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Live Agent

Last Updated: June 2024

It is necessary to learn about a software and understand how much it will be useful for your business, before buying it. If you are thinking about choosing Live Agent, then this article can give you some deeper insights into it.

Here we will be discussing on Live Agent pricing plans, features, reviews, and comparisons. Use the below guide to compare how these solutions differ and choose better.

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What Is Live Agent?

live agent pricing

LiveAgent was first established in 2006 offering live chat and helpdesk functionalities. Today it has emerged as an advanced all-in-one helpdesk software providing multi-channel support solutions. Leading brands like NASCAR, Forbes, AIRBUS, USC, and more use LiveAgent in their support services.

You will find 130+ ticketing features to smartly manage all your support tickets in less time and achieve the best CSAT. Also, 200+ integrations with widely used tech stack like Shopify, MailChimp, Salesforce, email, phone, chat, social media, Slack, etc., to organize multiple channel conversations from one place.

Deploy LiveAgent into your support system by copying and pasting simple code snippets with their expert’s help. It provides 24/7 user support through the contact form, chat, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

At any point, if you or your agents find difficulty using any functionality, visit the LiveAgent Academy page to learn in detail through guide articles. Let us head to the complete breakdown of LiveAgent pricing plans.

Complete Breakdown Of LiveAgent Pricing Plans

LiveAgent pricing is designed to serve businesses of all sizes from individuals, and startups, to SMBs, and enterprises.

  1. Free plan
  2. Ticket
  3. Ticket+Chat
  4. All-inclusive
  5. LiveAgent Custom Pricing

Choose either 7 days or 30 days free trial period to test the LiveAgent features with your business model. The sign-up does not require any credit card information. Also, you get to try all the features from the Professional plan during the trials. All the paid plans are billed on month to month basis and have no contracts.

You have the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, and modify the number of agents, at any time, using any paid plan. Furthermore, the initial setup, software updates, and user support are free forever.

1. Free Plan

This plan is free forever to use the basic helpdesk features but with certain limitations. Here, you can create a free account, but you cannot assign any agent.

live agent pricing

Plan Features

  1. Communication channels – Create your own customer portal that includes a knowledge base, help articles, videos, and user community forums. Add contact forms on your website. Integrate Slack for your team communication enabled with prompt notifications.
  2. Conversation management – The software provides a universal inbox for email ticketing solutions with required automation included.
  3. Live chat – Get a Live chat with smart chat routing features. Initiate chat conversations in 40 different languages and on Android/iPhone devices.
  4. Call center – LiveAgent provides you with cloud-based omnichannel VoIP call center solutions to support your customers over the phone.
  5. Customizations – Using the API feature connect various tools and softwares with LiveAgent to automate countless support tasks.
  6. Reporting – Gives you a basic overview of your support analysis and agents’ performances.
  7. Integrations – Seamless integrations with CMS tools like Wix, WordPress, etc., and CRM tools like Salesflare, Pipedrive, etc are possible. Enable email marketing through integrations with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, etc. E-commerce connections through Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, etc., and more.
  8. Support and services – Avail of 24/7 support in multiple languages plus a knowledge base and software onboarding service.
  9. Security and permissions – All accounts are secured using SSL, HTTPS encryption, 2-step verification, and 24/7 surveillance of renowned data centers. Also, LiveAgent complies with GDPR guidelines.

Limitations Of The Free Plan

  • Email id – With the free plan, you can enable only one email address to use the email ticketing feature.
  • Ticket history – Get access to only 7 days of saved ticket history.
  • Live chat – You get to use only one active chat button but no live typing view, and proactive chat invitation feature.
  • Social integration – No social media integrations with Instagram, Facebook, Viber, and Twitter.
  • Call center restrictions – Supports call queuing to only one number. Confines access to all other features like IVR, call routing, recordings, and transfers.
  • Phone tech support – Though the call center technical support is available 24/7, it is situated in the EU.
  • Call monitor – Real-time call monitoring is not possible.
  • Conversation management – This plan does not allow you to set business hours, departments, canned responses, and customer segmentation.
  • Tracking features– Cannot track your real-time website visitors nor your agents’ support duration. Now without these, you cannot initiate instant chat support or optimize your teams’ efficiency to derive a fast resolution rate.
  • Chat satisfaction survey – Restricts you from collecting customer feedback through chats/emails. Without these responses, you cannot measure your agents’ performances.
  • Agent permissions – The setting of agent roles and permissions is also unavailable.
  • Customizations – Limited to only one-time customization of the contact form, chat, and call widgets.
  • Reporting – No access to advanced reporting features.
  • Integrations – Very limited integrations with CMS, CRM, email marketing, eCommerce, and other helpdesk-related tech stacks.
  • Support and services – Neither VIP support nor multi-brand assistance is available under the free plan. In case you use a Hardware IP phone for your business, unfortunately, you cannot connect it with LiveAgent software under this plan.
  • Security and permissions – Impossible to ban the spammers or audit your agents’ logs.

