Gorgias vs UVdesk: Which One Is the Best for You

Last Updated: February 2024

Gorgias vs UVdesk 

If you’re looking for the right customer service solution for your company, choosing between these two platforms can be difficult.

Well, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, let’s compare two of the most popular customer service solutions available in the market and see which one is better for your business: UVdesk or Gorgias.

We’ll compare them overall while also focusing on their specific features to determine which one is a better fit for your company.

Live Chat (Final Winner: Both) 

Web Widget (Winner:Both)

Give customers access to your customer support team by embedding a customized widget onto your website.

  • Both Gorgias and UVdesk allow you to add a live chat widget on your website to help visitors raise concerns in real-time.

Winner: Both

LiveChat Customization (Winner: Both)

Customize your chat widget’s design, appearance, and messaging options to provide a personalized chat experience across platforms while also matching the look and tone of your brand.

  • Gorgias allows you to customize the live chat widget based on your requirements. 
  • UVdesk’s widget is also completely customizable. You can customize the color scheme, upload your logo, and position the widget to your preference.
Winner: Both
Saved Replies (Winner: Both)

Create pre-made responses that are customized with your brand’s distinct tone and identity. You can even organize your response templates into categories based on common themes.

  • Both Gorgias and UVdesk allows you to set up saved replies that help the agent to answer the question within a single click.
Winner: Both
Email Capture (Winner: Gorgias)

This feature prevents customers from sending messages in your Livechat if they haven’t entered their email address. Email capture can help a lot in reducing the number of unnecessary tickets.

  • Gorgias provides this feature.
Winner:  Gorgias
Language Options (Winner: Both)

Change the language of your chat widget.

  • Both Gorgias and UVdesk come with custom language options.
Winner:  UVdesk
Customer Satisfaction Surveys (Winner: UVdesk)

Send out Customer Satisfaction Surveys to track how well your team is supporting customers over time. You can also see how many surveys were sent, the response rate, average scores, and other information.

  • Gorgias lets you send out CSAT with qualitative feedback to understand your customers better. 
  • UVdesk comes with a Custom Form builder to create Survey & Feedback Forms.
Winner: UVdesk

Helpdesk Features (Final Winner:Gorgias)

Multi-Channel Inbox (Winner: Both)

To manage customer communication at scale, organize customer questions from multiple channels, in a shared inbox that your entire team can access.

  • Both Gorgias & UVdesk brings all of your preferred channels,  including live chat, social media, email, and SMS into one dashboard. 
Winner: Both
Ticketing System (Winner:Both)

The helpdesk includes a system for managing, assigning, and prioritizing customer inquiries. This enables your agents to engage customers through various channels and easily convert queries into tickets.

  • Both Gorgias and UVdesk come with this feature.
Winner: Both
Email Support (Winner: Both)
  • Gorgias allows you to connect and manage your support emails. 
  • UVdesk comes with various features to convert your support query emails into standard tickets.
Winner: Both
Sentiment Detection (Winner: Gorgias)

Use this feature to detect how your customers are feeling automatically. You can set up rules based on emotions to automatically allocate your resources to provide the extra attention that is required without the extra work. 

  • Gorgias allows you to leverage sentiments in rules to automate your workflow.
  • UVdesk, unfortunately, does not come with this feature. 
Winner: Gorgias
Order Management (Winner: Gorgias)

Provides your agents with the tools they need to easily recommend products from your eCommerce store and manage orders without ever leaving the helpdesk.

  • Gorgias allows your agents to fully manage orders right from the helpdesk
  • UVdesk also comes with eCommerce multi-channel integration to help your shoppers with their orders. However, the order management features don’t match up to Gorgias.
Winner: Gorgias
3rd Party Integrations (Winner: UVdesk)

Integrate the helpdesk directly into your website, as well as a large number of third-party stores and apps.

  • Gorgias comes with plenty of built native integrations with various apps and marketplaces.
  • UVdesk, also offers an extensive app store for integrations. The platform is also open source, which makes it very flexible for customization.
Winner: UVdesk
Voice Channels (Winner: Gorgias)

You can integrate voice channels into your helpdesk to improve the customer relationship experience.

