Freshdesk Vs ServiceNow

Here, we are comparing two software where one is a helpdesk (Freshdesk) and another is a service desk (Service Now).

Basically, a helpdesk is designed to help you easily set up a customer support center and provide a good experience to your users. Whereas a service desk focuses more on internal growth. That means it is equipped with proper features to improve your service management system.

Let’s keep in mind that and take a look at the ServiceNow Vs Freshdesk comparison of their features.

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ServiceNow Vs Freshdesk Feature Comparison

Customer Service Features (Final Winner: ServiceNow) Freshdesk Rating ⭐4/5, ServiceNow Rating ⭐4.4/5

Ticketing System (Winner: Both)

It is an application used by organizations to create, manage, and maintain customer problems in the form of tickets.

  • FreshdeskPrioritize, categorize, track, and manage tickets. You may also assign tickets to agents.
  • ServiceNowThrough ITSM, you can handle tickets, and give context about the issue including details, and categories. Further, assign and attach any relevant tags.

Winner: Both

Response Templates (Winner: Freshdesk)

Response templates are also called canned responses. Generally, they are pre-determined replies to common questions asked by your users.

  • FreshdeskCreate personalized canned responses using dynamic placeholders, text formatting, and inline images. Next, respond to common customer questions by inserting them with one click.
  • ServiceNow Copy the response to common questions and create a template so that your agents can easily reply to your customers.

Winner: Freshdesk

SLA (Winner: Both)

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between an organization and its clients defining the level of service to be offered.

  • FreshdeskYou may set deadlines for response and resolution of tickets as per different business hours or categories. Also, set reminders and configure an escalation hierarchy in case an SLA breach happens.
  • ServiceNowDesign SLA flows using drag and drop interface. Track trends and patterns to prevent potential breaches. In addition, get breach warnings and status notifications.

Winner: Both

Collision Detection (Winner: Both )

When more than one agent works on the same task or ticket, then a collision occurs. Therefore, you need a system that helps you to prevent such conflicts called a collision detection system.

  • Freshdesk – Ensures that multiple agents do not work on the same ticket accidentally by displaying the current viewing and replying agents list. Moreover, it stops duplicate replies.
  • ServiceNow – Detects any potential scheduling conflicts based on configuration items, start, and end date. Furthermore, checks for related blackout or maintenance schedules and active change requests.

Winner: Both

Incident Management & Team Collaboration (Winner: ServiceNow)

An incident simply refers to an unplanned event that interrupts your services. And, incident management helps you fix these incidents.

  • FreshdeskShare issue tickets with your team members across the company to find the best solution. Besides, handle incidents effectively using PageDuty integration or with Freshservice, an IT service desk offered by Freshworks.
  • ServiceNowEmbed proven workflows to identify, track and resolve impactful incidents. As well, you can collaborate and bring together the right agents on one platform.

Winner: ServiceNow

Omni-Chanel Support (Final Winner: Freshdesk) Rating ⭐5/5

Email (Winner: Both)
  • FreshdeskConverts emails into tickets so you can easily manage and resolve them.
  • ServiceNowUsing customer service management, you can provide email support to your users.

Winner: Both

Phone (Winner: Both)
  • FreshdeskSet up a call center and manage all incoming calls. Moreover, record and track calls by converting them into tickets.
  • ServiceNowYou can provide a voice experience with ServiceNow by integrating other applications.

Winner: Freshdesk

Chat (Winner: Both)
  • Both Freshdesk and ServiceNow software enables you to engage and provide support to your users through live chat.

Winner: Both

Social Media (Winner: Both)
  • Both Freshdesk and ServiceNow lets you communicate with your customers via social media channels.

Winner: Both

Self-Service (Final Winner: ServiceNow) Rating ⭐5/5

Knowledge Base (Winner: ServiceNow)

A knowledge base (KB) is a repository where all helpful information about your products and services is stored so that your customers can find answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Freshdesk Convert agent responses into articles. Provide solutions through attached files, images, and videos. At last, improve your KB articles with in-built SEO.
  • ServiceNowAllows you to convert solutions from conversations in the community to articles. And also, create reusable content blocks. Further, ServiceNow is KCS V6 certified.

