HappyFox vs Freshdesk-Which Helpdesk is Best for You?

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Last Updated: February 2024

Did you know 67% of customers tend to spend more money after a good customer service experience? Customer support software is now essential for any size of business. 

 It reduces your ticket resolution time with the help of automation. Even the bots can take over your agents and answer queries from your Knowledge base.

If integrating with customer support software is in your pipeline, then you might be in a dilemma between HappyFox and Freshdesk. We have done the research to help you and listed a comprehensive comparison between HappyFox and Freshdesk.

Customer Portal(Final Winner: HappyFox) Rating 4.5/5⭐

Portal Customization(Winner: HappyFox)

Portal customization is a feature that allows you to change the theme of the helpdesk and match it with your website. 

  • Freshdesk provides portal customization in which you can add a logo and favicon. It also allows you to paint your portal according to your theme.
  • HappyFox also allows you to customize your portal but with more options as compared to Freshdesk. You can change everything from your login page, background, and colors to the login form, labels, and anchors. 

Winner: HappyFox

Community/Forums(Winner: HappyFox)

A community/forum is an option that allows your customers to interact digitally. It usually consists of articles, videos, knowledge, FAQs, and many more.

  • Freshdesk provides a community builder where customers can interact, share their views, or ask queries. It even allows you to generate a ticket.
  • Happyfox also allows you to build a community and generate tickets like Freshdesk. However, it has an additional feature that lets you publish community articles on your social media platform.

Winner: HappyFox

Knowledge Base(Winner: Both)

A Knowledge base in a self-service tool that contains all the information regarding your company. There are two different knowledge bases Internal and external. The internal is for the employees and the external is for your customers.

  • Both Freshdesk and HappyFox provide internal and external knowledge bases. These can be translated into multiple languages such as French, Spanish, German, and many more. 

Winner: Both

Live Chat(Final Winner: HappyFox) Rating 5/5⭐

Features(Winner: Freshdesk)
  • Freshdesk’s live chat feature provides you with multilingual support, contextual website chat support, analytics, and many more. It provides 200+ integration with different apps and software.
  • Happyfox live chat comes with unlimited concurrent chats, offline messages, chat transfer, chat history, and many more. However, it can only integrate with 20 different software or apps.

Winner: Freshdesk

Widget Customization(Winner: HappyFox)

Widget customization is an option that allows you to match the live chat window with your website or app.

  • Freshdesk allows you to customize your live chat window. However, the options are very less and require coding for customization.
  • HappyFox also allows you to customize your live chat window. It has more features as compared to Freshdesk and does not require any coding. Some of the features are widget position, color scheme, chat badge style, agent profile, and many more.

Winner: HappyFox

Customers’ Information(Winner: Happyfox)

Customers’ information can come in quite handy to you. It allows you to create a database of customers and roll out personalized messages to them.

  • Freshdesk does not provide any information about your customers interacting with your live chat agent.
  • HappyFox provides intel that can be used to create a database. Some of the information that it provides you are location details, time spent on the page, agent engagement, custom filters, and many more.

Winner: HappyFox

Social Media(Final Winner: HappyFox)

Twitter Integration(Winner: HappyFox)
  • Freshdesk can be integrated with Twitter and provides services like quick responses, comment to ticket conversion, bot answers, and many more.
  • HappyFox can also be integrated with Twitter. However, it provides more features like monitoring your brand mentions, tracking and carrying customers’ queries from Twitter to a centralized help desk, converting comments into tickets, and many more.

Winner: HappyFox

Facebook Integration(Winner: HappyFox)

Facebook is the biggest social media platform at the moment and thus it’s important to listen to your customers here.

  • Freshdesk provides similar features as Twitter.
  • HappyFox on the other hand provides more features than Twitter. Some of its unique features include allowing customers to submit issues via feedback, assisting you in reaching a wider audience, Sending all the ticket messages as Facebook messages, and many more.

Winner: HappyFox

Automation(Final Winner: Freshdesk) Rating 5/5⭐

Time Trigger(Winner: HappyFox)

With time trigger you can proactively solve tickets that are left unanswered due to some reason. 

  • Freshdesk has its own set of rules from which you can choose and apply time trigger to your tickets.
  • HappyFox allows you to customize Time trigger rules as per your need. With this feature, you can set different rules for VIP customers and normal customers. 

Winner: HappyFox

Ticket assigning automation(Winner: Freshdesk)

This feature helps you assign tickets to your agents in equal quantity so that all of them work equally. 

  • Freshdesk allows you to automate your ticket assigning. It comes with a lot of features such as round-robin ticket assigning, load-based ticket assigning, and skill-based ticket assigning. 
  • HappyFox also allows you to automate your tick assigning process. The features that it provides are round-robin ticket assigning, simultaneous routing rules, and smart assignment.

Winner: Freshdesk

Bot Automation(Winner: Freshdesk)

This feature helps you to swiftly attend to and resolve your customers’ queries. 

  • Freshdesk provides you with automation bot recommendations that come with features like Information gathering, transaction assisting, rule-based chatbots, and many more. 
  • HappyFox also provides you with chatbot automation. The features that might help you are machine learning, providing an instant solution, deflecting repetitive tickets, agent barge-in, and many more.

Winner: Freshdesk

Reports(Final Winner: HappyFox) Rating 5/5⭐

Chat Reports(Winner: Freshdesk)

Chat reports provide you insights into your agent activities and customer details. 

  • Freshdesk provides a wide variety of chat reports. It can provide up to 15 different reports through your email. Some of these reports are Interaction reports, agent activity reports, message sent reports, conversation created reports, resolution time reports, and many more.
  • HappyFox also gives you insights and analytics about your agent’s chats. Though the feature is limited to only 2 reports which are support activity metrics, and customer satisfaction reports.

Winner: Freshdesk

Customized Reports(Winner: HappyFox)

With custom reports, you can set your own rules and get the desired data.

  • Freshdesk allows you to create customized reports but it has its own set of rules. 
  • HappyFox also allows you to create customized reports with your own rules and regulations.

Winner: HappyFox

SLA Metrics(Winner: HappyFox)

This metric gives you the number of times SLA rules were triggered.

  • Freshdesk does not provide an actual SLA trigger report. However, you can get reports such as Tickets responded to within SLA, Agents who worked on SLA requests, and many more.
  • HappyFox can give you stats related to the SLA rule trigger. 

Winner: HappyFox


After an in-depth comparison between HappyFox vs Freshdesk, we can clearly say that HappyFox is the winner. If you run a small business and want a helpdesk with more features and integration options then HappyFox can surely help you scale up your business.

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