  • Gorgias provides voice integration, but allows only 1 number for the basic pricing plan.
  • UVdesk, on the other hand, does not provide native voice support integration. 
Winner: Gorgias
Custom IVR menu (Winner: Gorgias)

Allow your callers to self-select options from an interactive voice response (IVR) menu, in order to route them to the right team.

  • Gorgias allows you to create a custom IVR menu.
  • UVdesk, on the other hand, does not come with this feature. 
Winner: Gorgias

Social Media (Final Winner:Gorgias)

Facebook Integration (Winner:Both)
  • Both Gorgias and UVdesk convert the messages received on your Facebook Messenger to tickets. Your agents can easily view and reply to the messages through the dashboard without switching tabs.
Winner: Both
Instagram Integration (Winner: Gorgias)
  • Gorgias allows your agents to easily view and reply to Instagram messages through the dashboard without switching tabs.
  • UVdesk does not offer native integration with Instagram
Winner: Gorgias
WhatsApp Integration (Winner: Gorgias)
  • Gorgias offers native WhatsApp integration.
  • UVdesk, unfortunately, does not offer native integration with WhatsApp.
Winner: Gorgias
Twitter Integration (Winner: Both)
  • Both Gorgias and UVdesk conveniently convert tweets and mentions into tickets. Also, an agent can easily interact with the users through either Twitter or the helpdesk.
Winner: Both

Customer Portal (Final Winner: UVdesk)

Knowledge base (Winner: UVdesk)

Convert your most frequently asked support questions into a knowledge base of help articles, allowing customers to help themselves. 

  • For Gorgias, this feature is not native and requires a 3rd party integration.
  • UVdesk lets you set up a knowledge base that helps to self serve your customers using tutorial and FAQs
Winner: UVdesk
Self-service Portal (Winner: Both)

Set up a self-service portal where your customers can check their order status, tracking number, and shipping information, as well as create templated tickets to report order issues.

  • Both Gorgias and UVdesk give your customers the option to track their support requests and orders from a single place.

Automation (Final Winner: Gorgias)

Workflow Management (Winner:Both)

Whether you have agents assigned to specific channels or not, workflow tools can be used to automatically assign tickets to the appropriate person or team. This allows your agents to quickly switch between channels and focus on resolutions.

  • Both Gorgias and UVdesk come with this feature.
Winner: Both
Chatbots (Winner:Both)
  • Both Gorgias and UVdesk let you deploy customized chatbots at various customer touchpoints. Setting up these bots enables you to collect relevant customer information, increase agent productivity, and streamline the support experience without requiring any programming, training, or additional development work.
Winner: Both
Customer Intents (Winner: Gorgias)

Automatically detect, and route bot conversations based on customer input. With this feature, you can now create automated workflows to handle specific customer intents. 

  • Gorgias lets you set up rules to recognize the intents behind your customers’ messages. 
  • UVdesk, unfortunately, does not come with this feature. 
Winner: Gorgias
AI-powered Automated Answers (Winner: Both)

This allows you to provide immediate automated answers to incoming customer questions with available, relevant information. These AI powered answers can be delivered across different channels.

  • Both Gorgias and UVdesk allows you to set up automation rules to send automated responses to common customer queries.
Winner: Both 

Reports (Final Winner: Gorgias)

Performance Metrics (Winner: Both)
  • Gorgias comes with detailed insights and reports on team performance, with various key metrics. 
  • UVdesk lets you see the First Response Time, Resolve Time and Ticket Count of the agents and measure their performance.
Winner: Both
Revenue Analytics Reports (Winner: Gorgias)

Calculate how much revenue your support team makes by guiding customers through the purchasing process. This allows you to easily track customer conversion and the revenue generated by pre-sale tickets.

  • Gorgias allows you to easily track customer conversion and the revenue generated by pre-sale tickets.
  • UVdesk, unfortunately, does not offer revenue reports at the moment.
Winner: Gorgias
Customer Feedback (Winner: Both)
  • Gorgias lets you measure customer satisfaction by using CSAT surveys data.
  • UVdesk also comes with reports that allow you to analyze customer feedback in real time. 
Winner: Both

Bottom Line:

So, Gorgias and UVdesk. With the above factors compared, which tool do you think is the right one for your company?

We hope this guide cleared up some questions and made it easier to choose a platform. 

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