Free Plan Is Good For:

Free plan is good for startups and small businesses at their very initial stages with a menial team setup.

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2. Ticket

As the name denotes, this plan serves all helpdesk ticketing purposes. The cost of this LiveAgent pricing plan is $15 per agent per month. With this plan, you will get all the Free plan benefits and more. Let us check them all in detail below.

Plan Features

  1. Communication channels – Along with the customer portal, contact forms, Slack notifications, and customer forums, you get unlimited email addresses and social media connections.
  2. Conversation management – API features plus custom configurations of email templates, contact form templates, time rules, and gamification are possible if you buy this plan.
  3. Reporting – Monitor basic and advanced reports of major helpdesk parameters like channel reports, ticket history, calls, chats, SLAs, etc.
  4. Integrations – Integrate with CRM, email marketing, social, phone, chatbot, tracking, eCommerce, and other tools without any limitations.
  5. Support and services – LiveAgent provides you with full-time customer service including VIP support (on demand).
  6. Security and permissions – Get full data security plus banned visitors list services.

Limitations Of The Ticket Plan

  • Communication channels – Major disadvantage of this LiveAgent pricing plan is you will not get the live chat widget, call center support, and feedback management features. Even to avail of social media connections, you must pay an additional $39 for one month per account per channel.
  • Conversation management – No real-time visitor monitoring, CSAT surveys, and call-center functionalities. Also, you cannot assign agent roles and permissions. 
  • Customizations – You cannot make changes to the call widget, sounds configuration, or search & replace tool.
  • Multiple Knowledge Base – In case you own multiple brands and wish to create different knowledge bases for each, then there are additional charges of $19/month per account.
  • Branding free – To remove the LiveAgent branding, pay another extra fee of $19/month/account.
  • Reporting – The only limitation is the non-availability of the time reports which show you the time spent by each agent on a support conversation.
  • Integrations – No CMS connections are possible herewith Ticket plan. 
  • Support and services – Hardware IP phone connection is not available with this plan also.
  • Audit log – Reviewing the agent audit log is not possible. 

Please note: The multiple knowledge bases and brand removal charges are common for all the paid plans.

Ticket Plan Is Good For:

In case you require only a ticketing helpdesk tool, then you can try this plan.

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3. Ticket+Chat

Since the previous Ticket plan lacks the live chat feature, this plan caters to those who require both ticketing and live chat solutions of helpdesk software. Avail of this plan by paying $29 for one agent per month.

Obviously, as an upgraded plan, you will get everything under the Ticket plan and plus below given additional features.

Plan Features

  1. Communication channels – Enjoy unlimited ticketing and live chat features except social and call center functionalities.
  2. Conversation management – Get full access to ticket live chat management features.
  3. Customizations – In addition to the customizations available under the Ticket plan, you can also make required changes to the chat widget and chat invitations.
  4. Reporting – Receive comprehensive analytics reports of overall helpdesk features performances excluding calls/phones.
  5. Integrations – With the Ticket plan, you did not get CMS integrations. But here, you can connect with all other tech stacks without any limitations.
  6. Support and services – Same as the Ticket plan.
  7. Security and permissions – This plan too provides complete data security services.

