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Last Updated: December 2023

Zendesk is undoubtedly one of the most popular and powerful helpdesk software in the customer service industry. And to make the best use of Zendesk, it’s essential to train customer service agents to use Zendesk.

While you can find many third-party courses for Zendesk agent training, Zendesk provides a few free and paid courses to train your agents that are as follows:

Zendesk Free Training Courses

Zendesk Agent Training Courses

Zendesk training for agents portal offers some free courses listed below:

Omnichannel Agent Learning Path

As the name suggests, this course is to guide your agents to handle customers over multiple channels in an integrated way.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Audience: Agents who are new to Zendesk
  • Available Languages: Access this learning path in other languages: Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, and French

Course link – Omnichannel Agent Learning Path 


Sell for Users Learning Path

This course will help your agents know the basics of using Zendesk Sell.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 1 hr 36 min
  • Audience: Agents who are new to Zendesk’s CRM solution
  • Available Languages: All courses included in this learning path are currently offered in English only

Course link – Sell for Users Learning Path 


On-Demand: Zendesk Chat for Admins, I with Agent Workspace

Well, it’s not a course and just 45 minutes pre-recorded yet practical video session for admins that can help you use the live chat the right way to improve the customer experience. 

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Course Topics:
    • Explain How Chat Works
    • Walk Through the Chat Lifecycle
    • Manage Agent Permissions
    • Streamline Chat Volume with Routing
    • Configure Operating Hours to Avoid Missed Chats
    • Customize Your Web Widget
    • Use Chat in Agent Workspace
    • Increase Agent Efficiency with Shortcuts and Tags
    • Manage Visitors’ Chats to Boost Agents’ Productivity
    • Engage Proactively with Your Customers Using Triggers
    • Track Chat Activity with Analytics
  • Audience: Zendesk Admins that are now to Zendesk Chat

Course Link – On-Demand: Zendesk Chat for Admins, I with Agent Workspace 


On-Demand: Zendesk Support for Agents

This can be a useful course for you agents to understand Zendesk support and serve customer requests efficiently by updating tickets and collaborating with other agents to provide expertise and accurate responses to customers.

  • Audience: Agents new to Zendesk
  • Contents: Videos, Reading, Hands-on activity

Course link – On-Demand: Zendesk Support for Agents 


On-Demand: Zendesk Chat for Agents, I

A 1-hour pre-recorded video session for your agents to learn about the Zendesk Chat. This course will teach your agents how Zendesk Chat works and get them comfortable serving chats. They will also learn how to find information about your customers, handle multiple chats at once, and which features you can leverage to become more efficient in your work as an agent. This course concludes with an assessment, which will tie together everything you’ve learned.

But… this course does not cover using Chat with Agent Workspace.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Audience: Zendesk Agents new to Zendesk Chat

Course link – On-Demand: Zendesk Chat for Agents, I 


On-Demand: Zendesk Messaging for Agents

A practical Zednesk free online training module that your agents can register to use messaging to serve customer conversations in real-time or at the customer’s convenience.

Furthermore, this course not only contains pre-recorded video sessions but also Hands-on activities for better training.

  • Audience: Agents that are new to Zendesk
  • Contents: Videos, Reading, Hands-on activity

Course link – On-Demand: Zendesk Messaging for Agents 


On-Demand: Upgrade to Agent Workspace (for agents)

A pre-recorded 8-min video for Agents for transitions from Zendesk’s previous Agent Interface to the Agent Workplace.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Audience: Zendesk Agents who are transitioning from Zendesk’s previous agent interface to the Agent Workspace

Course link – On-Demand: Upgrade to Agent Workspace (for agents) 


On-Demand: Zendesk Talk for Agents

A 46 minutes quick course for Zendesk Agents to understand the basics of how to use Zendesk Talk allowing you to effectively provide personalized support. 

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Audience: Zendesk agents who are new to the Agent Workspace and will be expected to answer calls from customers 

Course link – On-Demand: Zendesk Talk for Agents 


On-Demand: Create leads, contacts, and deals to manage sales activities

This 47-minute course shows agents how to pull reports in Sell and Explore to measure sales performance.

  • Course Topics:
    • Create leads, contacts, and deals to manage sales activities
    • Add email and voice so you can talk to your customers directly from Zendesk Sell
  • Audience: This course is relevant to anyone who uses Sell to document sales activities and talk to customers, including sales reps and their direct managers
  • Contents: Video, Reading, and Hands-on Activity

Course link – On-Demand: Create leads, contacts, and deals to manage sales activities 


Are these Zendesk Courses Enough For Agent Training?

No. Training courses by Zendesk are mostly just pre-recorded videos and reading guides that do not facilitate agents to have practical experience using the Zendesk Agent Workplace.

Here’s what many users think about Zendesk Training:

The training guides don’t start or include the specific things I need as customer service my focus is my own customers, not my organization as a customer to Zendesk, but most articles are written for developers at such a high level and there is SO much text it’s too much to read and digest easily.

Rachael C.


It was easy to go down the figurative rabbit hole in the Zendesk support suite because there are articles and trainings not only for my role (support) but for admins as well. After a couple of training videos, I realized these were not applicable to my role. However, it was not a waste of time as this was nice to obtain a high-level view of the platform.

Jacqueline J.

So, in our opinion, Zendesk training resources are not enough to train the agents. Instead, you should migrate to a helpdesk with automated agent training.


Helplama Helpdesk – The ONLY Helpdesk With Automated Agent Training!


Helplama Helpdesk is modern-age cloud-based helpdesk software that provides all the basic and a variety of custom ticketing features, and the best of all – an Automated Agent Training System

Unlike Zendesk, Helplama Helpdesk is the ONLY helpdesk that provides an Automated Agent Training feature, reducing up to 50% of the time you spend on training your new support agents.


How does automated agent training work?

  1. Helplama Helpdesk builds simulations when your trained agents deliver support.
  2. Agents are guided with an interactive step-by-step guide to using the platform. 
  3. Agents are tested based on simulations (developed based on previous customer interactions).
  4. Their performance is scored based on their responses.

In our experience, it takes 2 weeks for the agent to be trained on the simulator for them to get an understanding of 50% or more of the process.

Helplama Helpdesk also offers…

  • Integration with – email, voice, live chat, social media, Slack, Shopify, and many more.
  • Self-service portal – providing a 24×7 customer service powered by AI chatbots.
  • Knowledge base – internal and external, to empower both your employees and customers.
  • Automated returns center – a self-service portal for initiating returns, exchanges, and refunds.
  • Agents marketplace – hire uber-talented US-based agents on an hourly basis.
  • Marketing automation – automate the collection of user-generated reviews on Google, Trustpilot, and Amazon.
  • Influencer Identification – Identify and collaborate with influencers in your niche.


Helplama Helpdesk Pricing

Besides all these unique features, Helplama Helpdesk is quite affordable and small business friendly. There are three pricing plans available:

  • Standard – $99/month
  • Pro – $199/month
  • Enterprise – $ 399/month

All plans include access for 3 users, +$29/mo for every extra user for all plans, which seems quite reasonable.



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