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Last Updated: June 2024

As the world is becoming increasingly impatient, there is a demand for quick and easy solutions. The internet is full of information, and people don’t like to scrape through immense databases to find what they are looking for. What’s the solution? Knowledge bases, of course!

The internet is growing by the second. At this juncture, your business must offer customer assistance with a website knowledge base, and it helps them navigate quickly to the desired solutions.

What lesson can you take from the best examples of Knowledge Bases?

Knowledge bases are information-rich guides that help customers get in-depth details about your product/service. They are an excellent method to keep your leads and customers hooked and invested in the advanced features, specifications, and specialties of your product/service.

The best knowledge base examples in the market include user manuals, FAQs, runbooks, and even troubleshooting guidance.

Many knowledge bases are stacked with structured information that is jotted down chronologically. Others could be AI-powered, interacting with customers, and responding to users. You could even have knowledge bases that are machine-readable.

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Why is Knowledge Base Important for your Business?

In the age of quick solutions, your business shouldn’t lag in providing them to customers. Not focusing on quick solutions is an excellent way to lose some customers, and they might not be too keen on receiving assistance via a phone call or an email for every little query.

A reliable knowledge base has the backs of your business and your trusted customers. Proper knowledge management practice will make deliveries easier for your business. Additionally, here are a few other advantages of knowledge bases.

  • Improves self-service among customers
  • Better website engagement
  • Easy updates
  • Helps to maintain consistency in service
  • Better, more prompt resolutions at first visit; no waiting!
  • Low costs of training recruits for various teams

18 Examples of Knowledge Bases that can Inspire your Business

We have shortlisted 18 classic and best knowledge base examples for you to get a clearer idea about how they can transform your customer relationship management.

1. Canva

Knowledge Base

This graphic designing giant is a go-to application among marketers. It has one of the best digital advertising strategies, and Canva’s toolkit and drag-and-drop formatting help amateurs easily crack the code to graphic design.

Canva’s knowledge base is a biblical guide to its users. It serves as a help center with simple instructions and includes specifics like billing and installation.

2. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot is an attested marketing maestro! There is no surprise that we deem HubSpot’s Academy Knowledge Base as one of the best examples of knowledge bases.

Their knowledge base is interactive with more educational content about the brand. They accommodate everything from training videos and interactive demos to group sessions.

3. Lyft

Lyft’s knowledge base is optimized for smartphones, considering its purpose to book rides for users. You could be stuck anywhere, at anytime but navigating through Lyft’s help page is a cakewalk! One of the best examples of knowledge bases, this one has a list of popular articles and user-based choices, including offers for easy access.

4. Instagram

Instagram’s knowledge base is surprisingly traditional for a visual medium,  showing the most recent content first and following a simple design. With many subheadings, Instagram’s users can find exactly what they are looking for with their help center.

5. Airbnb

The best feature of Airbnb’s website knowledge base is that it notifies customers about delays. Additionally, users also have the option to log in for personalized support. The design of the page also highlights its customized approach.

6. MailChimp

Knowledge Base

This email marketing assistant firm has a website knowledge base that displays the most relevant topics that are regularly updated. MailChimp uses clear, to-the-point language to make it easy for users, and customers don’t have to search for anything.

7. Billie

Billie’s Knowledge Base is an unconventional, modern one. It has no search bar and has a trendy vibe to it, setting the tone of the products they sell. The vibrant colors and design of the base also justify the brand.

It goes on to address a lot of FAQs and offers some categories to navigate through.

8. UPS

UPS’ Help and Support Centre is an excellent knowledge base example. It employs a bot to assist users. The page also allows users to scroll through categories, questions, etc. Users can also find locations via this interface.

9. First Direct

First Direct’s knowledge base is an all-in-one solution for users, from notifying customers of delays to offering alternative options to resolve issues.  It moves on to expand the firm’s product support and services, with some expert suggestions on establishing financial responsibility. This page helps users to get acquainted with their services and expertise quickly.

10. Pottery Barn

This online shopping stop’s help center updates questions according to their popularity, which is done by ritualistic documentation of customer responses and queries. Pottery Barn also offers a lot of information to navigate through.

11. Starbucks

Knowledge Base

One big brand to the next; Starbucks’ has the best knowledge base you can take inspiration from. It is easy to navigate using a mobile device. The page prioritizes topics to its right and displays a ‘Contact Us’ option too. The search bar is also an added advantage for users.

12. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS hosts a knowledge base that is quite simple and direct in design. It has a commendable and organized FAQ section that accommodates all users’ queries.

Most importantly, the page offers a free account creation button for its target audiences. Their help center is customized for technically-skilled customers and  also has some good knowledge base article examples.

13. WhatsApp

You must live up to the expectations when you are a coveted brand. WhatsApp’s Knowledge Base is easy to navigate through and offers quick solutions and popular searches. Basic queries like ‘How to restore your chat history’ have been answered here. WhatsApp answers your queries in 59 languages!

Talk about customization!

14. Buffer

Buffer has one of the best examples of knowledge bases by segmenting articles and topics. Their page includes promoted write-ups and solution-oriented articles. Users have the provision to submit requests in case they don’t find what they need. This way, the business can update according to the latest customer needs.

15. Asana

The project management platform has a sleek, clutter-free knowledge base. Since Asana helps teams work better together, its help center makes complex workflows easy to understand and follow.

A workflow management tool cannot have a complex knowledge base. Asana’s example helps to onboard new customers as well.

16. Broadcom

Broadcom’s user guide divides content into dedicated sections and subcategories. Their search box provision is helpful for users. Their content is also targeted at users who are keen on purchasing hardware and software assistance.

17. UCAS

The University and College Admission Service makes submitting college applications easy. Since they deal with students, this UK-based platform’s knowledge base is FAQ-centered.

These FAQs have been arranged according to the chronology of submitting an application, the documents required, etc. The page ends with multiple blog posts for aspiring students.

18. ReadMe

ReadMe is used for API technical documentation. Their knowledge base easily breaks down the complex API documentation process and includes a virtual sandbox. Users can choose any language and navigate through the site.

Use These Examples of Knowledge Bases For Your Business

Building a solid knowledge base helps save your time as well as your customers and is integral to defining customer support for your brand. Accessible and easily understandable knowledge bases will keep generating more leads.

You can choose to cherry-pick the most relevant aspects from these examples of knowledge bases that suit your business.



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