Limitations Of The Ticket+Chat Plan

  • Communication channels – Pay an extra $39 per month per account for each social channel you wish to connect. Also, you do not get call center and video call features.
  • Conversation management – To monitor your agent’s working habits, you need to pay an additional monthly feature fee of $19 per account.
  • Customizations – Modify or disable sound notifications at an extra fee of $5 per month per account. Similarly, the search and replace feature too is available for extra charges of $9 per month per account.
  • Reporting – Dig deep into the time report specifications for an additional cost of $19 per month per account.
  • Integrations – No limitations with respect to integrations.
  • Support and services – LiveAgent Ticket+Chat plan to does not provide Hardware IP phone connection services.
  • Security and permissions – For agent audit log, pay $9/month for an account.

Ticket+Chat Plan Is Good For:

Go for this plan to enhance your ticketing and live chat support system on multiple channels. 

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4. All-inclusive

The most popular of all the LiveAgent pricing plans is this All-inclusive plan. As you can understand from its name, when you subscribe to this plan, you get full access to all the LiveAgent features. Hence you will be paying $49 for one agent per month.

Plan Features

  1. Communication channels – Avail unlimited access to email ticketing and live chat features. Even connect with all the social media connections freely without paying any extra charges.
  2. Conversation management – Save and access unlimited ticket history at any time. Along with full access to tickets and chats, you can assign 3 custom roles. Equips with advanced call center features like attend call transfers, ACD, unlimited call recordings, IVR, and HD video calls through an IP provider. Allows you to export call history as CSV files.
  3. Customizations – You can fully customize all the widgets any number of times.
  4. Reporting – Generate in-depth analysis of all the tools and channels including time reports without any restrictions.
  5. Integrations – No limitations on any of the integrations as you find in other plans. Connect with all the compatible softwares to utilize their full potential.
  6. Support and services – LiveAgent offers you round-the-clock support.
  7. Security and permissions – Gain full data security and audit log with no extra fee.

Limitations Of The All-inclusive Plan

  • Customizations – Though this is an all-inclusive plan, you still need to pay additional charges for additional Knowledge Base and brand removal.
  • Support and services – Yet again, you need to ask/demand to avail of the VIP support.

All-inclusive Plan Is Good For:

Implement this full-featured plan to run the customer service department of your enterprise efficiently. Use all the robust tools available to automate workflows and save more time.

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5. LiveAgent Custom Pricing

If you have any specific requirements, you can discuss with their customer success manager to design the best suitable plan.

  • Ticketing software – Custom price calculated per ticket, per license, per device or per agent, whichever is best for you.
  • Live chat – There are various pricing models that can be applied to your website chat software based on per ticket/license/device/agent/module.

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LiveAgent Pricing Plans Comparison Table

Communication Channels (Rating – 5/5⭐)
FeaturesFree planTicketTicket+ChatAll-inclusive
Customer portal
Contact forms
Slack notifications
Customer forum
Email ticketing1 email addressUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Live chat1 chat buttonUnlimitedUnlimited
Pro-active chat invitations
Feedback management
Social media$39/month/account/channel$39/month/account/channel
Call center support1 phone number
Video call
Conversation Management (Rating – 4.4/5⭐)
FeaturesFree planTicketTicket+ChatAll-inclusive
Ticket history7 daysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Merge/split tickets
Custom ticket fields
Internal notes
Ticket mass actions
Ticket satisfaction survey
Custom tags/ filters
Real time dashboards
Business hours
Canned answers
Chat transcripts/welcome messageLimited to 1 chat button
File sharing over chatLimited to 1 chat button
Real-time visitors monitor
Chat satisfaction surveys
Time tracking$19/month/account
Call queuingLimited to 1 phone number
Call recording/routing/transfer
Custom roles3 roles
Customizations (Rating – 4.5/5⭐)
FeaturesFree planTicketTicket+ChatAll-inclusive
Customer mail templates
Rules & time rules
Contact form customizationLimited to 1 form
Chat widget customizaitonLimited to 1 widget
Chat invitation customization
Sound configuration$5/month/account
Search & replace$9/month/account
Call widget customizationLimited to 1 widget
Video call widget customization
Additional Knowledge Base$19/month/account$19/month/account$19/month/account
Branding free$19/month/account$19/month/account$19/month/account
Reporting (Rating – 4/5⭐)
FeaturesFree planTicketTicket+ChatAll-inclusive
Basic analytics & performace
Agent reports
Channel reports
Tickets/calls/chats reports
Time reports$19/month/account
SLA reports
Integrations (Rating – 5/5⭐)
FeaturesFree plan TicketTicket+ChatAll-inclusive
CMS1 chat button 
Email marketingLimited 
TrackingOnly Clockify 
FeedbackOnly Klaus 
E-commerceVery limited Limited
MonitoringOnly Netcrunch 
Billing/project managementLimited 
Support & Services (Rating – 4.5/5⭐)
FeaturesFree planTicketTicket+ChatAll-inclusive
Customer service24/724/724/724/7
VIP supportOn demandOn demandOn demand
White Glove setup
Knowledge Base
iPhone/Android apps
Multiple language/website support
Multibrand support
Hardware IP phone
Security & Permissions (Rating – 4.5/5⭐)
FeaturesFree planTicketTicket+ChatAll-inclusive
EU/US/UK/SG Data center
Spam filters
Agent access restriction
2-step verification
HTTPS encryption
Banned visitors list
Audit log$9/month/account

