Freshdesk Vs Intercom: Which One Is Best For You?

Freshdesk Intercom

Last Updated: February 2024

Did you know that every dollar a company invested in CRM software gave them an average of $8 in ROI? This stat proves the importance of integrating with CRM software.

Freshdesk and Intercom are two helpdesk software that can streamline your business. However, choosing between them is difficult as they are features loaded. We still have curated a comparison between them to help you choose the best.

Customer Portal(Final Winner: Freshdesk)Rating 4.5/5⭐

Knowledge Base

A Knowledge base is a self-service guide that allows your customers to quickly resolve their queries. It usually comprises FAQs, articles, how-to videos, and more.

  • Freshdesk gives you an option to create and manage a knowledge base. It allows you to easily send articles to your customers with the help of bot integration.
  • Intercom also allows you to build a knowledge base. It even provides a bot that automatically collects valuable information and highlights important issues.

Winner: Intercom

Portal Customization

This feature allows you to build your help page as per your online store theme. Portal customization is an essential feature as it gives your customers a branded experience. 

  • Freshdesk portal customization allows you to set themes, logos, favicons, and more. You can even clone the themes and customize them as per your choice.
  • Intercom also allows you to customize your help page. With Intercom, you can set logos, favicons, background color, and more. However, you won’t get an option to apply themes.

Winner: Freshdesk


A community or forum is a customer support feature that allows you to build a community with your customers. Here customers can interact with each other and solve queries.

  • Freshdesk allows you to build a community wherein your customers can solve queries and even suggest new updates for your business.
  • Intercom does not provide a community or forum feature.

Winner: Freshdesk

Live Chat(Final Winner: Freshdesk)Rating 5/5⭐

Sharing Articles

This feature allows you to share articles, FAQs, How-to videos, and more with your customers whenever they have a related query.

  • Freshdesk sends paragraphs in place of the actual article from your knowledge base. This creates a personalized experience for your customers.
  • Intercom on the other hand sends the exact article from your knowledge base to your customers.

Winner: Freshdesk

Live Chat Analytics

Live chat analytics gives you reports of the work done by your agents. With the help of this report, you can increase the agent’s productivity by implementing new techniques.

  • Freshdesk provides live chat analytics such as CSAT rating, resolution rate, and chat volume.
  • Intercom unfortunately does not provide any live chat analytics at the moment.

Winner: Freshdesk

Voice Support(Final Winner: Freshdesk)Rating 4.5/5⭐

Voice Support

Voice support allows you to attend calls from your customers. This service is considered more reliable and helpful.

  • Freshdesk provides voice support with features like converting calls into tickets, attending calls through software, IVR routing, call masking, and many more.
  • Intercom does not provide any voice support. You need to integrate it with third-party apps to avail voice support.

Winner: Freshdesk

Automation(Final Winner: Freshdesk) Rating 5/5⭐

Ticket Assignment

This automation allows you easily assign tickets to your agents. It distributes tickets evenly and makes sure that no one does any extra work.

  • Freshdesk provides ticket assignment automation which assigns tickets to the right agents and even prioritizes the V.I.P. tickets.
  • Intercom only provides ticket assignment automation.

Winner: Freshdesk 

Auto Triage

This feature automatically suggests a ticket field for new tickets.

  •  Freshdesk provides an auto triage option and the fields are suggested based on past ticket fields. 
  • Intercom’s triage feature does not suggest the right ticket field instead, it suggests the agent that should handle the ticket request.

Winner: Freshdesk

Ticket Alert

This automation sends out alerts to you when a ticket is left unattended for a long period.

  • Freshdesk provides you with a ticket alert automation option. It scans tickets every hour to check for unattended tickets.
  • Intercom on the other hand does not provide any ticket alert automation. 

Winner: Freshdesk

Reports(Final Winner: Intercom)Rating 4.5/5⭐

Ticket Reports

The ticket report provides you with information such as resolved tickets, new tickets, the number of tickets by week, and many more.

  • Freshdesk provides ticket reports that consist of metrics such as unresolved tickets, re-opened tickets, created tickets, and many more.
  • Intercom also has a ticket report feature. Some of the reports are unresolved tickets, snoozed tickets, meetings booked through tickets, and more. The reports provided by Intercom are more relevant as compared to Freshdesk.

Winner: Intercom

Time Metrics

This report tells you about how productive and quick your agents are in solving a ticket.

  • Freshdesk provides time metrics such as average first response time, average response time, average resolution time, and average first assign time
  • Intercom also provides time metrics such as first response time, busiest period, time to close an opportunity, and many more. Intercom provides more time reports as compared to Freshdesk. 

Winner: Intercom

S.L.A. Metrics

This report gives you insights into your team’s S.L.A. target performance. 

  • Freshdesk gives you S.L.A. reports such as first response S.L.A., resolution S.L.A., and first contact resolution.
  • Intercom also provides 3 different S.L.A. metrics that are periods when targets are missed or hit, performance against each target, and success rate for meeting each customer expectation. These reports are more helpful as compared to Freshdesk’s S.L.A. reports.

Winner: Intercom

Bot Metrics

This metric gives you the report of how impactful the bot service is.

  • Freshdesk provides bot metric reports that include bot resolution rate, questions attempted by the bot, questions that the bot did not answer, and bot performance.
  • Intercom provides bot metrics that are more useful as compared to Freshdesk. The reports are conversation resolved, customer and teammate hour saved, conversation coverage, and resolution rate.

Winner: Intercom


In this post, we have listed a detailed comparison between the two leading helpdesk software Freshdesk vs Intercom. As per the comparison report, we can say that Freshdesk is clearly the winner because of its variety of features. 

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