Winner: ServiceNow

Community forum (Winner: Both)

Your customers can use the community forums to connect, interact and collaborate with each other. They can ask and answer each other’s questions.

  • Using both Freshdesk and ServiceNow, you may build community forums, and convert unanswered questions into tickets. Finally, moderate posts published in the forums.

Winner: Both

Customer Portal (Winner: Both)

Through the user portal, your customers can register themselves and access the self-service functions like knowledge base, community forums, and so on.

  • Freshdesk – You can generate a portal for both your employees and customers. Also, customize it to match your brand’s look and feel. 
  • ServiceNowWith intuitive and modular design create and configure a self-service portal. On top of that, launch a multi-department portal for your agents.

Winner: Both

Using Feedback (Winner: Both)
  • Both Freshdesk and ServiceNow inform you about the customer feedback on KB articles. So, you can act on it and improve the performance of the self-help services.

Winner: Both

Automation (Final Winner: ServiceNow) Rating ⭐5/5

Workflow (Winner: ServiceNow)

Workflow is a series of activities performed to complete a task. Usually, you employ workflows to handle repetitive tasks. 

  • FreshdeskAutomatically prioritize and assign tickets to the right agents. Additionally, perform time-triggered and event-triggered operations on tickets.
  • ServiceNow – Has workflow automation defined for all of the ServiceNow product categories that include IT, employee, customer, and creator workflows.

Winner: ServiceNow

Chatbots (Winner: Both)

Chatbots are a type of messaging application that converses with your users and website visitors. It not only offers help but also gathers information required to resolve issues faster.

  • FreshdeskUse a native chatbot powered by Freddy AI by creating conversational flows. Conversely, you may integrate other AI chatbots with Freshdesk.
  • ServiceNowBesides testing your own custom conversations in the ServiceNow chatbot, you may deploy pre-built conversations. Additionally, configure the look and feel of your chatbot to match your brand.

Winner: Both

Reporting & Analytics (Final Winner: Both) Freshdesk Rating ⭐4.5/5, ServiceNow Rating ⭐5/5

SLA (Winner: ServiceNow)
  • FreshdeskUsing SLA management software, filter your performance reports as per ticketing properties including source, priority, and type. In addition, know which agent regularly violates SLA.
  • ServiceNow View the progress of tasks and their associated SLAs. Gain operational insights. Dig deeper to predict trends and identify service improvement & training opportunities. 

Winner: ServiceNow

Knowledge Base Performance (Winner: Both)
  • Both Freshdesk and ServiceNow allow you to monitor the performance of your content published in the knowledge base.

Winner: Both

CSAT (Winner: Both)

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) helps in understanding the level of satisfaction your user feels while engaging with your organization.

  • Freshdesk Build detailed feedback surveys and know your customer experience scores. Overall, you can estimate how well your support center is doing by monitoring the CSAT reports.
  • ServiceNowBased on published surveys, view scores and get project, vendor, and sales process insights. Moreover, you may generate visual charts by respondent count, category, and other metrics.

Winner: Both

Custom Reports (Winner: Freshdesk)
  • FreshdeskBesides allowing you to choose visual elements, it helps you to create reports from scratch. And also, customize them to meet your requirements with low or no code. 
  • ServiceNow – You can create your own reports but depending on the product you chose, there may be some limitations.

Winner: Freshdesk

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Final Words

As you can infer from this article about Freshdesk Vs ServiceNow comparison of their features, both the software are helpful in delivering good customer service. 

However, ServiceNow is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) application that offers a range of ITSM products. With it, the features you get depend on the products and solutions you choose.

While Freshdesk is a cloud-based, omnichannel customer service software for all business types.

In case you are still unsure of which one to choose as your client support software, then you can get Helplama Helpdesk. Along with automated support, it also offers marketing, self-help, and basic customer service features like email, chat, SMS, and phone support. Furthermore, it allows social media and eCommerce integrations.

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