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Last Updated: February 2024 is a popular influencer marketing software for influencers and businesses.

If you’re a business or an influencer looking forward to using, you should know about the various pricing plans it offers and which plan will suit your needs the best. 

In this post, we have done a detailed breakdown of pricing plans for businesses and influencers as well.

What is

Founded in 2016 by Niel Robertson, Jeff Smith, and Ryan Angilly, is an influencer marketing tool that creates a network for creators and businesses to meet and collaborate with each other. Both influencers and businesses can use it. puts emphasis on collaboration through the community. With almost no publicity and marketing, the platform has built a network of 250,000 members. Around 150,000 of those are influencers who serve over 70,000 businesses including some big names like Amazon, Bumble, Jack Daniels, Dyson, and Forever 21. 

Now let’s have a quick overview of Pricing.

An Overview of Pricing offers 3 pricing categories – Influencers, Personal, and Business.

Each category consists of two plans – a free plan with essential features and a paid plan with advanced features and larger usage limits. Other than advanced features and upgraded usage limits, the paid plan displays a “PRO” badge on your profile.

If you have got an overview of pricing, let’s break down the pricing plans in detail.

Complete Breakdown of Pricing Plans

Here, you will know what offers in the free and the paid plan in each pricing category.


Free; $4 per month billed annually



While you can join the community for free as an influencer, the Influence PRO will get your profile discovered more often than the free plan. Additionally, a “PRO” badge will get displayed on the top of your profile.


Have a look at a hand-to-hand comparison of the features of the free and the pro plan.

Basic (Free)

PRO ($4/mo)

5 member contacts/week

30 member contacts/month

10 brand campaign applications/week

100 brand campaign applications/month

50 results per search

Unlimited results per search

Build up to 3 lists of influencers, agencies, and brands

Create unlimited lists

Social Profile Tracking

Social Profile Tracking

See who viewed your profile

PRO badge

Influence PRO Plan is Good For

Influencers who are looking for fast collaborations as you get discovered fast and the PRO badge adds authenticity to your profile.


Free; $349 per year



As the name suggests, the plan is for personal use and small businesses starting their influencer journey. personal pricing category offers 2 plans – Personal Basics and Personal Pro. Let’s see what you get in both plans.


Personal Basics (Free)Personal Pro ($349/year)
Create upto 3 influencer listsUnlimited influencer lists
25 conversations per month150 conversations per month
50 results per searchUnlimited results per search
Advanced influencer demographic options
Filter search results based on demographics
PRO badge

Personal Pro Plan is Good For

Individuals and small-mid-sized businesses that are new to influencer marketing and have a tight marketing budget. In Influence Personal pro, you will get increased usage limits, advanced search options, and the PRO badge. And these features would be enough to find the right influencers for your brand and run your influencer campaigns.


Free; $600 per month



The business pricing category offers the most expensive plan – “Business Pro” with the most advanced features as well.

As in other pricing categories, offers a free plan in this category too named “Business Basics” which offers basic features and low usage limits as the Personal Basics plan. Let’s have a look at what these pricing plans offer.


Personal Basics (Free)Business Pro ($600/month)
Build upto 3 influencer listsUnlimited influencer lists
25 conversations per month2000 conversations per month
50 results per searchUnlimited results per search
Standard influencer demographics optionsAdvanced demographics options
Filter search results based on demographics
Create unlimited campaigns
Get campaign reports to track and measure your campaigns
Manage multiple profiles
Option to add and collaborate with team members
Lead sourcing feature
PRO Badge

Business Pro Plan is Good For

Large-scale businesses and enterprises with a dedicated influencer marketing team. That’s because a team will be able to utilize the capabilities of this plan. Obviously, this plan is not good for small-mid-sized businesses because they might be unable to make the best use of this plan and it’s too expensive as well.

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A Quick Comparison of PRO Plans

 Influencer ProPersonal ProBusiness Pro
Ideal forInfluencersIndividuals and small-mid sized businessesEnterprises
Number of conversations or campaign applications100 brand campaign applications/month150 conversations per month2000 conversations per month
Create unlimited lists
Unlimited search results
Social Profile TrackingNANA
See who viewed your profileNANA
PRO Badge
Demographics search filterNA
Create campaignsUnlimited
Campaign reports
Manage other profiles
Add Team Members
Lead Sourcing

Conclusion is a growing influencer marketing platform that you can use to discover new creators in your niche that can represent your brand. Other than influencer discovery, it also enables businesses to run campaigns and measure results without using another app or software.

Best of all, every pricing category features a free plan, allowing creators to join the Influence community and small businesses to kick-start their influencer marketing journey. However, you might find a lack of basic features in the free plans once you get to know how it works, and then you will have to buy the paid plans.

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