • Front – Use templates in the Rule library to create SLA rules. So, whenever a breach occurs, Front flags the associated conversations so you or your agents can take necessary action.
  • Reamaze – Does have an Assitant feature that automatically resolves/ archives stale conversations, deletes resolved/ archived conversations, and reminds you of unresolved conversations based on the set time period. But it is not as robust as Front’s SLA rules.

Winner: Front

Automation (Final Winner: Both) Front Rating ⭐4.5/5, Reamaze Rating ⭐4.5/5


Templates are pre-written responses that you can use to respond to commonly asked customer questions or address specific issues.

  • Front Compose multiple templates, edit them as per your need, and save them in folders for easy access. Plus, use the automation rules to track the message templates and receive message template analytical reports. 
  • ReamazeCreate templates and then group common theme templates together for easy access. Moreover, by using dynamic variables set email autoresponders and workflow responses. And also receive template usage reports.

Winner: Both

Automated Workflows

Automated workflows allow you to automate repetitive tasks based on triggers that work by certain rules and actions.

  • Front Set up workflows for team tags, signatures, templates, assigning conversations, and so on.
  • Reamaze – Using workflows, you can automatically respond to each conversation from every channel. Also, tag emails, route & assign conversations, etc. 

Winner: Both

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Integrations (Final Winner: Both) Front Rating ⭐4.5/5, Reamaze Rating ⭐4.5/5

App Integrations

Refers to the ability to connect with 3rd party apps natively from the associated software’s marketplace.

  • Front & Reamaze – Both enable you to integrate with multiple apps in a variety of categories. For instance, CRM, eCommerce, and messenger apps.

Winner: Both

API Customization

An application programming interface (API) is a set of protocols and definitions that allows you to build and integrate with software applications.

Winner: Both

Other Helpdesk Features (Final Winner: Reamaze) Rating ⭐4/5

Status Page

The status page lets you inform your users about important updates and incidents such as scheduled maintenance, and outrages.

  • Front – Has no tools to create a status page for your website.
  • ReamazeGenerate a public status page and display it before a customer sends you a message. Also, provide real-time updates about your site, products, or services, and give access to incident histories.

Winner: Reamaze

Multi-store Support

  • Front & Reamaze – If you have more than one eCommerce business, then you can deliver customer support to your businesses with both Front and Reamaze.

Winner: Both

Live Dashboard

Displays real-time customer data so you can take necessary actions to improve user experience.

  • Front Doesn’t support a live dashboard, though it monitors your team activities for SLA.
  • Reamaze – This shows the number of users active and online on your website or app along with their time zone and geolocation data. Furthermore, it tracks and displays user activity as well.

Winner: Reamaze

Push Campaigns

With push campaigns, you can send notifications to your customers right on their browsers. Generally, they are used to engage with customers and promote sales.

  • Front No push campaigns or push notifications feature.
  • ReamazeCreate campaigns with customized messages, buttons, and CTA links for Windows, Mac, and even Android mobile devices. Also, ask your customers to subscribe to your push notifications.

Winner: Reamaze


Gives you analytical reports that tell you how your business and your agents are performing. Moreover, it relays to you your customers’ views on your services as well. So, you can use this data to better your customer experience.

  • Front – Gives you email analytics with metrics such as volume, and response time. Furthermore, you will get all the basic reports related to the conversations, agents, SLAs, etc.
  • Reamaze – Provides individual channel reports, push campaigns, chatbots, workflow reports, customer satisfaction ratings, and so on. Plus, integrates with Google Analytics.

Winner: Both

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Which Software is Right For Your Business?

As you can see, both Reamaze and Front have their own differences and benefits. For example, Reamaze offers more communication channels while Front delivers better team management features.

So, list out your business needs and review the Reamaze vs Front comparison from this article. In the end, choose the software that meets your needs. In case you are still confused, then we suggest you try Saufter.

It delivers customer support for all channels – live chat, email, SMS, voice, and social media. Even provides features like 3rd party integrations, automated workflows, marketing, orders & returns management, a real-time monitoring system, insights, and more. 

So, what are you waiting for?



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