Features Missing In LiveAgent Software

As you can see, LiveAgent is undoubtedly packed with full of features useful for omnichannel customer support.

  • Whatsapp – A major setback in LiveAgent software is that it does not integrate with WhatsApp! Despite being the most popular messaging app, the non-availability of WhatsApp support through LiveAgent is discouraging to users.
  • SMS messaging Statistics show that almost 50 Million people preferred receiving SMS from businesses and 66% of consumers say that SMS is their second choice of business communication. Yet, LiveAgent has not included an SMS messaging channel.
  • Voice recognition – Voice-to-text recognition functionality is missing in LiveAgent. Through this advanced feature, customer can directly ask their questions instead of waiting till the IVR completes the listing.

Also read – How to Integrate Whatsapp into Your Website?

LiveAgent Reviews

Let us now look into some of the users’ experiences in their words.

It is the integration of a support widget, social media listening, and email triage into a system that is scalable, manageable, and able to be evaluated. And like others have mentioned, it includes phone (call center) support. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve never seen that high-level functionality in any other piece of software with a LTD, or even low subscription, where a small team (or, again, one person) business could adopt the technology.” – ChaseRaz

For a small business, this is awesome. FB messages, chats, calls all get pulled in one place. I can monitor the emails, calls, chats which I never did before and relied completely on the agent and trusting them when customers got angry. Now I can correct them, or jump in if something is getting out of hand.” – a verified user.

Despite its user-friendly design, LiveAgent packs a lot of punch. Its live chat functionality allows for prompt resolution of any issues that may arise during a customer’s visit to the site. It’s all-inclusive since it works with any e-commerce website thanks to its ability to interface with several modes of communication on a single platform.” – Luc, IT & Services.

Such a pain to have to log in just to keep the account active. Wish this had been disclosed prior to purchasing – would have been a hard pass.” – Beazel.

The whole system is designed for browser use only. If you want to operate the system from your mobile phone, you have to decide. Either only the chat function is available or VoIP. Both together does not work.” – a verified purchaser.

I was not too fond of the monthly price per extra channel of incoming tickets. At 39$ per channel, it would quickly become expensive.” – Klavs, printing industry.

Lack of WhatsApp integration with no ETA (I have asked several times).” – Head of CS & KYC, small business.

Are You Able To Decide Which LiveAgent Pricing Plan Is Best For You?

So, we have thoroughly discussed the features and solutions of all the LiveAgent pricing plans along with user reviews, here. Hence, it should be easy for you to differentiate and choose the best plan for your business.

Nevertheless, we want to recommend you have a look at Saufter . As it provides the best customer support solutions specially designed for the eCommerce industry. Alongside AI-enriched omnichannel support tools, the software can train and test your support agents in auto-pilot mode.

It also comes with some marketing automation that can help you prompt deals/discounts to reduce returns. Another plus is that it auto-collects UGC to share as social proof to boost sales. That’s not all, there is a marketplace where you can hire trained industry-specific support professionals. Or simply avail of the outsource customer support services and more.

Yet, it is the most affordable Live agent alternative. Check  Saufter pricing details to learn how. Even better, try the software with your business to discover real time results.



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